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Published: Monday, June 20 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Tokyo, Japan

wow....everyone can be traded...i sure hope...its not Hayward and Favors....

Houston, TX

The Jazz could help themselves by getting a late pick and grabbing Chandler Parsons 6'10" SF from FL. Draft Express has him going 27th. He has a PAWS of 10+. Only Leonard (top 6 pick) 13+ and Hamilton 11 have higher PAWS for SFs.

A late first round pick is pretty cheap in this draft. I watched him in the tournament. He can shoot, defend and pass. He makes a lot more sense than Vesley with a lotto pick.

Richard Saunders
Provo, UT

Paul Millsap should be put on the "untouchable" list. His hard work and effort make him the heart and soul of the Jazz to me, especially with Jerry gone. He's missed just 12 games in his career, playing in all 82 games 3 of 5 five seasons. Who does that anymore? If given the opportunity, he can deliver, like his 46 point effort against Miami last year. He has made improvement every single year he has played. I know I'm just one fan, so I don't matter, but I would have an awfully hard time watching a Jazz team without Paul Millsap on it.

Winter Springs, FL

I fully agree with R Saunders... Millsap might not be the most talented guy on the team but to me he is the heart and the soul. Everytime I see his name mentioned in trade talks it just make me ill to think about. He is Mr. Hustle!!!

Pocatello, ID

If a trade makes the team better, the Jazz should do it. It doesn't matter who it is.

I would love to be a fly on the wall of the Jazz war room from now through the draft.

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

my take:
Raja Bell: time to go
Ronnie Price: time to go
Fesenko: go away
AK: time to go
Earl Watson: time to go into coaching
Harris: keep
Milsap: keep
Jefferson: keep
Hayword: keep
Favors: keep
Okur: keep if he can still play

If I forgot anyone, let them go.

Winter Springs, FL

I concur with Uncle Rico except for:

Okur - Time to go.

Means we need a Big (Kanter and a shooter/PG in the draft Burks or Jimmer

Smithfield, UT

re Rico:
Evans: keep

South Weber, UT

@md @ Uncle Rico
Happy Trails ?? Fransisco Elson
Let the Bull from Istanbul pound away on Fes and learn the plays from our other Turk Ocur for one year, then send them both packing with their pink slips.

Anti Bush-Obama
Washington, DC

Favors better be off limits. That's a potential future defensive player of the year award. Not to mention a potential member od the all NBA 1st team. If we trade him we better be getting Dwight or LeBron back.

Orem, Utah

Dear Uncle Rico,

Raja Bell: cheap SG backup; he'll be better prepared next year

Ronnie Price: already gone (free agent)

Fes: too cheap to not re-sign (free agent); no one else wants him; can't teach height; does take up space in the middle

AK: must re-sign him (free agent) because the Jazz don't have true SF experience, unless they somehow trade for it

Earl: re-sign (free agent); best PG backup out there at his price

Harris: trade bate! Jazz don't need an Iverson-type

Millsap: yup! Mr. Hustle

Jefferson: yup! can at least score against the Lakers

Hayward: yup! SG all-star in the making; can hit treys, guard Kobe

Favors: yup! PF all-star in the making; can block shots

Okur: trade bate, maybe; otherwise, good center backup

Evans: yup! jack-in-the-boxes are hard to come by

Elson: already gone (free agent)

Miles: trade bate, or SF/SG backup

Kanter/Jonas/Williams: draft one for big man needs (C & SF most needed)

Knight/Jimmer: draft one (or both) for PG needs (trey threat most needed)

I bet the Jazz do some trading to end up with what they want the team to be.

Lehi, UT

Pins and needles...........???

Saint Louis, MO

Enes Kanter is the "cat's meow". He is disciplined and organized. He has a "father presence" and says "yes sir, no sir" and then goes out and wreaks havoc on the other team. Okur would make a good mentor. Both are huge. I love AK but he and the tattoo have to go. Favors is the heart of the team for the future. Millsap runs through walls. I think that Jimmer would be a good addition. Jefferson and Harris and others are just in the way of a reshaping of the team. The key is Corbin. Will he act like Ray Meyer and "step up" or won't he?

