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Published: Friday, June 24 2011 9:00 p.m. MDT

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West Jordan, Utah

Burks is a shooting guard who can't shoot. He's Ronnie Brewer part II. He can crate for himself better than Brewer, but is still, like Brewer, an athletic slasher who can finish, but not drain 3 point shots.

Burks can score but he shot 29% in college from the 3 point line. That's awful given the shorter 3 point line and lower level defense in the college game.

As for Kanter, I am optimistic. He is still a work in progress, as are the others in this years draft.

Tokyo, Japan


this is why the jazz have a shooting coach...Man...you are so negative...Jason Kidd shot bad from the three...and lo and behold...he worked on it..now you can count on him to drain it....Gordon Hayward shot horrendous during his second year at butler...scouts questioned it...teams questioned it...most of you guys questioned it when he was drafted (i never questioned it..coz i know the kid can ball)...and do you know his percentage at the 3?...45%...wait till after 2-3 years...then judge him...right now...you dont have the right...since he hasnt played or worked on it yet...

Salt Lake City, UT

Alec Burk is NOT Ronnie Brewer. Kakashi is right, the Jazz have a fantastic shooting coach. Keep in mind, Gordon Hayward also shot 29% from 3pt line his senior year.

Hornacek made a legit 3 point shooter out of Hayward and Matthews. He helped Korver set a league record in 3pt shooting. Burk will be fine.

South Jordan, UT

gdog3finally: "Burks can score but he shot 29% in college from the 3 point line."

Why don't I change that slightly to read: "Wade can score but he shot 29.2% in eight NBA seasons from the 3 point line."

Wade's 3-pt percentagefor each of his eight NBA seasons?
31.7 (career best)

Should Miami dump Wade since he is (to borrow your words) "a shooting guard who can't shoot" and "an athletic slasher who can finish, but not drain 3 point shots."

Roosevelt, UT

JFFR since you are doling out credit for the Jazz shooting coach lets point out how he has helped Fes at the free throw line. Ronnie Price is a dead eye shot now. Raja Bell averaged 38% from 3 point range for 8 years til Hornacek got a hold of him and now he is less than 20% for last season, and CJ misses with the best of them. Sorry the coach can't just have it one way, he is not good.

Tremonton, UT

Burks is also on a different team and coach..Give the guy a chance and start looking for a cafe that serves "Crow."

St. George, Utah

Im not a Jazz fan but they made a good decision with the draft. now they just have to hope that there will be a basketball season and not a lockout

Saint George, UT

"...team that will one day win an NBA Championship...". (Greg Miller)

Never say never...right?

New Orleans Jazz 1974 to 1979.

Utah Jazz 1979 to 2011...

2014 will make 40 years...

40 years in the wilderness...

"...We live in an impatient world in Sports...". (KOC)

"...I think you have to be patient...". (KOC)

Yeah, any JAZZ fan, that would wait around, for almost 40 years, for an NBA Championship is obviously, seriously, impaired with impatience.

13 NBA Franchises have yet to win an NBA Championship.

The leaders:

Phoenix Suns (43 years)

LA Clippers (41 years)

Utah Jazz (37 years)

(I think the JAZZ are safe from taking the top spot, thanks to the woeful Clips)

Yeah, so, after "...sleeping on it...",

"...Don't Worry, Be Happy...".


Go Jazz.

Provo, UT

I'm not a firm believer you can really teach a player to shoot at the professional level. You can perhaps teach a player about better shot selection (chances are Burks and Hayward threw up a lot of questionable shots as "the man" at their programs).

Not sure about Jason Kidd's stats but can't ever remember him being a great shooter (2 or 3) ever. Let's not get him mixed up with John Stockton.

Captain L
Provo, UT

Doug: You can teach correct principals/form etc but you can't shoot them for him(Fes), it's not Horny's fault.
From what I've heard Burks is showing improvement already since the end of the season, that is a good omen. I'm hoping they play Burks at the point alot.

South Jordan, UT

Current Jazz roster

Post players: Jefferson, Millsap, Favors, Kanter, Okur, Evans

Wing players: Hayward, Miles (if team exercises its option), Burks, Bell

Point guards: Harris

It's obvious where the weakness are. Here is what I would do to fill out the rest of the roster.

