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Published: Saturday, June 18 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Ernesto de Bajo
Albuquerque, NM

The first part of Brad Rock's column is a rehash of what has been written countless times by countless columnists and bloggers. Brad could have just mailed it in or posted a handful of links that make the same points on Jimmer's pluses and minuses.

The last couple of paragraphs have some original thinking, however, and I find myself agreeing with it. Jimmer is better off starting his NBA career somewhere else. If he and the Jazz are destined for each other, it can easily happen later.

Lake Elsinore, CA

And not picking Fredette could end up even more frustrating.

Orem, UT

wow brad, I hope Jimmer gets taken by the Kings/Suns, and every time he drops 20+ in the ESA, everyone chants YOU GOT JIMMERED!

West Jordan, Utah

Very well said Rock. You have put together the entire breakdown of concerns I have about Jimmer.

Depending on the route the Jazz go early with the 3rd pick, or if they trade picks, I wouldn't be too down if the Jazz picked Jimmer at #12. He has some intrigue with me.

Despite what many fans vent out when picks don't pan out, the 12th pick is somewhat of a crab shoot anyway.

Another concern to consider with Jimmer is with the disillusioned Jimmer fans that will clamour about how Jimmer should start and play 30 minutes a night. I would not want to be Tyrone Corbin relative to dealing with that.


Hey Mr Rock: so you're another Jimmer doubter- ho hum. The only thing I agree with on your amatuerish car analogy is this: I certainly hope Jimmer doesn't end up in Utah because he'd be better off running his creative engine in an end-to-end game in another state and another system. You are just another lazy writer who spews a few numbers referencing some of Jimmer's lower-percentage games without recognizing that Jimmer was double-and triple-teamed ALL year. That is not going to happen in the NBA. NEWS FLASH: Jimmer will have to work hard in the NBA to develop to his full potential (like Stockton/ Nash/ Williams/ Parker/Curry,etc). So what- you don't think Knight and Walker and Irving will have to do the same? Go Jazz! choose more "athletic" players and stay as mediocre as you have been since un-atheletic Stockton left you.

Bountiful, UT

I'm with you Rock!

Please Jazz, draft Brandon Knight!

Let Jimmer go to another team and if he does alright, then, like Rock said, sign him or acquire him via trade. But don't use a pick on him.

Thanks for the article!

Holladay, UT

Thank you! Someone writing an article about Jimmer not blinded by pure love or distain. I look at JJ Redick to examine what Jimmer's career could be like. JJ had unlimited range while in college and could light it up any given night, just like Jimmer. When JJ went to the pros his shooting constancy dropped. While he still put adequate shooting numbers, they were no where near the production he had in college. Jimmer has a better chance of scoring in the NBA than Redick because of his ability to drive, but I think his lack of height and average speed will hinder this ability. The fact is, the NBA is much faster than the college game; open shots in college are no longer open in the pros because of the closing speed these players have.

Gold Canyon, az

NOT picking up Fredette will wind up frustrating for the Jazz. I loved being on the positive end of seeing other teams Jimmered. What would be frustrating is the Jazz being Jimmered.

Ogden, UT

Rock says: "NBA Draft: Picking Jimmer Fredette could wind up frustrating for Jazz"

Not any more frustrating than picking DWill and all the rest O'Connor and the powers that be have done since Stockton and Malone.

Of course Kevin and Greg were not even involved back then.

So, get out the dart board. It couldn't be worse than what the powers that be have done since the Laydens went to New York.

Then, on the other hand, pick Jimmer.

At worst the Energy Solutions would be filled, at least until they trade him away.

Realistic Goggles
Alpine, UT

OK. Picking Jimmer is a risk. That is true. However, picking anyone other than Kyrie Irving is also a risk.

You state flatly about Brandon Knight, "The Kentucky guard is athletic and skilled enough to thrive immediately." That is not true. Knight will take at least a couple of years to develop. Right now, he is not a true point guard, he has problems shooting, he suffers from a lack of court vision, and is not known as a good facilitator. Obviously, Knight has some virtues (size, quickness, defense) and has tremendous upside, too, but he will not automatically start clicking at the NBA level and make the Jazz a contender right away.

