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Published: Friday, June 17 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Captain L
Provo, UT

Trade possibilities could change things but I don't see the Jazz trading the #3 pick, you don't get a #3 pick very often. I hope they pick a big with the 3rd pick, again you don't get talented bigs in every draft and if you do they usually go in the top 3 to 5 picks. We need to take a big. I like Kanter but Jonas V. would be a good pick too, he just might not be ready to contribute for a yr or two. I watched an interview he gave today and he doesn't speak English very well, communications could be a problem.
I would love to see Jimmer still available at 12, (don't think he'll be there), he would fill some big needs the Jazz have, namely outside shooting and a ball handler that can create. To me Knight isn't any better than Jimmer, if fact right now he's not as good but Knight is only 19 and he will improve but so will Jimmer. Jimmer is a better shooter, better handles, better passer, better after contact, better at getting to the line. Knight probably a little better at D.

Captain L
Provo, UT

Thought is was interesting that today on 1320 Coach Gordie Cheaza was on and at the end he stated who he would take at 3 and 12, he would take Kanter at 3 and Jimmer or Singleton at 12. That's exactly how I see it.
Alot of people don't want to give Jimmer the credit he deserves, nor do they think he can be as good as those in the know feel, it was good to hear Gordie's comments about Jimmer.

Orem, Utah

Knight-Singleton or Kanter-Fredette?

On the one hand, Knight and Kanter are both unknowns (minimal experience), but do show a lot of promise.

On the other hand, Singleton and Fredette are knowns (3-4 years of experience), and also show a lot of promise.

The differences are:

- The unknowns/knowns, which each combo has equally.
- The positions, a center vs a small forward (both have guards).

So, if the Jazz value a center more than a small forward, or vice versa, that is likely to determine which way they go on the 3rd pick.

HOWEVER, I strongly believe the Jazz are going to be doing some trading. This 3-12 thing just won't work out all that well in this particular draft.

I wouldn't be surprised by either of these scnearios:

> The Jazz trade someone like Harris, Miles, or Millsap to get their 12th pick moved up much higher (plus something else). Then, they can get the two players they really covet, whoever they are.

> The Jazz trade their 12th pick for someone else's first round pick for next year, giving the Jazz two first rounders in what might be a better draft for big men.

Houston, TX

I watched the tape I could find on Valanciunas.

At this point I learn toward Valanciunas over Kanter mainly because he has played all year and can be evaluated. However, V is long and has good reach. He will gain weight and a mid range game with time.

Kanter is fast and agile for a big his size but so is V. Kanter is average in max reach, vert and arm length. His size is a major plus if he keeps his quicks as he gets older and heavier.

Think about the combinations of AJ, Favors and V on both offense and defense. That is a lot of versatility.

I also read pros and cons on Knight. He has more weaknesses than most 3 picks. I am not sure he is better than Jimmer right now but he is young. Both will need time to develop into a good NBA PG.

I do not think Jimmer fits SAC that well. I think he has a 50% chance of being there at 12.

The Jazz will see what they can get for Harris/Millsap and then decide on PG/BIG at 3.

Captain L
Provo, UT

I would be OK with Jonas V. but he wouldn't be able to help as soon. Either Kanter or Jonas at 3, I would be happy about and Jimmer at 12. I can hope.

Captain L
Provo, UT

I just read about Williams workout at Minn. today and Tony Ronzone assistant GM for Minn. said he loved Williams handles, if Williams can play the 3, I'd love to get him.

Salt Lake City, UT

Our defense is awfully lousy--we've always needed a shot-blocking, rebounding center, and we need someone who can guard strong shooting guards--so I like the Knight/Singleton combo versus any others--I'd actually like Knight/Biyombo--the Jazz has never been synonymous with "athletic prowess," it would be nice to get some athletic players in here for a change.

Captain L
Provo, UT

If the Jazz take Knight at 3, I would like BB at 12, either him or Singleton.

Houston, TX

I read today that Williams can't jump unless he uses both feet, that amounts to an extra step which means a blocked shot in the NBA. Williams is also a tweener. He is not an SF and not that much better than Millsap. He also would be the heaviest SF to ever come thru the combine.

The article went on to make a case for a high bust potential on Williams as an SF. I would prefer Singleton at SF or maybe Vesley. They are true SFs.

Kanter worries me. He is high potential reward but could easily be average at the NBA level. It is really hard to judge even the Euros with lots of game film. Koufos played well at the D-league level.

Is Knight really going to be better than Jimmer in the long run? Jimmer can shoot and pass. His D is going to be okay. Can either Jimmer or Knight run a team better than Price?

Price had ALL of the tools but never learned to run a team.

It is so close that KOC is waiting for trades to decide which way he goes. KOC seems pretty flexible and comprehensive in analysis.

Houston, TX

BB is supposed to be dropping. He is doing individual workouts in the states to try to help his cause. He is working out for NY at 17. You can probably move down and get him.

He will take a long time to develop. You could plug him in for a few minutes on the 2nd string for defense but he is not going to start or be a major help for years. Fes already has that role for cheap.

Mount Beauty, VIC

I'm with bugoff - I think Jonas V fits the Jazz better than Kanter and somehow get Jimmer after Jonas with the 3 pick.

