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Published: Saturday, June 18 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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denver, co

Its a start. When are you repealing it though? Have you started the campaign?

Second; you have about 8 months until the caucus to get good candidates to run for office to replace all of those who voted for 116 so you need to be working on that too. That especially applies to Herbert and the AG.

Past time elected officials put their own citizens and legal residents before illegals.

Saint George, UT

Awesome job, GOP delegates! I am impressed that you didn't cave into the pressure, and that you voted your own conscience. Its good to know there are people that understand right from wrong, honesty, and fairness to those who obey the law. I wish my church still taught those things (sigh). Thank you, Thank you Thank you!!!!!

Salt Lake City, UT

Well D-News, I think it's now your responsibility to post the names of all those who voted for and against this bill. We voters can then vote with a little more confidence in just who we are voting for. I'll be watching for the list or atleast a link to the list from you D-News.

Salt Lake City, UT

Gov Herbert, Bell, Shurtleff, Utah Senate and House GOPers who supported HB 116......will recieve a letter of notification from the GOP Party....essentially this means they are all being CENSORED for going off the reservation and if they don't return, they will be sent packing in the next election.

Sandstrom for Governor!!

Sandy, UT


Google the Utah State Legislature's website and look at the vote for HB 116. You can have your question answered in less than 15 seconds.

Salt Lake City, UT

Finally some good news on this subject. Thank you delegates for listening!

Murray, UT

Wonderful news and about time. Now we need to pass a national E-verify law and start replacing illegals with those whose country this is. Illegals need to go home now and work to improve things there. The real triumph here is that the delegates represented their districts and the voters and didn't cave into the church, the chamber, or open borders amnesty hacks with their own agendas that have little to do with the will of the majority in this state.
This shows the DN poll of the last few days is nonsense and was totally rigged to support their amnesty agenda. Any organization or person in this state who thinks they can fly in the face of the will of the people on this issue is going to lose and lose big. If you are a politician who thinks he can buck the people, do so at your own peril.

On the other hand
Spanish Fork, UT

Even among GOP delegates, there's marked disagreement on this issue. Anyone who pretends Utahns are overwhelmingly against a guest worker program is ignoring the evidence.

Watch Dog
Provo, UT

Anyone can go to to see how any legislator voted on HB116. Each and every vote is recorded there.

Orem, UT

Having attended today's convention, and having been an avid supporter on one side of the issue, I can attest to how divisive this issue has been amongst the delegates. I truly feel that the Legislature was trying to address an issue that has become a centerpiece in what defines our nation. Rule of Law on one hand and the extension of mercy on the other... a refrain we are all familiar with.

While HB 116 was far from perfect, it showed, as the LDS Church advocated, that two sides of an issue can come together in common dialogue, seeking an equitable solution.

The Legislature is not bound by this afternoon's vote. They can choose to ignore it and allow HB116 to be in full force come 2013. However, I don't think any member of the Legislature will forget that the grassroots have spoken, and that they, in fact are, elected by those same grassroots individuals.

Now we have an opportunity to come together again and draft a bill that will be acceptable to both sides. This is, I believe, what the LDS Church was trying to advocate when they commented on this and similar issues.

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

Kudos for your work today delegates.

I will always wonder why Mr. Shurtleff is more likely enforce a NEW LAW when he refuses to enforce the existing law? He COULD arrest illegal trespassers today if he chose to.

A BIG victory for ACTUAL Utah citizens today.

A big defeat for unethical businesses.

They may be forced to pay minimum wages after all.

Vernal, UT

There may still be hope for this State. I can't wait to hear what the plan is for getting rid of HB116 and getting laws in place, such as Alabama, Georgia, and others, that will get illegals on their way out of Utah.

BYU Alum
Cedar Hills, UT

Step one, the convention vote. Step two, replacing the Republicans and other politicians who rammed HB116 through this last session. We will not forget your names:

Anderson, Arent, Bird, Biskupski, Brown, D, Brown, Butterfield, Christensen, Cosgrove, Dee, Dougall, Draxler, Edwards, Fisher, Janice, Froerer, Hemingway, Hendrickson, Hutchings, Kiser, Litvack, McIff, Menlove, Moss, Noel, Perry, Peterson, J, Peterson, V, Pitcher, Poulson, Powell, Richardson, Sagers, Sanpei, Seelig, Vickers, Watkins, Webb, Wheatley, Wiley, Wright, Lockhart, Adams, Bramble, Christensen, Davis, Hillyard, Jenkins, Jones, Knudson, McAdams, Morgan, Niederhauser, Okerlund, Reid, Robles, Stephenson, Stevenson, Valentine, Van Tassell, Waddoups.

Kaysville, UT

It looks like the majority of the delegates told the Deseret News, KSL and others what they think of their poll, pressure etc. It looks like the delegates have more common sense than some thought.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Thank you to the delegates who listened and voted to get rid of HB116, get rid of the legislators who supported it, and voted to get rid of Gov Herbert, Atty Gen Shurtliff and any others who continue to ram HB116 down our throats. It is far past time to send the illegal's home.


So much for polls 'eh? It's those that are being hurt that deserves the compassion. American citizens.

Business threw everything they had at this and lost.

One might point out that the LDS stand was compassion and enforcement, yet the enforcement part of the bill has been stopped by the courts, and they are not fighting to restore it.

Something is wrong in the country and state.


Congratulations delegates for having the courage to vote your mind and conscience in spite of incredible pressure from the LDS Church, Chamber of Commerce et al...
Legislators, are you listening to the voice of the People? Remember Sen. Bennett...
If we truly want to have immigrants come to this country to have a better life, we (especially the Church) have to make it very clear, without equivocation, that they have to do it the legal, the right way and thus put an end to their being exploited for cheap labor.
Observing the rule of law never has bad consequences; it does protect you. Isn't it what we should all want for them?

On the other hand
Spanish Fork, UT

@jeanne47, it's the delegates who aren't listening to the voice of the people. They never have, and they probably never will.

Upson Downs
Sandy, UT

I applaud the delegates who were brave enough to vote to repeal HB116 and not side with the power brokers of the Utah State Republican Party and the LDS Church . You can't shield Illegals from U.S. Law. For Illegals to "square themselves with the law" which is what these groups want, the Illegals still need to return to their country of origin and come here legally with legal papers. The statement from the Church even says that. Not just wave a magic wand and say they can work here.

Murray, UT

ON the other hand,

What planet do hail from? On this one the people elect the delegates. Your amnesty agenda is probably the reason you aren't one. If you think there is such widespread demand for your amnesty and open borders ideas why don't you run? You will find that the Republicans in your area are against it and those who are for it got a loud and clear message today. Everyone supporting 116 is not going to be a delegate for very long. And those who are in the legislature pushing this wholesale nonsense are going to be gone soon.

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