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Published: Monday, June 20 2011 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Lake Elsinore, CA

Good job, Jimmerette.

Two Cents
Springville, Utah

How many 5th graders in Taylorsville are now hoping to have Mrs. Peterson for a teacher this fall? :)

Very nice interview.

So. Cal Reader
Escondido, CA

Great article! This type of human interest story is what DN does so well. We all know the special impact oldest sisters have on siblings, and Lindsay is no different. It never ceases to amaze me how "grounded" each of the Fredette's appear to be-- certainly far from perfect, as we all are, but very grounded nonetheless. A certain mother and father have done a tremendous job raising such a family.

Burley, ID

Aren't Big Sisters great! I love mine, I'm glad to see that Jimmer has a good one too.

Salt Lake City, UT

Nice story, wish I had a big sister, but no way I let the world know I have a close connection to Jimmer and live in Utah were I Ms. Peterson. Can you imagine the handful of clowns that are going to be showing up at their door now, esp if the Jazz draft him?

Sandy, UT

Knowing of the Fredette dancing prowess leads me to speculate that Jimmmer is due a stint on Dancing with the Stars!

Atlanta, GA

Nice story. Big Sis seems like a good person, like all of Jimmer's family.

Florissant, MO

I enjoyed that, I only learned of Jimmer when the playoffs started and I have not been reading about the draft. But this one caught my eye. It really was fun to see the pics and read the story. Best of luck to Jimmer and it would be fun to see him play for the Jazz, maybe I would start following the Jazz again, stopped when Stockton and Malone left.

Sandy, UT

Enjoyable article! The NBA could use a few more feel-good stories about its players, especially minus the tattoos and big diamond earrings. I'd love to see Jimmer with the Jazz but would worry about the pressure on him to play/not play, ready/not ready, and on Coach Corbin whether or not to play him if ready or not ready, etc. etc. Could get crazy. But I will follow his career wherever he goes and certainly wish him well in his success. I think he'll keep his head on straight, at least I hope so. He has interviewed well, has an engaging personality and seems grounded. Thursday will be a fun watch. Good luck to Kevin O'Connor.

Lone Star Cougar
Plano, TX

I had a big sister close by when I went to BYU and having her there was a great blessing and bonus! She sounds like a wonderful sister!

Dallas, TX

Congratulations Lindsay, you deserve it for your loving support of your brother and helping him get to BYU where he developed and thrived. If Jimmer did not have that support or if he had followed a different path, he may not have become the college basketball superstar that he is. Good luck to your husband and pops as they try to advise Jimmer financially and manage all that cash. I suggest a New York style Jimmer pizza franchise as a side business. And good luck to Jimmer. I hope he gets on a team where he can get lots of game time to get comfortable and prove himself in the NBA.

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