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Published: Sunday, June 19 2011 2:00 p.m. MDT

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Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

That's great so long as Fredette stays in the green room during the 3rd and 12th picks!

Bloomington, IN

Good luck to The Jimmer. Unfortunately for Jazz fans I don't think he'll be available at #12. If Sacramento doesn't take him at #7 I bet Indiana or New York trade up for him before the Jazz or Suns can take him. It'll be fun to watch. Is it on ESPN? I am really enjoying seeing Cougar blue so often on the Worldwide leader of sports.

Roy, UT

Frankly, if Kevin O'Connor passes up Freddette if he is available for the 3rd pick, He ought to be IMMEDIATLY DISMISSED and FIRED!!! Why, #1 The NBA is a BUSINESS and Freddette will sell TICKETS!!! He will Fill the Energy Solutions Arena! I am not an NBA fan, but I will follow the Jazz a lot closer knowing Fredette is a member of the Jazz, and he is LDS! He can sink shots blindfolded, and he will be mediocre at WORST! There isn't really a thing known as "Defense" in the NBA anyway, so the knock on him about defense doesn't hold water, and besides he is better and quicker than the "Scouts" thought! I mean they don't have to pick him, but Business wise it would be about the biggest NBA Blunder if they didn't! Local College Neismith Trophy Winner available and not picked, when his position is needed after "Mr. Attitude" D-Will gets traded, the Pick would be a NO Brainer! I mean the 1st round picks of the Jazz have been busts mostly anyway, so why not take a gamble and at least fill some seats on the pick!

Provo, UT

I'm in agreement with IndianaCoug. I don't think Jimmer will be around at 12. Such a rare chance for a local talent to be part of the Jazz...I'll be sorry if it doesn't happen.

Orem, Utah

The Jazz will pick according to their weaknesses, which might include some trading.

Currently, the Jazz have three needs:

1. Center of the future so Big Al and Favors can anchor the PF spot, spelling the center to get their full minutes.

2. Small forward, as AK (not currently signed) is the only one that's done it well enough in the past. VERY shorthanded at SF.

3. PGs (multiple), as Watson (if they re-sign him) is only a backup, and Harris can't run a team properly. He's had enough years in the NBA to show whether he can. Not!

So, what can a 3 and 12 get in this year's draft?

Not much to fill the above needs, unless they can get both a big (C or SF) and a PG, or just two PGs.

There are five choices, all of which will be gone by the 12th pick:

Williams, Kanter, Jonas V., Knight, and Jimmer. Other names have been bantered around, but they're just draft fodder.

Therefore, the 3rd pick will get just one of those.

The Jazz will need to do some trading to make this draft work for them. No other way will it work.

Murray, UT

Hopefully Jimmer doesnt have a long wait in the Green Room, personally I think he should be at least a top ten pick. He shouldn't go any lower then 13 to the Suns but Whichever team drafts him will get the steal of the draft. The Jazz have two picks if they end up passing on him twice, they will regret it big time.

Mount Beauty, VIC

as much as I respect Jimmer - he is not the 3 pick, but he will most likley be gone by pick 12, I hope the jazz make a trade so we can get Jimmer b4 the Kings do.

Picking Jimmer is busniess/basketball decision - all players in this draft have positives & negatives at least Jimmer has a big positive that we need - outside shooting!

Provo, UT


Don't know what you are smoking but I highly doubt anyone will pick jf #3. He's lucky to be the 12th pick if the jazz want to go that route due to local pressure. With that said, I don't think koc will be pressured into doing that and will pick the best player available at 12. I'm hoping for Alec Burks. But we'll see.

South Jordan, UT

Where ever Jimmer goes, I wish him the best! Jimmer is a good guy. It's about time one of the good guys make it big in sports. I am so sick of these thugs, and moral depraved athletes that are dominating sports . Is about time a good guy makes it!

Richmond, VA

I'll be just so happy to see Jimmer get selected. It wasn't that long ago during the last season that many of his critics didn't think he was an NBA caliber player. I hope he does well at wherever and whoever picks him. Looking forward to root for him wherever he goes, be it to the Jazz, the Kings, the Suns, the Knicks, or whoever.

