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Published: Tuesday, June 21 2011 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Houston, TX

The Jazz may as well draft Jimmer at 12 and start to develop him as a PG. They can use him immediately as a spot shooter. If he is not panning out as a back up PG they can trade him to a fun and gun team for a need.

The Jazz are poor drafters but good at evaluating existing talent.

Jimmer is a safe pick who will have trade value as a spot shooter. He is an asset. His biggest positive is that his does whatever he needs so he can excel. He is going to be good as a 12 pick in a weak draft.

This draft is so weak that a 12 pick is equal to a 16-18 pick in a normal draft. Jimmer is as good a risk as any at 12.

Given the Utah draft record at 16-20 they are not likely to get a great player no matter who they pick.

Bountiful, UT

Yawn...another Jimmer article...

In less than 48 hours we can at least have a reduction in the Jimmer articles after the Jazz pass on him...

Salt Lake City, UT

If the 12 pick isn't so great, trade it away.

Large Tuna
Salt Lake City, UT

Agreed JazzRule.

The past 12 picks have absolutely zero influence on this year's 12 pick, so it really doesn't matter what happened in the past. Kwame Brown and Joe Smith were picked #1, does that mean that you shouldn't trust the #1 pick ever again?

Tokyo, Japan

err...thaddeous Young is a pretty good player...not an all-star...but he is solid

Ann Arbor, MI

'If the 12 pick isn't so great, trade it away."


Totally agree with you. This year no player is worth the 12th pick. I'd trade it for a future first rounder

President Joker
Washington, DC


They say every drafts weak.

Herriman, UT

I am no BYU fan but Jimmer can ball. If he is there at 12 the Jazz take him. Take that to the bank.

Murray, UT

This is stupid
Kobe was picked 13, so according to this article the 13th pick is automAtically better than 12....

Eagle Mountain, UT

What this means is that after the first 6 or 8 picks, in any draft, the likelihood of finding a good player is pretty low. Stockton, Malone, Kobe and many others have become all-stars being drafted after the 12th pick.

It also means that you need to evaluate each players strengths and weaknesses and try and choose the one who has the most potential upside for your team. Fredette compares favorably to the players who are projected to go with picks 10-15. Since these picks typically don't become exceptional players, a team might be better off trading a pick for a proven player they think can contribute to their teams success or take the best player available with the hopes he will develop into a good NBA player.

Silly Rabbit
Magna, UT

Man O man I love the NBA draft because all of the sudden all these articles come out that really don't mean a thing. Who cares what the past #12 draft choices has done, it doesnt mean a thing for this draft.

Led Zeppelin II
Bountiful, UT

Dumb article. Numbers dont mean anything. Sounds like this came from ESPN or something. The San Antonio Spus took Manu Ginobili at the end of the second round. How many players have hit stardom being taken at 57? That is just 1 example. I am certain you can find over a couple dozen examples like Manu Ginobili. Why are experts so superstitious with numbers? Great players can come out of any number. There are handfulls of NBA legends and decent NBA players taken in the second round.
I am sick and tired of hearing the Jazz are going to take Jimmer at 12. It will be a miracle if Jimmer is available then. I am a Ute fan and I thik Jimmer is awesome. I hope he does not go to the Jazz. I think he will have a better career somewhere else. Unless he can fit into the Jazz system. We really dont know at this point. Corbin is new at this. What exactly will his system be like? we have no idea.

Doctor J
Manti, UT

If Jimmers is there at 12 I would snag him... he may be one of the top 5-10 players in this draft.

Corona, CA

Not a good NBA draft this year.

Murray, UT

So the rumor (big rumor) is that Kahn's taking Kanter at 2. What're the scenarieos here?

Cavs take Williams at 1 because he's safer.
Minny takes Kanter
Jazz take Irving or Knight? And man o man, if they get Irving......

Cavs take Irving at 1
Minny takes Kanter
Jazz take Williams or Knight? I don't see the Jazz taking Williams
So Cleveland gets the 2 projected #1 picks.

Thoughts? Assuming the rumor is correct?

Houston, TX

CLE will take Irving and Utah will then take Williams if available. They will trade him if they get a good enough offer. They will keep him if they think he can actually play SF.

I think he can play SF but not that well. He will be somewhat better than Millsap at SF but Millsap is bad at SF.

Irving is the only PG in this draft who is does not have big question marks.

Murray, UT

Yeah, Irving's the best choice for the Cavs then because then they could get Irving and Williams assuming Jazz dont pick Williams and Minny picks Kanter

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