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Published: Monday, June 20 2011 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Idaho Falls, ID

It's too bad that Jimmer had to play for a team that you either love or hate. Jazz are danged if they do or danged if they don't. BYU people will hate the Jazz forever if Jimmer isn't drafted. Yes he would open up a new world of outdoor shooting for the Jazz. But what is more important to the Jazz a big guy or another shooter. Who wins all the championships? Guard happy teams or teams with bigs. You don't win in the NBA without bigs and the Jazz don't have a big. Several power forwards but no bigs. Either trade for a big and get rid of AK and a couple others or draft the bigs. Get Jimmer if he is available at 12 and get a couple of bigs whatever way you can. Win win.

President Joker
Washington, DC

When in doubt, do what the Pacers did back in 1987. Pass on the local guy. They got a Hall of Fame player for doing so.

Orem, Utah

@ President Joker,

And who do you think will be a Hall of Fame player in this year's draft? I don't see one, outside of maybe Jimmer (college POY gives him that edge).

You're comparing apples to oranges.

South Jordan, UT

Listening to two national media stations early this morning are saying that Jimmer will simply be a shooter and once everyone figures him out, he'll simply be role player and is not worth a top 15 pick. In a seven game series, he will ride the bench because a quicker 6-7 guard will stay in his grill and there is nothing he can do unless he shoots from 35 feet out.

Orem, Utah

@ ldsfan,

So, you've never noticed Jimmer getting by "quicker" players, both in college and that summer when he played against NBA players? He can score against anyone.

His cross-over is WAY better than D-Will's, which was effective for Deron---in the NBA, even.

Your Ute glasses are showing.

You'll be Jimmered, for sure.

Salt Lake City, UT

College coaches know about and have scouted kids when they are 14. I hope the Jazz know and have scouted Kanter. If they haven't that is inexcusable. If Kanter ends up being great and they take Knight because they know his game, that would be horrible.

Ogden, UT

How many years has O'Connor picked players for the Jazz? --- Too many.

How many quality players has he been responsible for drafting that have made a significant difference? --- One, maybe.

The proof is in the pudding, so they say; and the lack of proof it is quantifiable in the stats.

O'Connor's best pick was DWil and after five years he's gone because he supposedly offended Saint Jerry who NEVER really came close to a championship; i.e., two final series in more than 20 years as head coach.

Either O'Connor brought in the wrong players, or Jerry couldn't make of them a championship team.

It has to be one or the other or both. I say both.

But what is the Jazz front office doing now?

They're conducting business as usual, including the same failing process to pick draft choices, and coaching the same losing way that Jerry did.

Loomis, CA

It won't even be an issue. Jimmer is going #7 to the Sacramento Kings.

President Joker
Washington, DC


Your cougar glasses are showing. You don't know what a draft class is going to be like until 3 years or so down the road. If Jimmer is a potential hall of famer, then why isn't cleveland looking at him? Answer me that one?

Clearfield, Utah

All I have to say is, Go Jazz. Whoever they choose in this draft will because they fill those individuals will best help this franchise win basketball games and is a good fit for their organization. I think that type of thinking has a better chance of putting a winning team on the floor then just choosing an individual who is very popular that may or may not have a successful career in the NBA. If Jimmer is the best fit then by all means "pick" him. But if not pick those individuals that will help this team win a "Championship".

Corona, CA

Jimmer is going to Jimmer himself out of a contract in 3 years.

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