St. George, Utah

who needs him let him go hes so over rated its pathetic

Ogden, UT

Being objective about Jimmer in this market could get a contract put out on the author's life. I just read an article where a good share of the posters thought the Jazz should take Fredette at #3.

Saratoga Springs, UT

Do not underestimate The Jimmer!

Salt Lake City, UT

Nice take on the Jimmer, Mr. Rock. Love the 10 year career back-up because he is too short, too slow, and can't defend the other quick pgs in the leaque. Couple of questions, who can guard these pgs, given the current "no-touch" rules. Williams is slow, and had almost no interest in defense, but he is an all-star. Fact is Jimmer may be slower, but he is by far the strongest built of any of the top four guards in this draft. He will always be able to get his shot off, and no player in the country, especially in the NBA faced the defensive pressure Jimmer faced every game. But, the Jazz should not take him, because a difference maker should go some place else where they have a real chance to win.

Doctor J
Manti, UT

It's a good thing that it does not matter to anyone what Brad thinks.

Jimmer we do very well in his profession...and I doubt NBA execs are listening to Brad.

Farmington, UT

Wow, lots of negatives, Brad. Why don't you just say "Don't take Jimmer?"

As far as your article, I remember when they doubted Shawn Bradley "could play an 82-game NBA schedule." That's as trite a line as Utah educators saying the per-pupil spending is the lowest in the nation; we've heard those gripes for over 50 years but where's their solutions for education reform? In your case, where's the one obvious "golden draftable athlete" the Jazz need? (Hint: They've never had a great "big man" - NEVER.)

Why admit that style took precedence over function when buying a car? Could perhaps emotional attachment or a biased opinion rendering controversial on-the-edge reporting take precedence over substance in your sports opinions, too?

Isn't it strange how Jimmer was hard to officiate, is a puzzle to those deciding where he should be drafted and doesn't really fit the NBA Culture (thankfully), but no one ever said he was a jerk, hard to play with, difficult to coach or failed to give his all during a game?

Maybe the qualities that matter most aren't the ones being discussed because they're obvious. Aren't you really just trying to sell newspapers?

Spanish Fork, UT

Replace the name Fredette with Stockton and this could be an article prior to John Stockton be drafted. If the Jazz aren't willing to take a little risk then they will get what they asked for, a quick athletic player that does nothing for them because they lack the intangibles. Fredette is full of intangibles as was Stockton. Fredette might turn out to be an average NBA player, but at 12 I think the risk is worth the potential reward.

Salt Lake City, UT

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Especially after so little thought was put into the article...

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz
Provo, UT

Clearly athleticism is everything Rock. There is no way Jimmer can be a star because he can't be like Stockton or Nash or even Jason Kidd for that matter. Not to mention Jimmer is more athletic than he is given credit for, I mean did you see the SI cover?

Also Ronnie Price and Earl Watson aren't under contract for next year so why does Jimmer need to wait 4 years for them to move on? If the Jazz go big with the first pick they should pick Jimmer if he is still available at 12.

Conservative Democrat
Omaha, NE

There seems to be a growing knock on Fredette about his inability to fit within the NBA - I beg to differ. BYU's game plan was not built on the athleticism of its players but on the quick strike because any member of the team could score from anywhere on the floor. Fredette thrived in that environment because he was always one step ahead of the defenders - not quickness but floor sense (like a quarterback reading the defense before the snap). Fredette was a team player at BYU - I watched game after game where he would go 5 and 7 minutes without shooting - passing to the open man. He would still get his points later on when he became the open man. Did he force the ball? Of course he did, especially when his teammates were not scoring and points were needed. What NBA player doesn't do that? I am sure that Fredette would prefer not to carry the team, but he excels when he does just like past and present NBA greats do. His size is a non-issue when you consider that small players have succeeded in the past. The Jazz would be strengthened by drafting him.

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DeseretNews.com encourages a civil dialogue among its readers. We welcome your thoughtful comments.
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