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Published: Friday, June 24 2011 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Doctor J
Manti, UT

I like the front line of the Jazz!

Draft dumbie
Farmington, UT

Maybe Kanter can sponsor an annual fundraising ping pong tournament, similar to the dodgeball tournament Deron Williams and Kyle Korver started. Wouldn't it be great to see Fesenko play Kanter in an exhibition match?

Alpine, UT

This kid is a specimen. If his work ethics is anywhere near Malone's, he'll shine in the NBA.

Silly Rabbit
Small Town, USA, UT

19 years old, raw, talented, fast for big guy, midrange jumper, likes to bang, tough, likes rasling like good old #32, excited to be here, has a Turkish countryman here, wears a cool undertaker hat, whats not to like.

Welcome young one!

Go Jazz

Oh yea and the other new 19 year old kid, can't wait to see him play either.

Calgary, AB

wow... 80% fans think Kanter will be All star and best center Jazz ever had...Let me say this - he will be neither and in 3-4 years he will be wearing different jersey. And all you 80% clueless fans will be screaming for O'Connors head for this drafts failure.

Houston, TX

Calgary, you are such genius! I think you have basketball IQ over 100! What are the next 6-49 numbers?

West Jordan, Utah

I like the pick of Kanter, but still have my doubts on him. There was no obvious pick at #3 and the Jazz went for a talented big man.

As for Burks, he looks like Ronnie Brewer to me. Burks handles the rock and creates better than Brewer, but Brewer is probably the better defender. Basically, despite being a slasher that can finish, Burks, like Brewer, is a shooting guard who can't shoot. Burks is a scorer, but shot 29% on three balls in college. That's with a shorter 3 point line and lower quality defense.

Magna, UT

I think the tundra is getting to you Calgary. It's a great time for optimism!

I can't wait to see these guys play. I hope the lockout doesn't last long.

Go Jazz!

Houston, TX

I think Kanter is going to be very good. He can shoot from the outside if left open, he has a strong developing inside game, he is agile enough he should defend well, he is big enough he can plug the paint.

How good he will be remains to be seen but he should be at least serviceable to great.

I have been thinking about Burks. His shot is already improving. He has a number of similarities to Tyreke Evans. If KOC had traded for Tyreke many Jazz fans would be jubilant just because of name recognition. Hopefully he is a more efficient shooter than Tyreke but he is somewhat similar in many ways.

If Burks develops efficient outside shooting and decent defense, something he should be fully capable of doing he is going to be better than Evans.

Many pundits are giving the Jazz an A on this draft. They were ranked number 1 by one national service.

Go Jazz

Lehi, UT

Jeff Hornacek was talking about Burks' shooting form last night on the radio. The interview is posted on 1320kfan. Basically, Jeff said that Burks needs more lift on his shot. The way Burks shoots the ball when he's far from the basket requires more body effort than a really efficient shooter uses. Hornacek mentioned that Gordon Hayward had a similar form disruption when he came in and now Hayward is lights out from deep. Let's hope Burks puts in the time to make the same changes.

The difference between fixing Alec Burks' shot vs. fixing Ronnie Brewer's shot is that Ronnie has that chicken wing elbow from the broken arm he suffered as a kid. There was not a way to get that arm straightened out. Burks doesn't have anything physically wrong with his arms so it's just a matter of working on his release.

The kid did shoot over 50% from the field and he's an excellent free throw shooter. I'm willing to give Alec Burks my support as a fan as long as he shows up to work every day, plays his heart out, and practices the same way.

Orem, UT

There is no question we got the cream of the draft. What was termed a weak draft we ended up with two of the elites. They are young, but have considerable potential and athleticism. I think now we have the nucleus for one of the best frontcourts in the NBA. This is one of the most optimistic drafts the Jazz have ever had.

Roosevelt, UT

Winglish what does Hornacek say about Fes free throw shooting or about CJ hit and miss and Ronnie Price can't throw it in the ocean or about how he has mismanaged Raja Bell shooting? Hornacek can shoot but he has proven for years now he cannot coach or teach shooting.

