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Published: Sunday, June 19 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Ogden, UT

Judging by what O'Connor has done so far since he's come to the Jazz, don't expect much this time around, either.

The proof of the pudding in in the eating, and the proof of past Jazz picks is in the dearth of championships.

Of course the same could be said of most NBA teams.

So ... what should the Jazz do?

Same as what they always should have done.

Flip a coin and hope for the best.

It couldn't be worse than what O'Connor has done so far over the years.

Trying as hard as he can to make a science of draft picks hasn't produced the desired effect.

So, stick with heads, or tails, for that matter.

Orem, Utah

The Jazz are officially in a rebuilding mode. No superstar on the team (yet), so that means they're rebuilding if they can't trade for one. You don't go deep into the playoffs without a superstar.

People who say Harris will do just fine with the Jazz because he was on bad teams before, so couldn't show his potential, forget how long he's been in the league. He's already shown he's no more than an Iverson, who never learned how to run a team.

If Harris has to wait for a "good" team to show is ability to run one, then that means he doesn't have it IN him to do so. Self-motivation just isn't there.

So, the key to the Jazz future is getting at least ONE, maybe TWO, PGs in this year's draft. The Jazz are PG anemic!

The current front line can do well enough until next year's draft where the Jazz should have better pickings on big men. However, Williams or Valanciunas would be okay picks at 3 this year (rebuilding!).

I see the Jazz trading Harris (plus whatever) for another lottery pick in order to get two PGs and one big.

newhall, CA

O'Connor is not competent enough to make smart draft decisions. Look at his dismal record. The Jazz front office keeps drafting subpar players. Miller's son has no business running the team, he hasn't a clue what he's doing. He traded Williams, lost their head coach and now there's talk about trading Milsap? Why? Let's unload Fechenko. He maybe tall, but what slow feet. There is more moaning and groaning from the fans when he steps onto the court. A true center is needed. Speed, speed, speed and youth is what the this team needs. But then again, we have O'Connor and Miller. Any chance of trading them for better personnel?

Ogden, UT

Here's the list of the last ten years' #1 draft picks:

2008 Derrick Rose
2007 Greg Oden
2006 Andrea Bargnani
2005 Andrew Bogut
2004 Dwight Howard
2003 LeBron James
2002 Yao Ming
2001 Kwame Brown
2000 Kenyon Martin
1999 Elton Brand

Can you see any any one of them that turned a team around?

No is the answer. Not a single one.

Some are great players, but not even one of then has taken a team to the NBA Championship.

Get out the dartboard, Greg and Kevin.

Ogden, UT

Sorry, I made a mistake in my last comment.

My list is of ten of the last 12 years, giving the last two picks a year or two to make a difference.

Which they haven't.

If even the #1 picks have not been successful at producing a championship in their careers, what real chance does the #3 or the #12 have of doing that?

Pick a "winner" and roll the dice. A few years later, see how lucky you were.

Eagle Mountain, UT

O'Conner has done an excellent job in the draft the past several years. Show me a team that has done better with the average draft numbers comparable to the Jazz.
The Deron Williams trade was brilliant and will continue to pay off for years. Millsap, Hayward, Williams(because of an O'Conner trade). The number 3 pick in this years draft(because of an O'Conner trade), Favors will be an allstar and is here because of an O'Conner trade.
O'Conner has done an excellent job in the past several free agent classes also. Jefferson, Not overpaying for Boozer or the guy Portland got.
I don't know what your expecting but the guy spends hundreds of hours a month on the phone just for one deal. I am just as greatful for the idiotic things he does not do(look at what most of the teams do) as I am for the good things he does. I can just imagine what the Utah clippers...er..ah..I mean Jazz would look like if you were driving the boat.

Bountiful, UT

I find it hilarious how Jimmer homers create a long post reasoning their way through the draft scenarios and they always gear them toward why we need Jimmer...


I'm so glad it is KOC making the decisions and not people wearing "teach me how to Jimmer" shirts.

Murray, UT


Micheal Jordan was #3.
Kobe Bryant was #13.

Historically the 3rd pick has produced All Star-All NBA players.

This draft is an exception because of the stupid lockout. If there was no lockout. There would be 3 more Top 5 picks and Kyrie Irving or Jared Sullinger would've been a lock for the Jazz.


O'conner has done as good a job for the jazz as any gm in the nba with exception of Danny Ainge and couple of others. he is the best in the business at finding good talent.

My hope is that the Jazz goes big for their first pick and that Jimmer is there for the 12 pick. Freddette has the heart of a champion. The heart of a world champion.

