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Published: Saturday, June 18 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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American Fork, UT

The problem is that if we vote him out, Utah doesn't have the power in Washington that we would have with him. That is a problem with our political system that he hasn't tried to fix. I think that we need to get someone fresh in there and we can live with the consequences. I really think Hatch is out of touch with the rest of us.

Sugar City, ID

This seniority system is merely a ploy to keep the incumbents in power. Why should any state wield power over other states because they keep electing the same person? Look at the power Byrd had because West Virginia kept electing him. Sure he brought a lot of pork to his state, but at what price to the rest of us?

just thinking about it
west valley city, UT

Do we really power from Washington? RE- Electing Mr. Hatch will bring pork to Utah? Do we need it?

Florissant, MO

I think that for so long there was this fear that if we let a seasoned person go, then we don't have anyone there for our states. Well, I think that most people are tired of the "good ole boys" and are trying to get new blood in there. Years ago when I lived in Utah, I was not wanting Hatch anymore, and yet I would think, well, he is a Sr Senator, so how much land in Utah now belongs to the feds?

chase SL
Salt Lake City, UT

I don't think these polls should deter Senator Hatch. Sure it won't be a cake walk, but he still has to be considered the favorite going into 2012. I'm voting for him. He's doing a great job.

one old man
Ogden, UT

How about replacing Hatch with Huntsman?

Much better than Chaffetz.

Murray, UT

Please,,, anybody but Jim Matheson! The last thing we need is to promote a liberal congressman to Senator.

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

Hatch continues to have my vote. We definetly need his power on committees.

It is fine to say that we should have term limits, but until there are term limits I want the man with power and experience representing my state.

Mark Green
Saint George, UT

Dropping Hatch would be a classic example of throwing the baby out with the bath water. Do you the liberals in Congress need to go? Yes. Do we need to oust everyone regardless of whether or not they have helped or hurt the situation? Of course not. People should remember that even the best politicians can't score victories when they are on the minority side of the aisle.

Centerville, UT

I have some pretty good reasons for not liking or supporting Hatch. The funny thing is, the few things I like about him are the ones that apparently drive the tea party crazy. I wish Hatch would be a real hero of the people and go for the majority of the Republican Party even in this state that is much more moderate rather than trying to pander to the most extreme activists making all the noise and controlling the caucuses and conventions (and legislature) on the extreme right. The problem is it is hard to stir up moderates to get involved like the more partisan interests. But if an inter-party fight helps Matheson become our new Senator to restore a little political balance in this state's delegation, all the better. Matheson might as well go for it as the state legislature will attempt to jerrymander him out of his chance for re-election to Congress.


Everything has it's time...the people have spoken


I can't see removing him right now. I would like to see him go another term and then retire. Heck, maybe if he can even just get through another two as the Chairman, then he could turn it over to someone else like Huntsman.

Where has all the sensibility in this party gone?

Salt Lake City, UT

We finally have the opportunity to have a finance committee chairman who can realistically push thru a balanced budget amendment and we want to give that up? Why?

We have the opportunity to have a finance committee chairman who can defund ObamaCare and we want to give that up? Why?

We have a Congressman who finally was made a sub committee chairman in the House and we want to give that up? Why?

If we replace Hatch with anyone then Olympia Snowe will become chair of the Finance Committee--she is the one who let ObamaCare out of committee in the Senate and put it up for a vote on the Senate floor! RINO Snowe cannot be counted on for any vote in the Senate and we want to give her the power to set the agenda. Right, that is an excellent idea--NOT!

Kearns, UT

The way this poll looks, especially the first slide, it appears that this is a good poll for Hatch and not so good for Chaffetz. Never underestimate the power of a decent incumbant. The same forces that got rid of Bennett are not in play with Hatch. His age is more of an issue with me. We should be able to find a better candidate than Chaffetz. If it comes down to Hatch and Jason, I'll vote Hatch. Chaffetz only seems to want to get his face on TV. Hatch as done an overall good job over the years and still gets high marks for his voting from all the conservative vote counters.

Salt Lake City, UT

We need to keep Senator Hatch. I know people don't like to hear it, but sometimes seniority is all us smaller western states have at a fighting chance back in DC.

Midvale, Utah

There was a comment posted earlier on this thread, saying that Senator Hatch's reelection efforts would amount to a "blatant manipulation of the process." So, in the interest of being consistent, would it be fair to describe the movement that unseated former Senator Bennett also as a "blatant manipulation of the process." Didn't they game the system by disproportionately turning their people out?

Furthermore, folks who plan on opposing Senator Hatch because of their gripes with the system are approaching this election from a normative standpoint. If you want to change the system, that's fine. But, why do it at the cost of disadvantaging Utah in Washington? Do you think Secretary Salazar would have rescinded the "Wild Lands" Policy without Senator Hatch there to put pressure on him? Do you think Utah would still have Hill AFB without Senator Hatch fighting to keep it? You're better off trying to change the system through other avenues. Refusing to renominate Senator Hatch will only allow the Obama Administration to further ramrod this state.

Provo, UT

I worked hard as a volunteer as a BYU student for Orrin in 1976. I was a strong supporter for a long time, but I've gradually become lukewarm. Power and the proximity to power corrupts. Even the best of people after 36 years in DC are seduced by the city. Being part of the DC culture for that long causes elected officials to fear the opinion of their colleagues more than the opinion of their constituents. Setting personalities, ideology, and seniority aside, it is simply time for Orrin to go. If Orrin is reelected next year, he will serve for 42 years until he is 84. That is simply too long.

West Valley, UT

@Nick: You hit the nail on the head.

I have no doubt that at his core Hatch is a great man. But no person should be in a position of power for that long.

Salt Lake City, UT

I'm sick and tired of hearing that Senator Hatch somehow doesn't follow the constitution. All I hear is constitution this and constitution that...freedom this, freedom that. STOP STEALING GLEN BECKS SOUND BITES EVERYONE! What does any of that even mean anyway!?!? Senator Hatch has fought for Utah and for conservative rights for the last 34 years. Is it true that he's voted for a few bills that I haven't liked. Yes. And so will Senator Lee or anyone else we replace Hatch with if we give them enough time. Senator Hatch is about to become Chairman of the Finance Committee. HELLO EVERYONE..WAKE UP! Get off your high horses and realize that taking Hatch out of the game at this point will have disastrous consequences, not only for Utah but for this country. Oh..and one more thing -Someone exclaimed over the pulpit at the State Convention that we (Utah) are making a stand and taking our country back. LOL. Utah will not be taking anything back with only 2 years of experience and seniority. Keep Hatch in!

Kearns, UT

How does Utah politics become even more of a laughing stock?

Mike Lee and Jason Chaffetz as your Senators!

It's that simple.

This is where Hunstman should be getting his foot in the national political door.

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