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Published: Tuesday, June 21 2011 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

McHale was the third pick in 1980 because the Jazz picked Griffith thired -- to sell tickets. They knew McHale was the better player, and his Hall of Fame career, multiple Sixth-Man awards, multiple All-Defensive team, multiple All-Star career verified that.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

The San Antonio Spurs are offering point guard Tony Parker in a trade for a high pick in Thursday's NBA Draft, Yahoo! Sports reported Tuesday night.

The Spurs are looking to get into the lottery and have talked with the Toronto Raptors (No. 5) and Sacramento Kings (No. 7). The Kings also have been linked to the Denver Nuggets Raymond Felton as they look to add a point guard and slide Tyreke Evans to the off-guard position.

Should the Spurs move Parker, George Hill would take over as the starting point guard, although Yahoo! reports that Hill also has attracted interest from teams at the back end of the lottery.

A veteran of 10 NBA seasons, the 29-year-old Parker averaged 17.5 points and 6.6 assists in 78 games last season.

Richfield, UT

McHale was picked by the Celtics because Warriors owner Franklin Meuli (who probably made more bad decisions than any owner in NBA history) traded the #3 pick plus Robert Parish for the #1 pick which they used to take Joe Berry Carrol, another flop. He also was the culprit responsible for drafting Chris Washburn.

Richfield, UT

I like this scenario: Cleveland plays it smart and picks Williams 1st, knowing they will still have their choice of Walker or Knight at #4, Minnesota will not take another point guard so the Jazz are able to grab Irving at #3. I like it!!!

Jazz then take an outside shooter at #12 or trade up for a couple of picks and get a shooter and a big man project like Nogueira or Tyler.

Captain L
Provo, UT

Knight is probably a safe pick, but I'll be disapointed if we don't get a big. Vesely would be interesting and be able to contribute right away. Wish he could shoot.

Houston, TX

MN would take Irving and trade Rubio or Irving. Even Kahn is not that dumb.

I like Valanciunas, Kanter and Knight in that order with the 3.

Who would SA target at 5 or 7? They have no need of Kemba and the good bigs should be gone. They need to replace Duncan.

SA is is hoping Valanciunas drops due to his buyout. Trading Parker for Valanciunas gives you an idea of how much he is worth. Many scouts consider him to be the best pick in the long run.

If Valanciunas can replace Duncan then the Jazz need to get him before they look like complete idiots.

Lets hope the Jazz are at least as smart as SA? I wish I had faith in that idea.

Lindon, UT

Maybe the Jazz will draft Valanciunas and let him finish his contract in Europe, and bring the big man they drafted a couple years ago, who has been developing in Europe. Haven't heard much about him for awhile, so don't know how his development has progressed or whether he can come to the US at this time. Anyone know anything about his situation? I believe his name is Tomic or something like that. Please advise, someone in the know!

Houston, TX

Duncan is 6'11" 255, Valanciunas is listed a 6'11" and at least 240-244. Wojnarowski referred to him as 7'1". He is barely 19. Do you think he will add 10 pounds next year? Wojo is also saying CLE should draft him at 4.

Kanter is probably going to be good but he is high risk. Knight is probably going to be good but is also a lot higher risk than many think and he seems to be dropping on boards unless Utah takes him.

V is the safest pick at 3. The Jazz can work on getting the kinks out of AJ/Millsap during the lockout year and develop Favors. Then they can trade a big when they bring in V. AJ/Millsap will be worth more as expiring contracts then,than now or during the lockout year.

You have to max the value of your picks over a couple of years. This is the best chance Utah has at a quality big. It also maxes the value of existing assets.

Trade for a PG later/use Harris for a year.

This is a no brainer. Is Knight better than Parker? SA is not moving up for Knight.

Large Tuna
Salt Lake City, UT

So Walt Perrin first says they should always pick the best player available. He then goes on to say they should pick the player that is best for the team, no matter what number its at. Well, which one is it??

Honestly, I think it's all just a canned response from the Jazz brass to shoe off reporters asking the same questions over and over again.

Large Tuna
Salt Lake City, UT

@panamandesnews: regarding your Tomic question, I heard recently on the radio that he is not, and at this point probably never will ever come to the US and play. That pick is long gone.

Houston, TX

Parker had 17.5 points and 6.6 assists and played for the best team in the West. Harris had 15.2 and 7.1 and played for 2 of the worst in the NBA.

Parker has had 7 years of 16-22 points and about 6 assists. Harris has had 5 years of 16-21 points with about 6 assists. His numbers with Utah are down a little but it is a new team for him.

At this point I am not sure Knight is better than Parker or Harris. However, I think Harris has 2 problems.

1. his shooting is inefficient
2. his PG style does not fit the Jazz well.

He is a better fit for another team. Playing him besides Knight does not solve either problem. Replacing him with Knight may solve the shooting problem.