If cannot get Jimmer then Singleton or Thompson would be good

Trades will have to happen, Harris, CJ, Milsap & Memo

Captain L
Provo, UT

bug: I would like to know who is telling you, me, us, or anyone for that matter that being a two legged jumper is bad or makes you slow, it just isn't true, Charles Barkley was a two legged jumper, it is what allows you to go up strong, powerful, on balance and in control. Most players can jump and do jump using one leg at times but most basketball skills are performed off of two legs. Jumpshots, reobunding, you have to have momentum to jump one legged. It isn't slower too pivot into a two legged jump. I'm sure Williams can and does jump off of one leg at times, he just prefers going off of two legs because he can go up higher, under more control, with more power and balance. To criticize Williams or any player for jumping off of two legs, like it is a problem doesn't make sense. All players jump off of two legs , most just do both, guards use a one legged floater shotinthepaint but most shots are taken off of two legs, most rebounds are off of two legs. Tell me the article and who this is coming from.

Captain L
Provo, UT

Saying Williams is a tweener doesn't mean it is necessarily bad, if he can defend the 3, his size and bulk will end up being an asset. I think he has the athleticism , quickness, speed, etc to play D against the 3's in the league, he has the range on his shot, and if he has the handles (like Ronzone says he has), there isn't any reason he won't be able to play the 3, having players that are versatile is what KOC likes. Singleton can play multiple positions,(3/4). Milsap show skills to allow him to play the 3, it is his quickness and speed on D that is the concern as to whether or not he can play the 3 fulltime.
Williams size kinda reminds me of Melo, Williams is taller tough but will have to prove he can shoot like Melo.

Layton, UT

The reason the Jazz are in trade talks is so they can move up from 12 to secure Jimmer I am sure with his rising interest from other teams. I think he is still under rated and will do well in the NBA.

Old Timer
the boonies, mexico

All of you so-called Gm's are killing me. This "instant gratification" generation mentality will put this Jazz organization right where the U.S. economy is now-"In the toilet". There is "not" one rookie in this draft that will be a team changer for any team this next year and possibly the next year. Keep the team core together that finished the season last year together until at least the trade deadline in Feb to see how well they jell. After all because of multi small injuries this team never played together after the D-Will trade last year, and I think they can be much better than alot of you so-called GM's think. Elson, Watson, and Price can be let go, alhad seen the reason to do so if I had a sayong with Miles and Bell in trade scenario's but I wouldn't start an overhaul until I

Old Timer
the boonies, mexico

Whoa I hit the wrong key. To finish my comment properly I would keep what we have except for the 3 or 4 released players mentioned and trade picks and Miles, Bell for quality young veterans at positions needed. No rooks please Kevin, there is none with the ability to help in the next 2 years, and what we have now just needs time together with some moderate tweaking at one or two positions (SG & SF). NO Knight, Jimmer, Kanter, let others "gamble" on these unprovens, we have 3 rooks now. Develop Favors, Hayward and Evans and forget adding more inexperience through this draft "PLEASE"!

Tokyo, Japan


you have probably read the article on draftexpress for Kanter...Kanter has really few vids...yes he is coached in Kentucky...but...it wont do you good unless you use it in a game...so...there is a High risk on Kanter...this is why his stock fell to number 6...and Knight was projected 3...if they get a trade to the wiz...for paul millsap + bell and a future 2nd round pick...for their first pick...now we are talking...you have 3 6 and 12...thus getting you a PG in jimmer...gamble on the sometimes lost Valaciunas at 3...and singleton at 12...there is no way Williams would fall at the 3 anyway

Ivins, Utah

I see posters making comparisons of Kanter to Kosta Koufous implying that they would both be busts in the NBA. Regarding Koufous, remember, especially with big men it can take a few years for them to develop their game in the NBA. We didn't get a chance to see Koufous that much while playing for the Jazz but I remember a game last year where Koufous killed the Jazz in a game in Denver I believe. He could still become a pretty good player in this league. Also, remember when Kris Humpries played here? He's another big guy that didn't stay with the Jazz too long but last year in New Jersey he really started to become a pretty important player. Even players like Marc Gasol took time to start having an impact. So if the Jazz take a big with number 3 which I hope the do, I don't know if you can expect great things this year. Favors has a year under his belt now and hopefully we will start to see more of his potential down the road too.

Captain L
Provo, UT

Bugoff: I rewatched Williams Highlight video and just in that little clip Williams jumps off of one leg at least 4 time, he plays like most normal, good basketball players do, they go off of two legs most of the time and jump off of one leg when the situation requires it. Some players like Karl Malone were more one legged jumpers , others like Barkley, (Harpring,KJohnson) prefer two legged jumping. Jeremy Evans is a two legged jumper but will go off of one if necessary, he is also a quick jumper, even with his second or third jump. It doesn't have anything to do with going off of one leg or two, it has to do with quick twitch muscles, reaction time,etc. I heard Locke critisize Williams for this a week or two ago and it has bugged me ever since, he hasn't played the game and doesn't know what he is talking about. I would like to know where he is getting his info from though, he usually doesn't come up with something like this on his own. What was the article you read that mentioned it.

Old Ephraims Grave, UT

Why take BB??? He cannot score the bball, I believe we already have the dude with the hops, and a defensive mentality in Jeremy Evans. Sure he needs to bulk up, but this kid has heart and can jump outta the gym. He also has a very high FG% Unlike BB. JE just needs to bulk up also, at end of season AK said he loves Utah, and that he doesn't need more money.. We'll see about that. If the russian owner Prokhorov of the Nets, want's his Russian comrade, AK is bye bye. Also, the Jazz will not just give CJ away for nothing, he is a long athletic, shooter/scoring SF just what the Jazz need-name another player we could get from any other team that would fill his shoes for the same price were paying CJ?

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