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Published: Thursday, June 16 2011 12:00 p.m. MDT

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1984 for life
Salt Lake City, UT

Knight is the pick.

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

If he went against Jimmer, he'd get jimmered too.

Murray, UT

I would prefer Knight or Walker 10 times out of 10 over Jimmer... If we ended up with a big guy at 3, then Jimmer is a reasonable pick at 12. I think Knight has the potential to be a pretty special player in the NBA. Lets hope the Jazz can pick him up at 3.

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

O'Conner likes this guy. He sure seems alot more willing to talk about this guy than he is Jimmer. Hmmm.

If they pick him then there is exactly zero chance they pick Jimmer. This guy is 6'3" too.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

I agree...this guy is great. Everyone is great. We certainly can't spend a draft pick on Jimmer because we might offend some Utes and Democrats. Let's set the table so that we have a valid reason for passing on one of the best players to ever come out of a Utah university. Frankly, I hope, as does the Jazz, that Jimmer has been selected before that number 12 pick comes around.

Morgan, UT

Sorry 1984 for life

Knight is definately NOT the pick.

Lehi, UT

No matter what, our back court is going to be better next year, and that should be enough to put us back in the playoffs.

Murray, UT

I remember reading somewhere that the Kentucky coach (Knight's coach..and I think Kanter's too) said that he himself would choose Kanter over Knight.....he even went on to say that Kanter should be #1.

Bountiful, UT

Pick Knight at #3 and Singleton or Burks at #12 please.

Ernesto de Bajo
Albuquerque, NM

Let's hope that Kevin O'Connor and the Jazz brain trust read all of the message boards. They won't be able to make a good decision on the draft picks without reading all of the good advice sprinkled around the Deseret News and other internet sites.

Houston, TX

I would like to see the Jazz draft Jimmer.

However, Knight (or Irving by some quirk of fate) is the best pick for the Jazz at 3. He can play along side of Harris or the Jazz can trade Harris for an SF or save 8-9 Mill which they will need after paying 5 Mill in lux tax.

Top 10 PG picks are twice more likely to be successful than top 10 big picks. Knight is a safe pick. He is very young. His left hand will improve. He will add weight over the next 3 years. He is very smart.

Give him 3 more years of experience and then compare him to Jimmer.

The Jazz should be able to get Singleton, Jimmer, or maybe a Euro at 12. Hamilton will also be there as well as Brooks.

The Jazz need outside shooting and perimeter defense more than anything else. Knight does both. Singleton and Brooks do also.

However, if the Jazz can play Knight and Harris together they can also play Knight and Jimmer together. Drafting Knight at 3 does not preclude Jimmer in spite of KOCs pre draft posturing.

Knight is the logical choice at 3.

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

Knight at 3 would be a good pick. You have to take a highly regarded player who plays a position(PG) where you have a long term need. Especially when that player plays at a University where the last 2 players at his university who played that position are absolute studs (Tyreke Evans and John Wall).

SLC, ut

I would be shocked if Knight isn't the pick. Unless there is a shakeup in the top 2 this probably makes the most sense. KO likes height and length at each position. Knight fits that bill more than the Jimmer and Walker. Knight 6 ft 3 at the point with a 6 7 wing span, Hayward 6 8 at the two guard spot and Favors 6 10 with a huge wingspan at the PF and you can see a pattern here. Smart intelligent hard working athletes.....The question here is how can we duplicate that pattern at 12.....and no it's not Jimmer.

Dr Truth
SLC, ut

Knight is clutch.....and his 3/4 court time was similar to Westbrook. Conspiracy theories, however, make you think why no word after the Kanter workout and then all the pub about Knight? The Jazz usually play it close to the vest on who they really want......

Morgan, UT

3rd. pick...12th. pick...O'Conner will screw it up...take it to the Bank

Tooele, UT

It's hard to dislike Knight after hearing him interview. I still don't know if I like him at #3 though. Unless Williams falls, I don't know who really makes sense at the #3 spot.

Kanter: So much unknown (knees & experience) but has a great NBA body.

Knight: Very thin for the NBA but looks like he has a very high ceiling. Is he better than Mike Conley? (Thats the best comparison I can think of for him)

Valanciunas: Does he have an NBA body? How long before he comes over?

Vesely: Great athlete but can he learn to shoot?

Kemba & Jimmer: Both proven on the college level but not #3 worthy in my opinion.

Unless the Jazz are sold on Knight or Kanter, I think a trade back would net more value. A trade back to #6 or later could potentially net you Jimmer and an NBA player, then Draft Singleton at #12 or whoever you like at that spot. I don't think there is a huge difference in talent available at #3 back to #15. With 7 players under contract and no real star at #3, what is wrong with adding more players.

Glen Allen, VA

our 3rd pick and Bell to Minny for the #2 pick. We desperately need williams more than knight, plus minny can get kanter, who they need, plus some veteran leadership, which they also really want

Calgary, AB

I thought we have pretty decent PG in Haris... why we would need Knight? I hope because nobody mentions Valanciunas to Jazz ( same like nobody was talking about Hayward last year) that O'Connor will surprise us again and gets Jonas at 3. In 3 years him and Favors would be best frontline in the West.

Murray, UT

just get Jimmer by all means necessary!

Houston, TX

Jesse It is nice that we mostly agree.

Valanciunas is maybe the best Euro but he is not NBA ready. His low post game is very weak. He simply does not weigh enough to not get moved out of position.

Vesley is just as limited but in other ways.

Kanter has size and athleticism but his wing span is not great. He is similar to Love.

Williams is not a SF.

Harris is a top 10 PG but his style fits another team. The Jazz need a distributor and a shooter and those are not Harris strengths.

Knight is not the perfect PG for the Jazz but he is close. Playing him with Hayward creates a great offensive/defensive front court. It solves the shooting/perimeter defense problems.

If you add top talent then other players lose playing time, get traded (picks, other players or saving money).

That is why you take BPA. It makes the entire team stronger in the long run. That implies that Harris is traded eventually (sooner?) for the ideal SF.

Adding the ideal SF and PG with Millsap as 6th man and a stronger bench makes the Jazz contenders by 2013.

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