I am not sure Knight wants to be in Utah. Too many picks will beat him up. Sloans flex is a meat grinder. That is why it is hard to get effort except in the 4th Q.

Go big. Get a PG who can handle the grind.

Gold Canyon, az

The Jazz should take Jimmer at 3. In the future it will be known he should have been the number one pick.

Roosevelt, UT

There is no response to this article which shows it did not cause any thought, was not informative, and was without merit.

Tons of talk about who and when they should be drafted but chances are the Jazz have already made their plans and have decided the direction to go. They scouted, worked out the players of interest, watched them compete in college and head to head and are in a better situation to make the call.

Last season after intial disappointment the Jazz pick turned out be be very positive, and if lucky the Jazz can repeat that performance.

The question remains to be answered if the team is going to trade to move up in the draft and make it really meaningful. KOC was good about that before and probably will do the same if he thinks the Jazz would benefit.

I am thinking that Joe Pryzbilla for Millsap prior to the draft makes sense for the Jazz and Portland had expressed interest in Millsap a couple of years ago.

Ogden, UT

Whomever O'Connor chooses as #3 and #12 will most likely make hardly a difference.

O'Connor claims that the Jazz always pick the best athletes available when their turn comes up.

The "best athlete" is determined as objectively as possible, looking at stats, game tapes etc., then taking a very short gander a few weeks before the draft. Supposedly this is a "scientific" process.

But such "science" indicated to almost all other NBA teams, when Stockton and Malone came along (one year after the other), that neither was the one to pick at their respective spots.

It was the Laydens and the Jazz management at the time (O'Connor wasn't even here) who "felt" that Stockton and Malone were right. They said they would have picked them earlier than they did if they'd had a higher pick available.

In other words, instead of the "scientific" method, they used their gut and looked for the intangibles. As it turned out, S. and M. proved to be the Jazz's best picks of all time.

Whomever O'Connor picks at 3 and at 12, I'd put money on saying, will make hardly a difference!

What matters comes after the draft and during the season.


Iowa Jazz Fan 2
Cedar Rapids, IA

As of this morning, according to Andy Katz at ESPN, the Jazz are debating either Kanter or Knight for the third pick, at this point leaning toward Kanter, though "discussions within the organization are fluid". No mention of Valenciunas.

I like Bugoff's arguments for selecting V. over Kanter. The Jazz apparently don't.

But history assures us of one thing: the Jazz like to surprise us with their draft picks.

Summerville, SC

I would like Kanter, then trade the 12th pick for the wizards 6th and 18th pick. We may have to give up one of our picks next year but that is ok. Take Jimmer with the 6th and Harris with the 18th pick.

Hamilton, MT

I really think the biggest problem with this years draft is big time talent at the very top of the draft but I think the later picks (5-20) are very deep and there is a ton of talent who may have a better chance of becoming a star.

I would love it if the Jazz traded the 3rd pick to Washington for their 6th and 18th picks. Then I would love it if they took Jimmer 6th, Chris Singleton 12th and someone like Jeremy Tyler, Marshon Brooks, or Jordan Hamilton 18th.

You get a proven scorer, shooter, PG who can develop coming off the bench behind Harris for a year or two in Jimmer.

You get a big defensive SF who can literally defend every position on the floor to replace Kirilenko. I believe this would make the Jazz more athletic as well.

Finally, you could use the 18th pick to add depth or possibly take a chance on a Jeremy Tyler or add a another scorer in Brooks or another shooter in Hamilton.

What do you guys think about that? Would that be a good move for the Jazz?

Saratoga Springs, UT

Hope the Jazz pick Kanter, not Knight. Kanter is the player who will have the greater impact (i.e., the "best player available"--assuming he's available).

Elmo, UT

In general the draft this year is week. The uncertainty of the NBA lockout and the amount of money these rookies would make, made it so fewer came out for the draft. That being said if the Jazz could get Parker and a future first rounder along with this years first, for Harris and our first... I say take it and run!

Houston, TX

The Jazz do not know what they are going to do because they do not yet know what CLE and MN are doing.

There is still some chance CLE goes with Irving and MN takes Kanter. Beasley may not be that valuable in trade. BPA has transaction costs. That leaves Williams, Valanciunas and Knight for the Jazz. They probably would go with Williams but there is some concern that he has to use both feet to shoot (unlike Dirk).

A choice between Williams and Valanciunas is harder than V/Kanter vs Knight. Hoopsworld reports that Utah is leaning slightly to Kanter over Knight. How they would know is iffy. KOC has a record of doing unexpected picks.

Williams should be able to play more SF than Millsap but he is essentially Millsap with a CA attitude.

I would hate to see SA get Valanciunas especially for Parker who they easily replace with Hill and who is no better than Harris if used properly.

The SA management is pretty good. So is OKC. Both of those teams will move a productive Vet to get what they need. Valanciunas would set them up for years.

Jimmer will probally be at 12.

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