Calgary you may need to spend time in Ponoka as Kanter is good or else after scouting him the Jazz would have taken another big. They were there and you were not.

Rock, another name you need to add to wannabe centers for the Jazz is Fesenko. The team now has plenty of traffic in the paint and Fes couldn't make it off the bench when he just had to backup one person. that experiment should be over.

Tremonton, UT

Let''s give these new kids a chance before shutting them down. And for those that do can look for something to drink with their "Crow."

Saint Louis, MO

Does a tree that falls in a forest make a sound with no one around. Will Kanter be the big tree in the lane that Harris will not pass to? Favors and Kanter need to get the ball. This means that Harris to Big Al has to go. The Jazz need to clean out the underbrush even if it takes a Forest fire(sale).

Captain L
Provo, UT

Calgary: Your just upset they didn't take the player you wanted them to, Jonas, Kanter was always my #1 pick and I think he will do great, it may take a little time for him to learn the system and adjust to the nba game but he has the skills, the body, and the right attitude. It would be amazing to me if Kanter doesn't succeed. I love his skill set, he has already developed skills that should translate well into the NBA.
How the Jazz handle Big Al will be interesting, Big Al has to see the writing on the wall with Favors and Kanter being brought into the fold. Hope he can handle it well. It may take a couple of yrs for Kanter and Favors to beat Big Al out of the starting lineup but it's inevitable. IMO. I think Big Al should be the player the Jazz look to move, he should bring back good players in return and help the Jazz get the players they need, mainly at the 3 position.
Next yrs draft could be helpful.

Malibu, CA

Doug-can't win em all partner. Relax regarding Jeff and his coaching.

1. Fes. Really? Can you say a mental case? Immature and no heart--can't teach that partner. You have to put in the time and everything I have ever read about Fes says he does not work hard.think about it

2. Price. Has he ever shot well from beyond? Nope. It's a learned behavior and he is lucky to even be in the NBA, period...I like Ronnie and his heart but his skills are not there.

3. CJ? Wow, can't believe you are blaming this one on Jeff. He has what it takes to be a great shot and has proven that at times but is it really Jeff's fault that CJ can't be consistent? Think about it as your argument w/ this one makes no sense.

4. Raja. Age has caught up with him. No lower extremity strength as all his shots were short. Raja blamed himself severely for his poor shooting woes. Again, not Jeff's fault and nor did he make his shot worse. This is just crazy.

Psychology/Psychiatry(meds)-Jeff is neither and several Jazz men need both. Hire away:)

Las Vegas, NM

Kanter is really, really good....I think he could be better than Nowitski and possibly the best center the Jazz have ever had.

Captain L
Provo, UT

Sokol: I hope your right , Kanter possibly being the best center the Jazz have ever had, I think he definitely has the potential to be the best. He already has a good shot, he's physical, runs the floor well, he's in shape, he can play both inside and outside. Time will tell but I like the possibilities.
He keeps the ball high after rebounds and some of his body language reminds me of Duncan. He's fundamentally sound, good rebounder, tough, smart, wants to win, I hope the Jazz make some moves to allow Kanter and Favors time on the floor.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Up to now, Eaton was the best center in the history of the Utah Jazz. He clogged the painted and made everyone alter their shots. But it won't be difficult for Kanter to take over the "best center ever" spot if he shows up and works. He has the size and the talent. The question is will he be like Boozer and look for any excuse to stay off the floor or will he come to work like the mailman did?

I'm keeping a positive outlook on him and leaving it up to him to prove his own value to the team.

Las Vegas, NM

I just saw footage of the Nike Hoops Summit...I mean, once you see this footage, you realize he can shoot, has moves, likes to rebound and works hard. I think he would have been number 1 in the Draft, if he had played all year for Kentucky. His game is pretty amazing, but you are right its up to him to prove he is better than Mark Eaton.

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