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Published: Sunday, June 19 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Houston, TX

I watched Singleton in the NCAA tourney and he shot well when it counted. He can play D and his offense is not bad and will improve with time. You want players who can play both D and O not just specialists.

Tobias could develop into a very good SF.

The Morris Bros are not likely to be better than Millsap and the Jazz want to get longer at SF. I am not a big fan of either for the Jazz as they don't improve the team beyond the players the Jazz already have.

KOC is right about longer and taller. He is tired of losing to LA and so am I.

Draft dumbie
Farmington, UT

At the #3 spot, you would think the Jazz priority list would be something like (1)Kyrie Irving, (2) Derrick Williams, (3) Enes Kanter, (4) Brandon Knight, (5) Jonas Valanciunas, (6) Jan Vesely, (7) Kawhi Leonard.

At the #12 spoot, you would think the Jazz priority list would be something like (1) Bismack Biyombo, (2) Chris Singleton, (3) Alec Burks, (4) Jimmer Fredette, (5) Tobias Harris, (6) Donatas Motiejunas, (7) Jordan Hamilton, (8) Marcus Morris.

My comparables (best case scenario): (1)Kyrie Irving -- a poor man's Isiah Thomas; (2) Derrick Williams -- a poor man's Carmelo Anthony; (3) Enes Kanter -- Kurt Thomas; (4) Brandon Knight -- a smaller Clyde Drexler (that's who I think he moves like).

At the #3 pick, I would be happy with one of Irving, Williams, Kanter or Knight. At the #12 spot, I would be happy with one of Biyombo, Singleton, Leonard (if he fell that far), Burks, Fredette, Harris, Hamilton or Motiejunas.

I don't really like Valanciunas, Vesely, Marcus Morris, Tristan Thompson, Klay Thompson.

Draft dumbie
Farmington, UT

Could Jeff Hornacek be a good comparable for Fredette?

Draft dumbie
Farmington, UT

I think a good comparable for Singleton is a longer, faster Ron Artest (without the crazy personality).

West Jordan, UT

Isn't the complaint against AK-47 is that he can contribute on offense? His offense hasn't been fixable and I think he shoots better than 40%.

Cedar Rapids, IA

The Jazz brass are telling Jazz fans and Jimmer he's not going to be the 12th pick?

President Joker
Washington, DC

Anybody would be better than Jimmer at 12. Defense wins championships and that's what kind of team a championship team needs to be. I don't know if Singleton would be my first choice at 12 but I wouldn't complain if we took him.

sandy, ut

If the jazz want defense they should take Bismack Biyombo over Singleton in my opinion. He is bigger, longer, stronger. He is also a question mark on offense but he can definately finish at the rim. He can rebound. Odds are that the Jazz won't take him though, since they didn't bring him in for a workout.


Do not draft singleton. Jazz have had a SF with no offense for the last 12 years in AK. We need a player that can score from the perimeter not a guy that you can pick up in free agency every year. Defensive wing players are a dime a dozen Jazz need a defensive big like a Chandler type player.

Draft dumbie
Farmington, UT

The Jazz already saw Biyombo in Europe. I think if he drops to #12, the Jazz would take him. Chris Singleton or Tobias Harris also look like a pretty good picks at #12.

Orem, UT

To answer the question posed by the headline: "NO"

Orem, Utah

The Jazz need outside scoring WAY MORE than they need individual defensive ability. So, Singleton isn't the answer at any pick.

The Jazz also need HEIGHT to compete with the likes of the Lakers. Williams and Kanter and Jonas are the best tallish prospects in the draft.

So, the Jazz need to guarantee themselves the best tall guy AND the best long shooter. Anything less leaves the Jazz still wanting, still short of fixing their weaknesses.

Getting the two they need won't happen with the 3rd and 12th picks.

The Jazz need to make some trades for better picks. At least get the 12th moved way up.

