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Published: Friday, June 17 2011 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Utesville, CA

non-BCS TDS should be happy that they get a BCS-conference team on their schedule every year.

Teddy Bear
Las Vegas, NV

Fact of the matter is if BYU loses, the season is all but lost in terms of BCS bowl hopes. If Utah loses, they still have a legitimate opportunity at the Rose bowl and can still possibly play for a national championship. Advantage Utah.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

We ARE grateful to have BCS quality teams on the schedule each year - Texas, ND, etc. We're also happy to give Utah some TV exposure next year! U are welcome.

Seriously, Ted makes a good point, but I think we can deal with the disadvantage. Right now, we look forward to regaining scoreboard, then racing to see who gets first to the BCS bowl in this brave new world.

Salt Lake City, Utah

While I have all the respect in the world for Dr. Hill, I must disagree with his assertion that this rivalry is important to Utah fans. The overwhelming majority of fellow Crimson Club members and other Utah fans with whom I associate place a far greater value on our 3 non-conference games than that of playing BYU every year. If Utah were to play Utah State that leaves only one slot for a non-PAC 12 out of state team. Being part of the PAC-12 is exciting, but as a long time Crimson Club member, I view these 3 games as a rare and precious commodity for the opportunity and benefit of Utah fans to see teams that previously would not have entertained a trip to Salt Lake City to play a former non-AQ team.

I would submit that the majority of those that feel differently are those that stand to benefit monetarily - most prominently, the local media.


BYU > Utah

Frisco, TX

BCS Conference Team should be happy they get to play on ESPN one time each season.

@Teddy Bear
A loss to BYU may not take you out of contention for a BCS bowl, but a one loss Utah will not play for the NC. A one loss team out of the SEC, BIG10, ND, Texas or USC may have chance to play for the NC, but not the Utes. Sorry. Once USC gets off probation, the probability of Utah going to a BCS bowl is slim. USC will win the South 9 times out of 10.

I was at BYU in the late 80's. The rivalry wasn't that big of a deal then, because one team dominated for nearly 20 years. The reason the rivalry has heated up now is because of the nearly equal record against each other since 1990 and the number of close finishes where the game wasn't decided until the final series or even final play (like the last two years).

It will be tough to keep the rivalry intact. PAC12 won't let Utah play in late season, and BYU will have plenty of offers to play more storied teams in September before conference play.

San Diego, CA

The "different feel" to the BYU-Utah rivalry is that in basketball it is no longer a question of who will win but rather how much will BYU win by.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

@Y Grad / Y Dad

"We ARE grateful to have BCS quality teams on the schedule each year - Texas, ND, etc."

It seems odd that the Collective would express such gratitude, since BYU only has a 46% winning record against BCS teams.

It's true... do the research.

Salt Lake City, UT

What could put the best light on this rivalry is for BYU to be invited to the Big-12, something that will likely come sooner than later for the Cougars. At that point Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott will be forced to sit down with his Big-12 counterpart Dan Beebe and figure out the best plan for the game since the SEC/ACC have season ending rivalries in cross-over territory in Georgia, Florida and South Carolina. It wasnt until 1969 that the BYU/Utah game became the season ending fixture that it has becomeironically just as Utah was about to begin its 20 year swoon of not being competitive with BYU. If BYU is forced to stay independent however, I dont give the rivalry much of a future since interest in BYU will wane as they will only be able to get a limited number of October games from other BCS leagues and November games will be strictly limited to perhaps Notre Dame and a slate of the dregs of FBS in the WAC, Sun-Belt or worse yet FCS schools. Provo could turn into Rexburg by 2020 with none or drastically curtailed athletics.

West Ham Fan
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I've always been a Y fan. Without the conference rivalry, I almost feel like I have two teams to support. I can support BYU because it represents the religion I love and I can support Utah because it represents the state I love. Regardless of my love for BYU, I would LOVE to see Utah humiliate Colorado. I think THAT'S a rivalry the whole state can get behind!

