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Published: Saturday, June 18 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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midvale, ut

I love it when people agree with me!!!! Happy Dance

Kamas, UT

Judging by the "pitty pat" reception for Hatch when he rose to speak at yesterday's state convention, it's pretty obvious how the delegates feel about him.


When he was first elected and for some time after that, I thought he was doing a great job. However, over time, I have seen his support for the principles underlying the Constitution begin to waiver and his voting record shows his wanderings into socialism. A personal encounter with him about 20 years ago when I lived in Utah regarding defending our borders opened my eyes that he was beginning to move away from vigorously defending our nation. Today, the Invasion continues and our military is not here to defend the homeland. Part of my disagreement with him was that he did not think the military should be used to defend our borders and enforce our immigration laws! I guess we only have a large standing army so we can defend some other countries borders?

Sen. Hatch has been there too long and its time for him to go. Thank you for your service. You have done much good but are drifting and its time to say Good-bye!

Highland, UT

The only number that matters in this poll is the number from Primary likely voters. That's just poll taking 101. Primary voters are going to decide who wins in the Senate race. The fact of the matter it is too early to say whether this poll is accurate, no one is really paying attention to either side and won't until next Spring and Summer. It's anyone's game.

St. George, Utah

he should of been replaced along time ago

Tom Smith
Sandy, UT

With this attitude, it is time for Hatch to go. "I'm not some little pitty pat guy. I'm not some little weak person. I'm a strong man who is going to run on his record, which is a good record."

Frankly, Hatch continues to provide me with assurances on critical issues when I talk to him, and then votes the opposite way.

Dixie Dan
Saint George, UT

What a scary thought for Utah having Mike Lee and Jason Chaffetz as our Senators!

Sugar City, ID

Replace the words Senator Orrin Hatch with the word Republicans and it would be more accurate.

taylorsville, utah

If the alternatived to Hatch is Jason Chaffetz my vote would be for Hatch every time. I haven't seen much out of Chaffetz except a penchant for making talking big and embarassing himself.

Somewhere in Time, UT

Senator Hatch: You're a great man and a great senator. Why don't you show how great a man you really are. Know when it's time to make a graceful exit. Seniority is important. But, you need to know when it's time to pass the baton.

Saint George, UT

"...Once voters start paying attention..."

They are...


LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

I always vote for the person - and usually Libertarian,
But until I know who's running....
For now, Put me down for "Definetly - Matheson."

Provo, UT

Since 1977 two senators in the other seat. 7 presidents, 6 governors, 4 popes, one Hatch. Utah has plenty of men and women who would make a good senator. We need a new senator who will take at most three terms.

Saint George, UT

We "Utah Republicans" are myopic! Regardless of what our opinions are about Hatch on certain specific issues, he's still a conservative on most issues if you look at his overall record and he'll still preserve our Utah values. We stand to lose much more than we'll gain if such a respected Senator is dumped! Whether we like it or not, we need someone in the Senate who can be persuasive--yes, even reach across the isle--to get things done. Senator Hatch has that ability and nobody in this state presently has the influence to do it better.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Orrin's time as a senator has just about run out. We need to thank him for the good things he did, not remind him of the bad, and then replace him. Who ever replaces Senator Hatch will be like a fresh breeze that is a welcome change.

Bluffdale, UT

Senority isn't the only reason to support Hatch. He's often pointing in the right direction. However, lately, he seems to be pointing a little too far to the new tea party. Come back to reality Senator.

Sandy, UT

Hatch's "support" of our democratic process is openly revealed in his plan to get his own supporter elected as delegates. Delegates are elected to represent their precincts, their neighbors, NOT the candidate. Its one thing to encourage them to attend their caucus but unless they disclose their intent to vote for Hatch at convention prior to being elected as delegates, it is a blatant manipulation of the process.

As to the seniority question, Hatch's get Utah virtually nothing. He has become so entrenched in DC that most of his actions actually hurt us. On issue after issue, he ls late to the party, then has to run to find the front of the parade and pretend to lead. Hatch was great in the Reagan years but has coasted since Clinton was elected.

It is actually sad to see him age like this. He made a game effort at convention but it is clear he has lost at least a step. If he retires, he becomes a hero. If he loses at convention, he becomes a joke. If he wins re-election, age will make him an embarassment.

Please, Mr. Hatch, retire.

Heber City, UT

I weould like to see Senator Hatch show me where he has introduced or co-authored legislation or supported legislation to outlaw any vote on a bill, which has not been read before the entire Senate. I would like to see what legistlation or proposal's he has made to change the cornyism prevalent in the senate. I would like to see his vote or legislation requiring Congress to follow the same rules his constituents must follow and accept the same medical plan as his constituents. I would like to see what legislation he has authored or supported requiring our borders to be sealed to illegals, regardless of country. I would like to see what legislation he has authored or supported requiring the USA to be independent of foreign oil producters by drilling more on our on shores. With our ingenuity and expertise we can become independent.

If Hatch has done none of the above then he has become part of the problem. Ity shouldn't take 36 years to correct a problem.

P.S. Anyone who can call the late Senator Ted Kennedy one of his good friends, then I have serious doubts about his ability to make wise choices.

Salt Lake City, UT

C'mon Huntsman, this is where you need to be.

Once Upon A Time
Salt Lake City, Utah

Orrin is borin, time to retire.

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