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Published: Wednesday, June 22 2011 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Littleton, CO

Senator, you will be just fine. You are so lucky!

Syracuse, UT

My son is from VA and said that this guy needs all the help he can get!

Sugar City, ID

That does it. No more Mormon Tabernacle Choir music in my house. Letting a Democrat conduct? I'm the only freedom loving, patriotic, conservative, real Republican left. All others are RINOs. RINO, RINO, RINO. How I love that word.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Uh oh. He said "Christmas." That alone should send half of all liberals into a tizzy.

Sanpete County, UT

Aside from all the hateful comments above (what it is, anyway, that people just cannot get past stupid "party" affiliation and enjoy someone's good fortune?), I would so love to have that opportunity and am glad for this man. I do love the Mormon Tabernacle Choir - it is one very strong reason why I looked into the LDS Church in the first place.

Sugar City, ID

Thank you for your comment. I stand rebuked and ashamed of my comment. I apologize to you and anyone else who may have read it. It was crude and ill mannered in the extreme.

Salt Lake City, UT

Why don't I ever get to conduct for the MoTab? In all honesty I'd rather compose for the choir and let someone else conduct it. lol

Fairfax, VA

I was at the concert last night and it was WONDERFUL. OK, Sen. Warner may not be a good conductor, but he and the choir looked like they were having a good time -- and that's the point. Alex Boye was superb as a soloist.

John Armstrong
Buena Vista, VA

I am happy for Senator Warner. This is an opportunity of a lifetime, even for a prominent politician. In my opinion, Senator Warner is a fine senator and was an outstanding governor of Virginia. If all our federal representatives had his strong sense of fiscal responsibility and his pragmatic approach to governing, the federal budget would be in much better shape.


Lighten up folks--it was a fabulous concert presented to a sold-out crowd. Senator Warner's moment occurred after the official end of the concert during the third (yes, the audience LOVED MoTab!)encore piece. It was a fun, light moment and everyone enjoyed it, especially the choir and orchestra. It was not a political statement at all. Just a nod to the Virginia crowd who so clearly adored the choir.

Tucson, AZ

FDRfan. No worries. People just don't recognize sarcasm. It was funny taken in the correct light.

Herndon, VA

Yes, we were there, too. As a matter of fact, my mother in law, Dottie (in one of the pics included in the article), was offered the chance to "guest" sing, during the sound check. The Choir is doing great work, and deserves much credit for outreach and inclusion. It was a fun event, and as was said above, Alex Boye was fantastic!

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