Salt Lake City, UT

@mtseatss: Why would anyone in the Crimson Club want to play Utah State in Logan instead of BYU? That makes about as much sense in precious non-league game scheduling logic, as playing an in-state high school team on the road. As for scheduling Utah State, what most likely will evolve in the next couple of years is them trading pay-day games with Utah and BYU strictly in Salt lake City and Provo for a mere bus trip rather than going back to Auburn, Oklahoma or Clemson as has been the case in the past. BYU is scheduled to pay Utah State $500,000 each of the next 2 seasons to come to Provo to be kicked around. Both Tom Holmoe and Chris Hill are no longer willing to send their football teams to Logan to prop up the attendance, but would rather open up the check-book to get the Aggies as one of their annual punching bag games. BYU/Utah is a much better national TV cross-league game and could get VERY fun should the Big-12 invite BYU in the next couple of years. Hence the motive for both ADs.

South Jordan, UT

Soon BYU will simply become USU. We'll remind our kids that BYU was once a decent competitor.

Gilbert, AZ

I love how Holmoe referred to the scheduling issue as "a Pac-10 thing." Classic.

The BCS TUN should be happy that we allow them to have a game on national tv on their schedule every year.

Can't wait for September...

Palo Alto, CA

When the BcS visitor has to rely on their gracious host to give them their only chance to play on ESPN, it's pretty clear which team has the national cachet, and which team is the pretender.

Pretended greatness by association, is like eating in the same restaurant as a celebrity. It may make you feel special and give you something to brag about to your friends, but it doesn't make you a celebrity.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Nope, it is the same like it has in past. I don't care if yewta is a BcS AQ. Team up north faces team down south whatever you want to call it. So, let relax and have a nice summer only if it gets warmer soon.

sacramento, ca

BYU does not benefit at all from playing utah. just how it is when a stronger team (byu) plays a weaker opponent (yoots). Win or lose, byu does not benefit...yoota on the other hand would look like the hero if they were to win....but if they lose...well, they will say it's okay because they're suppose to. Sad really.

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

Cougs4life, you should thank Utah for throwing your team a bone in thus allowing for at 1 BCS team on their home schedule; sans Utah it would have to be about weakest home schedule in Div. 1 football ala the Sun Belt Conference; you're welcome.

For traditions sake and an opportunity to increase the 20 game head to head lead Utah has in football, I support the continuation of the rivalry.

Alexandria, VA

From this point on, Utah gains little (other than tv exposure, but that will change after the new contract takes effect - maybe) from playing BYU. BYU could use this slot to schedule a higher profile BCS team (not trying to knock Utah, but I believe the Utah market is already aware of BYU) for a home and home. I say play every 3 to 4 years, but that's it. The rivalry can take a break - for the benefit of both teams and their fans.

I do believe that fans from both teams (many of them, not all of them) could end us supporting each other should we stop playing each other. Utah is a huge football state.

Houston, TX

Rest assured, if Utah loses to BYU, they will definitely not be playing for a national championship. But, keep dreaming Teddy Bear. If Utah doesn't win the Pac South this year, then their future looks pretty dismal. Washington State has proven that even the worst team in the league can occasionally win the conference, so Utah should make a run at it every decade. However, Utah this year plays the easiest Pac schedule that they will possibly ever have (no Stanford, no Oregon, and USC non-eligible for the championship). If Utah doesn't make it happen this year, that is a terrible omen for Ute fans. Considering the way Utah played against SDSU, BYU, ND, BSU, and TCU last year, Utah has a ridiculous amount of improvement to even seriously consider playing for the NC.

Farmington, UT

The media will try amd make this the greatest game ever played in the history of the state every year. After all, they're in the business of "selling sports" so that's their motivation. It isn't.

Utah will be bottom feeders in the PAC 12 and will occasionally beat BYU. Big deal. Utah will look to drop them, just like they did USU from basketball, because without being in the same confereence the Utes need to win all 3 of the non-conference games to have any chance of beeing a .500 team.

And while KamUte tells his kids that BYU was "once a decent competitor" BYU fans will be telling theirs that "Utah used to think they were good after they won 2 BHCS games, but they've never come close to winning a national championship. Like the Arizona schools, they decided they wanted to be a very little fish in a bigger pond. They got their wish and slipped into obscurity."

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