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Published: Sunday, June 19 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Spokane, WA

Bullying should not be accepted here in our society at all.

Salt Lake City, UT

Bullying is not acceptable.

West Valley, UT

Bullying in schools only exists because the schools themselves are powerless to toss out the bullies. Detention, suspension and counseling don't do anything to help kids who bully. Send 'em to a military style school and let a drill instructor have at them. After a few years they will become well behaved, disciplined, respectful productive members of society.

Any child can be taught... some of 'em just need a firm boot to the backside to get them on the right path.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

Actually, bullying exists because it is genetically programmed into human beings (and most other animals) that as we begin to reach sexual maturity, we must establish ourselves as being the strongest/fittest if we hope to reproduce. Bullying is one way we attempt to assert our dominance (over those we perceive to be weaker than us), and it's no coincidence that it starts in those years right before we begin puberty.

Fortunately, humans have developed the cognitive skills to be able to override our genetic urges when they lead us into destructive behaviors. We are not creatures 100% beholden to our instincts like many other species.

So sadly, bullying in schools exists because it's in our DNA. It's tolerated because the schools are powerless.

Springville, UT

In light of Sir Robin's comment, and the fact that the connection between actions and consequences (cognitive skills) is not very direct at those ages, it is clear that schools have a difficult task. But it's one they must undertake. The consequences need to be made more unpleasant, perhaps, than detention. I like the military school idea... maybe some aspects of such an environment could be incorporated into state-run schools.


Sir Robin makes a point, but I vividly recall bullies in grade school, long before the onset of sexual maturity. While I have no science to go on, I somehow always thought that a lot of the bullies (who seemed to pick out ANYBODY different, be it "special needs", race, accent etc) were echoing behaviour they observed in their homes.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Bullying starts at home.
Not so much in your DNA, as in your parents attitude towards race,
sexuality or anything different then they are familiar with.

Affectation is the ridiculous effort of the ignorant to appear wise,
the attempt of the barren soul to appear rich.

Ogden, UT

The schools are powerless because of helicopter parents that have sued so many times to make the district afraid to have any teeth.

You have to commit several felonies or have some aggravated circumstances to get the boot anymore.

Logan, UT

My son is handicapped and was bullied at school and outside of school. He was thrown into a pond, picked on at school and at church. His tiny older sister's would stand up to the bullies and yell at them. I was impressed with how brave they were. One person came up to him last year while my son was working at a store. He apologized which was great. The hurt and pain was still there. My son went into an empty room and was crying and hitting the wall because of the memories it brought back. I hope things are getting better for handicapped people.

county mom
Monroe, UT

Bullying is not just from the kids! This is also from the teachers. Either they turn a blind eye, are passive agressive or openly participate. Your child does not have to have a handicap to be bullied. They could be short, fat, big, have a lisp, a stutter or be quiet. I am very grateful for the cameras in the schools. The teacher and children caught in the act, could not even come up with any excuss. They got to watch themselves on candid camera. There should be cameras in the classrooms too.

Let's be real
Salt Lake City, UT

To bulley one of the disabled or one of the less fortunate is probably one of the most disgusting things a person could do. Do you know have respect for yourself? Do you know have respect for God that made both of you? Absolutely disgusting. Grow up. Now as for the school system. I have had a few kids who we originally taught to just let it slide. If you are bullied, don't worry about it, try to be the big person. We even went to the schools, both teachers and principals. NOBODY DID ANYTHING ABOUT IT. They all said, "Well, kids will be kids." That is where the disgusting behaviors are culitivated. That is where the disgusting behavior can and should be stopped as well as the home. We finally had to teach our kids that if they were bullied, try to brush it off. It is continues, tell someone. If it still continues, then clean somebody's clock. Sad but true, that is the only way to handle it. Mistreat a disabled person, you deserve only the worst.

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