Washington, Utah

I know what they should do and im simply going off the best predictor of the future, THE PAST. Trade the first round picks for second round picks. The jazz are way better at selecting in the second round than the first.

Calgary, AB

I can't believe this poll results, is there a huge turkish community in UTAH? why you want Kanter people why??? another Boozer waiting to happen, watch his film on Youtube on his defense.... Boozer looks like all defensive team compared to Kanter. I am disappointed, I thought Jazz fans are more smart and value hustle and effort.

Houston, TX

This is a weak draft. The Jazz have to choose between Kanter/Valanciunas and any bigs they can get at 8 or lower next year. That is the crucial decision. Are Kanter/Valanciunas better than Millsap/AJ in the long run?

Percentage wise you need to pick 2 lotto bigs to get 1 who is really good. Further, the Jazz can't trade for a great big. They were lucky to get AJ and half of the Jazz fans don't like him.

They go with Knight if they consider Favors and Knight superstars in the future. If not then there are lots of options at PG this year and next. Many view Knight's ceiling as Billups. Is that better than Harris? I personally like Knight.

KOC is probably better at drafting than Sloan. This is his first draft without Sloan. Sloan had few lotto picks. Sloan like projects. KOC seems to prefer talent.

It is a matter of maximizing the picks from 2 drafts to fit a system that is in transition. You have to maximize a team that will play a new) system under the new CBA.

Wings are easier to get than quality bigs and great PGs.

Provo, UT

KOC sucks when it comes to drafting first round talent. That is a fact. What first draft round picks have stuck with the Jazz since KOC has been in charge? AK? Anyone else?

KOC motto: Draft and trade away... Expect the same KOC to show up this week.

Cedar Hills, UT

I am not passed the thought that the Jazz should use both picks this year and get two guards. I think that it is a better risk than dealing with the bigs in this draft. Knight/Jimmer would be a great combo.

Cougar Blue
N. Las Vegas, NV

This "draft may hold key to Jazz's future." Wow - ya think?

Anti Bush-Obama
Washington, DC


"KOC sucks when it comes to drafting first round talent. That is a fact."

Oh really?

Deron Williams? Ronnie Brewer? Eric Maynor? Andrei Kirilenko? Gordon Hayward? Kris Humphries?

Who cares if they stick around for their whole careers? They are not obligated to do so. If the jazz are winninh championships they will be sticking around. I would rather have disloyal player that can get us into the playoffs at least than a bunch of loyal nobodys that can't do anything. Arujio anyone?

Anti Bush-Obama
Washington, DC

yarrlydarb 11:12

This is the stupidest comment I have ever read and that's saying a lot.

2008 Derrick Rose Mvp after 3 seasons.
2007 Greg Oden
2006 Andrea Bargnani
2005 Andrew Bogut Leads the league in blocked shots.
2004 Dwight Howard Defensive player of the year multiple times and 1 finals appearance.
2003 LeBron James Mvp and one finals appearance.
2002 Yao Ming Put houston back on the map.
2001 Kwame Brown
2000 Kenyon Martin
1999 Elton Brand

Some picks were busts but with at least five of them, the team is better when they are playing. 4 of these guys took the teams that picked them from bottom feeders into contenders. #1 picks don't produce championships huh? Did you ever hear of Hakeem Olojuwon or Shaq?

Captain L
Provo, UT

I know KOC said they want to get bigger/longer etc but that can be at each position but I hope they realize (I'm sure they do) that getting a big is not easy and you usually have to have a top 3 to 5 pick to get a good one. Both Jonas and Kanter have the potential to be very good. We need to nab one of them.
Getting a talented point guard is alot easier than getting a talented big. Next yr there will be a talented pt available when we pick with GS's pick,
I am hoping that the reason the FO spent so much time over in Europe is because they have plans to nab Jonas, or Vesely or Kanter.

Holladay, UT

Don't waste a very high draft pick on a point guard (unless they are Magic Johnson),

you don't build a team aroud point guards.

and can find plenty more than adequate points guards later in the draft,

most of the teams that won championships did it with point guards drafted later in the draft.

The jazz should draft Jonas V. with 3rd pick a true center and best pick available,

they do not need kanter who is a PF and there is no great all around 2 or 3 in the draft,

they all have deficiencies, from not a true 2 or 3 to no defense, no offense, can't shoot, is a tweener, etc.

get Jonas V, then get jimmer,

even better, trade for a better pick than 12 to be sure they can get jimmer, and perhaps get other picks to fill needs.

Morgan, UT

TJ, JazzRule, and payara,

Is it pretty up in the clouds you are floating in?

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