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Published: Monday, June 20 2011 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Wiley Old School

Not a Lakers fan but congrats to you, coach, on the new gig!

Smithfield, UT

Wow. I am happy to see this because I really don't like the Lakers.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Never liked Boylen and never liked the Lakers. It's a match made in heaven.

Mcallen, TX

Thought the Utes made a mistake by firing him. Congrats and good luck.

Frisco, TX

I've always believed there is a perfect job for everyone. Hopefully this is his.

Federal Way, WA

Utahs luck continues. Now they can get some relief from paying another coaches salary for the next few years. Someone else is living right.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Great news for Utah as they save a bunch of $$. I hope Boylen brings the same type of luck and success to the Lakers that he did to Utah.


Coach Boylen always defined winning in a way that most fans can never know or understand. Talk to his players and ask them how hard he worked, and how much he loved the University as well as his players. Lots of people look at the win/loss record and championships won. Jim Boylen is not a loser and never will be, unless you ask Dr. Hill.


unfortunately, chris hill never appreciated what he had in Jim Boylen.

Jim Boylen is a hard working, loyal, honest guy with an exceptional basketball acumen who treats people with respect and decency. Jim Boylen has a passion for teaching, mentoring and winning.

Jim Boylen delivered too much success too quickly at Utah. chris hill begged Jim to stay and provided him with a new contract. Eighteen months later, after a bump in the road, chris hill jumped ship and fired Jim Boylen. chris hill abandoned the basketball program, Jim Boylen, Jim's assistant coaches, the players and the fans of Utah basketball. Anyone close to the program knows this.

Jim Boylen will continue to be successful on and off the basketball court.

chris hill? it has been said that some people "have hollow souls and are devoid of success"

Salt Lake City, UT

Everyone has the right to work, good for Boylen, tho of course I hope the Lakers go 0-82 the whole time he's there.

I thought it was a dopey move by Hill to fire him, and I'm sure he'll fire Krystowiak if he doesn't make the Final Four in two years (and if Krysto does have success he'll be out the door as soon as a bigger school or the NBA calls), but that's water under the bridge.

The problems with U hoops have almost nothing to do with Boylen; John Wooden & Dean Smith couldn't have won with the U last season. It was always going to be a down year with as strong as Jimmer & SDSU were, and when did Larry K become the flavor of the month, tho obv good luck to him with the complete rebuild.

American Fork, UT

I'm sure jazz fans are excited about this hire. As a UTE fan, I'm excited to see Boylen get a job and stop milking the U. As a Laker fan, I just lost all respect for Mitch Kupchak and Mike Brown. They obviously don't know Utah has a basketball program.

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