President Joker
Washington, DC

I hope he is picked by another team before 12. I'm praying that he is or that the Jazz wisely pass on him.

Anti Bush-Obama
Washington, DC


Drafting a player to "sell out" arenas is a route losing teams like the T-wolves or Clippers would take. Teams that don't see the playoffs for long periods of time. I want a player that can help win a championship. I don't want a local guy that will give you a 9 win season.

Red Headed Stranger
Billy Bobs, TX

Of course Jimmer belongs in the green room. The only question is not whether to get Jimmer with the third pick but how many Fredettes to draft. TJ at the twelve, his mother in the second round, and probably the father will be available for free agency.

All kidding aside I actually hope that Jimmer drops through the lottery picks down to a decent playoff team that will have the patience to let him develop a bit more. I believe that there is almost too much pressure on some players picked early to perform. And then when in an instant they don't perform to everyone's expectations, they are labled "a bust". My best wishes to Jimmer, and I hope he has a long, productive career in the league.

One last thing. Simple economics; if the Jazz were to draft Jimmer, then even though they are almost selling out every game right now, they could raise ticket prices, AND sell more shirts, memorabilia, etc. Supply and demand.

Syracuse, UT

KOC is not going to draft Jimmer, he is going to draft more big guys and SF's that can't play the game, but I am sure they have potential.

Orem, Utah

Why ANY TEAM should draft Jimmer:

1. Unlimited range not seen in over 50 years, college or pro (RE: Pistol Pete).

2. Impossible to defend outside the 3-pt line because he'll shoot it (making a high percentage), or he'll cross you over and put your defense at risk if you guard him too closely. He's much quicker than given credit for.

3. High foul shooting percentage, which comes into play because he CAN get to and finish at the rim consistently. In fact, most of his college scoring happened this way. He's adept at it. He's beafy enough to handle inside contact in the NBA.

4. Excellent passer, which many don't realize because of the lack of talent he played with in college. Kemba was impressed when they competed at the Jazz evaluation.

5. Ability to excell when under pressure. He's proven he can do that over and over and over. That's valuable in the NBA.

Basically, when you have a PG that's unstoppable, and can assist, you can't go wrong drafting him.

Defensively, he WON'T be a liability. He's been showing that in his workouts, AND team defense is where it's at in the NBA, anyway.

Salt Lake City, UT

CougarKeith: Where are Cougar fans getting the idea that The Jazz are suffering on ticket sales? They sold 98% of their tickets last year without {gasp!} The Jimmer. At best, Jimmer could help the Jazz sell those last 400, $10 tickets.

Indiana and Sacramento need ticket sales. If that is the main reason to draft James Fredette, he should go to one of those teams.

Syracuse, UT

Moderate | 10:43 a.m. June 20, 2011
Salt Lake City, UT

98% huh, but that is when we thought we were going to make the playoffs, I wouldn't put it past the Jazz to not make the playoffs again this year, The Jazz orgianization is too concerned on being consistant, maybe they should take some chances some time, we can't get any worse.

Springville, UT

it was amazing just how many tickets were being dumped for next to nothing after Williams and Sloan were gone.

what percent of ticket sales for HIGH VALUE SEATS happen before the season even begins? as an owner, you would want as close to 100% as possible!

Sandy, UT

The Jazz could certainly use Jimmer's shot, but I'm less convinced of his pure PG skills. They have scouted him, so if he's available at 12 and think he's their best option, they'll take him. I'd be fine with that because of his shooting, but I do hope they aren't hasty about trading Harris, and that they resign Watson. Watson's the best backup PG we've had in a long time, and I think Harris deserves a full season's shot at running the team.

That said, I think Kanter would be a good pick at #3. Knight is good too, but since we already have Harris & can resign Watson, I think a center is the more immediate need.

I can't wait for draft night. Should be exciting! I'm inclined to put my trust in the Jazz staff. Look at the boos they got when they drafted Gordon Hayward, and that kid is going to be very good for this team. Go Jazz!

Mesa, AZ

I have a non politically correct question.

If Jimmer was not white, would the questions about his chances at the next level be the same?

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