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Published: Thursday, June 23 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Cedar Hills, UT

And you were worried about the Jimmer! Can you say bust! this pick was a waste.

Orange County, CA

Hope he can shoot. Jazz seem to attract shooting guards who can't.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

79Ute.....I is well documented that he can not shoot. What a waste of a pick.


Wow. Hopefully a trade will occur. If Burks can't slash to the hoop, he will be ineffective. Defense issues as well. Another depressing draft.

Black Shirts
South Jordan, UT

Burks can't shoot. The Jazz get another CJ. KOC you are terrible. Jimmer will drop 20 on the Jazz and Burks will get 2 max. This is...............

Temecula, CA

Well Jazz fans, Burks is not Jimmer and he's not Brewer. Let's wait and see what he brings to the court, to the team. I'm betting he will be in the top 7 of the Jazz rotation sometime in his second year. I know one thing...with the addition of Kanter and Burks, the Jazz just became a better overall rebounding team.

Black Shirts
South Jordan, UT

My new team is the KINGS, Evans, Cousins, and Ferdette. That team will be fun to watch.

Orange County, CA

Before the Jazz put together another trade they need to waive KOC.

Black Shirts
South Jordan, UT

KOC, I'm going to prove I'm smarter than you. Marshon Brooks!

Houston, TX

Go watch Burks play. CO ran a weird offense. Burks is an athlete. He has the tools to defend and will. He can shoot much better than his critics claim. Most boards had him at about 10.

He is not Brewer. He has good shooting form. Give him a couple of years and he should develop into a decent player.

I am not thrilled but who were better alternatives at 12? Singleton has his own limitations.

Richfield, UT

One can only hope that Burks is the one San Antonio coveted and we'll end up with Tony Parker out of this. For a team so desperate for outside shooting this is not a good pick. With him being a slasher with no outside shooting he will not be doing much slashing with opposing teams packing the middle even worse than before.

Tokyo, Japan

Kawhi Leonard...Chris Singleton...maybe they saw something in Alec Burks that we didnt see...i would've loved it if they added a shooter...we lack a few shooters

Houston, TX

Wages of Win project Burks as the 4th best pick in the draft of the college players based on their model. He is right after Leonard. He also ranked high on Hollinger's drafting model.

Burks is a much better pick than most people realize.

I personally wanted a shooter but Burks should develop better shooting than he showed in college.

Orem, Utah

Jimmer was the only shooter left after about 7 or 8, so with him going to Sacramento, the Jazz had to pick the best "athlete" left. I'd rather have seen Singleton for defense, but maybe Burks will surprise us.

Way to go, Jimmer! On a team without a starting PG! Into the fire you go!

Richfield, UT

@Bugoff, Burks had the tools to defend (keyword) but didn't. How is he a better shooter than his critic's claim when he hit 30% from college 3 point line? What will he shoot from 3 feet farther out.

@Black shirt, I agree with you on Brooks, he is a far better athlete than Burks and can shoot the lights out. My only worry about him is he is a ball hog.

Ak Fan
Hamburg, GE

Did you see his unhappy face? He is already trouble.

Ak Fan
Hamburg, GE

Just watched college hoops, Burks shooting motion is inconstant that's why he misses lot or just can't make it. I mean 3's, which is very important against zone defense.

Brentwood, CA

The Jazz just Jimmered themselves in the foot.

Roosevelt, UT

Burks owns the scoring record at Colorado but the people on this board say he can't shoot. I think his numbers speak for themselves.

He is also averaging 6 rebounds a game which is better than just about any NBA guard and most NCAA guards, so he must be somewhat aggressive and he can handle the ball which is great.

Good choice KOC, got your big and a shooter, the team can use Harris and build around him and be contenders still.

Salt Lake City, UT

A lot of people think Burks could be the one of the best players to come out of the draft. Most mock drafts had him going before the Jazz pick. He has all the tools necessary, including the jumper form, to be an excellent player WITH a good jumpshot. Did you see Brewers shot?? He had no chance at becoming very good. Burks is a totally different player, and will still be a huge upgrade over Raja.

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