1) Exercise team option on Miles and combine him with Millsap in a trade for Monta Ellis (GS is willing to move him and this would be an attractive package for them)

1a) If you can't get Ellis figure out a way to trade for Jared Dudley (Phoenix)

2) Sign Earl Watson for another year of back-up PG

3) Sign Fes as a bac-up post player (with Millsap traded, Okur still in recovery, Evans still a D-league quality player, the Jazz need someone behind the Jefferson/Favors/Kanter rotation).

What about PG depth? Supposedly Burks has the skills to play PG for 6-10 minute stretches and I think Hayward could do it in a pinch as well. The Jazz need another guard but I think it could be a combo guard instead of a PG. That will add to the wing and PG depth.

Captain L
Provo, UT

There will be several interesting things to watch for after the long off season.
How will Favors come back? In great shape and with improved skills. Ready to demand the ball and show he can be a scorer?
Will Evans show he can play some 3? Will he be stronger?
Will Milsap show he can play more time at the 3.
Will CJ have worked on his game so he can show he can be consistent? I'll give him one more chance, up to the trade deadline.
Will Harris come back looking to be more of a passer/facilitator.
Will Bell play better/same/worse? Do they trade him?
Do they trade Big Al? Especially now they have Kanter and Favors, or do they look to trade Milsap?
Will Watson be resigned?
What about Price/Fes/Elson?
Last but not least what happens with AK?

Murray, UT

3 point percentages:

Gordon Hayward's last season at Butler: 29.4%
Alec Burks: 29.2%

Ogden, UT


I've got a better proposal....pick up Miles, Watson and AK (for absolute minimum).

Trade Jefferson for Iggy

Trade Bell and a draft pick for Maynor.

Solves our wing issue and back-up PG issue.

We'll be one of the deeper teams in the league and very young too!

Hope there is n't a lockout because I want to see the Jazz play NOW!!! XD

South Jordan, UT

@fastfox: Not bad.

I do question why OKC would give us Maynor for Bell and a draft choice. I guess you have to catch their front office in a moment of weakness. I never make that trade if I'm them.

I also worry about giving up AJ until Kanter and/or Favors prove themselves. To me, you have four guys who need minutes at the post positions (PF/C). AJ, 'Sap, Favors and Kanter (assuming Okur never really makes it back - otherwise you have five). You have 96 minutes/game at the two positions; not enough to go around.

To me, Millsap is expendable. He is undersized. He has trouble guarding PFs (he's to small) and he's shown he is completely incapable of guarding SFs (too slow laterally). I love Millsap, I really do. So let's treat him right and get him to a team where he can play 35-40 minutes a game instead of eroding his minutes until he becomes a journeyman 3-4 years from now. He's done everything the Jazz have asked from him. Now it's our turn to treat him right.

Holladay, UT

i have never read so much crying about what the jazz do. where are the real fans. why don't you cry babies go and watch bowling for dollars and leave the jazz alone. we should be glad to have a major team in such a neat small state. go jazz. luv ya.

Richfield, UT

@Joe5, Bell was not involved in a trade, he was picked up as a free agent, Maynor was basically given away to OKC in return they took Harpering and his 6 or 7 million dollar contract after which he retired. It was a money saving thing.

Also Wade's 3 pointers came from NBA 3 point line with NBA defenders on him and he makes them when the game is on the line.

Richfield, UT

@Doug10, Do you seriously think that Hornacek went to a proven veteran and one of the more respected 3 point shooters in the NBA and asked him to change his shooting style? I don't think so.

Also you seriously need to get another source for your stats, Bell hit 35% of his 3's last season.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

Can't wait for the Clipper's season to start. Jazz.......................boring. Sacramento is going to be exciting now. Go Clippers.

Richfield, UT

@CaptainL, after watching some video of Burkes is scary good inside 15 foot so i'm kind of coming around, but I don't think I would put too much stock in improved shooting when he's doing it at workouts, CJ makes almost all of his 3's in workouts.

If a team goes out and drafts players hoping to teach them to shoot their looking for trouble.

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