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Published: Saturday, June 18 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

We can all see how much Sen Lee has done for Utah. Please anybody but Jason C. I am not a fan of the GOP but I would vote for Orrin just to keep Jason out. People need to realize how much a Sr Senator like OH can do for Utah and how many years it takes to get that Seniority. Lee is still looking for his office and will do little if anything but be a rubber stamp.
Jason!!! Please no, anybody but him.

Lehi, UT

I hate to lost Hatch's seniority and experience too. However, I firmly believe that the ONLY way for a country to continue to progress is to refresh it's leadership. That's why I believe there should be term limits for congressional members. I think the term for House Reps should be extended to 4 years and limited to 3 terms and Senators should be held to 2 terms. Frankly, I don't believe the Supreme Court should be a lifetime appointment either. I think by limiting how long any one congressional member can be in office, it would motivate some of them to work harder, and foster more cooperation. If all these congresspeople knew they were on a time limit, they'd have to work together to get their bills passed and wouldn't waste so much time playing politics.

You've served well Senator Hatch, but it's time for some fresh eyes!


Perhaps it is time for Orrin to go. But I do know. The voters better not put the Dem in to replace him because America does not need anymore leftist Dems to support the socialist horror of the Obama regime. Chaf would be far better for Utah and America. No Dem added to the Reid majority will aid America either domestically or internationally as to our economy, jobs, CARE, energy policies, illegals, Mexican cartels, Iran or Islamofascism. Dems keep dissing our American heritage, history and values and we have had too much of that from them for decades and I am 72 so I remember all of these people. Though I am a retired polysci teacher and pastor, I am not in my cups nor am I a blank slate. Americans just have to remember what this 2.9 yrs. has already been about to see why Bama must go and the Pub Senate candidate must win.

North Salt Lake
North Salt Lake, UT

To Senator Hatch: Thank you for your service. Now is the time to gracefully exit. Why can't you see that?

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: williary | 9:45 a.m. June 21, 2011
"How does Utah politics become even more of a laughing stock?"

States like California, New York and New Jersey are too busy trying to find ways to finance the interest on their growing state deficits to spend much time laughing about Utah and our balanced budget.

Personally I laugh every time I hear about how California wanted to borrow against future lottery revenue earnings to pay yesterday's bills. They have no idea how they'll pay tomorrow's bills.

The joke isn't on Utah.

Tooele, UT

Not one person they've listed is worthy to be our senator. Looks like I may be forced to run.

Spanish Fork, UT

Let's be real and not too emotional.
1. Yes, Orrin Hatch has been in too long.
2. If the Republicans win the Senate, and right now that is likely, then dismantling the regulations and stifling Obamanomics and Obamacare is their most important task.
3. All dismantling of Obamacare will start in the Senate Finance Committee.
4. If Jason Chaffetz were to defeat Hatch, Olympia Snow would be the Chair of that committee... and she's the most liberal member of the Republican Party.
5. If Hatch wins he will be the Chair.

Elections are always about picking your poisons. For the evangelicals they are going to have to decide if their hatred for Mormons (Romney) is greater than their hatred of socialism/Obamanomics.

For Utahns it will be do you want to dismantle Obama's mess with Hatch at the helm or Olympia Snowe?

I wish Orrin would win, sit on the committee long enough to trash Obamacare, etc., then resign and let someone else continue.

Durham, NC

I have been out of the country on family vacation now for about a month with little connectivity to the internet, and I can't even tell you how refreshing it was to be away from all the angry speak found in American politics.

It amazes me to no end that people have already decided who they will vote against without know who their replacement vote would be for. How very sad is that.


Orrin Hatch blocked me from his Twitter account after I disagreed with him on his voting record. Then the GOP say that "the people" all agree with them. They must think that because they block everyone who doesn't agree with them.

Saint George, UT

Orrin Hatch was elected to office in 1973 the same year that the Department of Energy was created to lessen our dependence on foreign oil.
In 1973 30% of our oil consuption was foreign oil.
Today 70% of our oil consumption is foreign oil. The budget for the Department of Energy is 350 billion dollars with over 65,00 employees and 100,000 contract workers.
I wonder what Orrin has to say about his efforts to to eliminate this useless agency? or what about doing away the IRS? or what about Foreign Aid? Farm subsidies? Tort reform? congressional and senate term limits? Etc., Etc., Etc.......???

Vaughn J
Kearns, UT

If the poll included all Utah voters then 25% were probably democrats, thus for republicans about 59 % think Hatch should stay Hey That is the percentage that thought so in the convention. The media strikes again with incorrect analysis of statistics.

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