Captain L
Provo, UT

I think Jimmer is more of a penitrator/creator than Hory was.
I like JonasV. he could be better than Kanter, I have been on the Kanter wagon for months but I'm leaning towards Jonas, I would be happy with either one though. I just don't want Knight at 3, we need a big at 3. At 12, I like Jimmer, BB, Singleton(leary of his poor shooting though), Burks, Harris.
Joker: You are being a joker, why don't you like what Jimmer would bring to the Jazz, he brings what we need. Great outside shooter, and a player that can put the ball on the floor and create for himself or his teammates. Jimmers D will be fine, he's not as slow or unathletic as people think , his D won't be a problem. Jimmer is much more versatile than Korver, as good or better shooter, better passer, can move his feet and play D better. Jimmer has a good attitude and will learn how to be a pass first point.

Houston, TX

Valanciunas is considered by many scouts to be the best player in the draft but that will not be clear for 5 years. Great Cs are very hard to get. They also consider Kanter to be a good prospect but with more risk.

Biyombo is dropping. Knight is perceived to be dropping a little. Someone indicated Jimmer would drop out of the top 15.

The Jazz need wings who can shoot badly but they also need better perimeter defense. They need players on the wings who can do both O and D.

The Jazz claim Jimmers defensive footwork is adequate. PHO claims he can defend in the half court. Those are not ringing endorsements. Could be posturing?

MIL may trade Bogut to MN for the 2 pick. There are still questions about Bogut's injuries. MIL wants Williams.

The Jazz might be able to get Bogut for the 3. It would be steep but Millsap and the 3 should get Bogut. Not sure how to make the salaries match.

Is Bogut better than Kanter/Valanciunas 5 years from now? Bogut's best year was 16 points with 10 boards. I think Kanter/Valanciunas are capable of that.

Trade Millsap for wings.

Fort Worth, Texas

Did Rodman now how to shoot? No. Play defense and rebound and he too can have a long NBA career.

Aurora, CO

not sure why so many people are high on Biyombo. The Jazz already have a guy that's long and is crazy athletic in Evans. His contract is crazy cheap right now, so they can just develop him. He showed some flashes of a good offensive game. I wish that Irving or Williams would be available, but they'll be gone 1 and 2.

But here's what the Jazz could do based on how i see it:

one option is
3.) Kanter (He's a legit big man, but injury history and a glut at the 4 and 5 might not help too much. Not sure
12.) Fredette (he can shoot...Jazz need it. And with Watson and Price being FA's, you need a back-up point.


3.) Knight (again, need a point guard. who knows if he'll want to stay after his contract, though.)
12.) Burks or Singleton (someone that can shoot in Burks or a defensive stopper in Singleton. With AK gonna be gone you think, Singleton is big and athletic to play some good D, and he wont be like AK and get hurt if someone sneezes on him or something.)

needs: shooting and defense in my opinion

Houston, TX

Millsap produced 17 and 8 in a very turbulent year. He will improve his outside shooting and develop some additional inside moves. His defense is a limitation but he is more or less a top 10 PF based on numbers. He actually is top 3 if you look at just power forwards and not PF/Cs.

Millsap is already producing Bogut type numbers. Bogut is a C and AJ is a C. AJ is not a good PF. Go look at the 82 game numbers by position for AJ. He gets killed on D by the PFs.

A line up of Bogut/Favors is tempting. It depends on what you get for AJ? Bogut's injuries are also an issue.

Could you trade AJ and the 3 for Bogut? Would you want to? Does Bogut fit the Jazz?

The Jazz may have more options than we realize.

MN may draft Williams and then shop him. What do the Jazz have that MN might want? Do the Jazz really want Williams that bad?

This draft is fluid and several teams are going to make moves to trade players who do not fit them for others who do.

Fort Worth, Texas

The Jazz need outside scoring WAY MORE than they need individual defensive ability.


Defense... Defense.... Defense...

Jazz finished 9th in FG percentage at .465 and 14th in points 99.47 (overall 14th)

Jazz finished 19th in points allowed 101.3 (overall 19th).

Yes they need shooting but they need defense first.

Provo, UT

Dude has a Bill Cartwright head.

sandy, ut

Jazz don't need a big and a pg. They just need to take the best players availiable. If it is 2 pgs or 2 centers or 2 pfs, it doesn't matter because if you get somebody that another team wants then you can shop them.

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