Ogden, UT

I fully agree with R. Saunders about Milsap...heart and soul of the jazz! And in response to Rico:

Raja Bell: I think last year was a fluke year...he'll do better this year.
Ronnie Price: agree, time to go
Fesenko: Keep as 3rd string center
AK: agree, time to go unless we can keep for around 5 million
Earl Watson: KEEP....best back-up PG we've had in a while (other than Maynor)
Harris: keep till deadline....I want to see what he can do with the system under his belt. I actually like Harris a lot.
Milsap: MUST keep
Jefferson: possible trade for a talented SG/SF
Hayword: MUST keep
Favors: MUST keep, otherwise the D-will trade was for nothing
Okur: Definitely keep, but if he does nothing this season trade him at the deadline
Evans: KEEP

I hope the jazz draft either Knight or Kanter at #3 (I think Williams will be gone no matter what at #2) and then either Singleton, Brooks, Burks, Thompson or Fridette at #12. Try to pick up Prince or Battier in free-agency too.

Houston, TX

Valnciunas may drop due to his buy out which will not allow him to come over until next year.

However, for a team like the Jazz in Lux Tax Land that is a good thing. He can stay in Europe 1 more year at no cost and develop. The Jazz are going to have salary problems until both the AK AND the Okur contracts are reduced.

CLE may take V at 4 anyway if the Jazz trade down so Utah may have to take him at 3 and not trade down. CLE could also trade down. TOR might trade up.

On the Jimmer front CHA, MIL, and GS are amenable to trading down so PHO or NY could jump the Jazz.

The Jazz are rumored to have concerns about Knight's ability to run the point and are ticked about his refusal to go head to head with Kemba (Hoopsworld).

Based on current info I think the Jazz should go big at 3 with Kanter or V and try to get a PG next year. If they get Jimmer this year they can use him as a shooter and develop him as a PG. They will know if PG works.

Houston, TX

In a lock out year with a lot of salary the Jazz should continue the rebuild.

The probability that AK is gone is high. CJ and maybe Evans (Millsap could help a little) will have to cover SF unless the Jazz get a back up SF in the draft or other means.

Hayward should be the starting SG. Bell can back up.

I would trade Harris to save money and let Watson start and develop a young PG.

A rotation of AJ, Favors, Millsap and Kanter/Valanciunas would be killer for the lockout. See how Okur is doing and maybe try to trade at the deadline?

KOC is very good at getting spare parts for cheap who fit the system. Fill in with parts. That get's you thru the lockout year.

You then have a pick or player from moving Harris and probably trade Millsap for another. You probably have the GS pick and the Utah pick in a strong draft.

The new CBA will put a crimp on max salaries and total salary so the Lux Tax is a big issue. There may be an amnesty clause but Okur's contract expires anyway.

Losing AK is a big hole.

Captain L
Provo, UT

Bug: I agree about Chandler , I have liked him since BYU played them in 2010, he is smooth, talented, and very unselfish but the worry is his drive, still I like him and if we could get him late 1st early 2nd I'd like it. Obviously a trade would have to occur to get the late pick.
I would love to see the Jazz take Kanter at 3 and Jimmer at 12, it could happen if the FO isn't too inamered with Knight.
Trade wise Big Al would be the player I would look to move first, big value , more in return.

Captain L
Provo, UT

If the Jazz take Knight at 3, it would be a dream come true if Jonas fell to 12.

Teddy Bear
Las Vegas, NV

It's "bait" people, not "bate."

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

This is news? O Connor says the same thing every time he is asked....as he should because of course anyone is tradeable if the trade is right. Anyone.

It is comical to read the comments about Kanter.....especially given the fact that every and any scout who knows what they are talking about have all acknowledged he is anything but a sure thing. There are a ton of ?'s around this guy given the fact he has not played a day of college ball.

Chris Ford said #3 through #12 are a crapshoot and could be alot of busts.

Yee haw.

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