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Published: Wednesday, June 15 2011 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Syracuse, UT

Does anyone know how it went?

Lake Elsinore, CA

Note to Jazz ... please select Jimmer.

Lehi, UT

We know Jimmer worked out today, that is NOT news. We all want to know how did it go? Did Jimmer dominate? seriously, give us something!

Herriman, UT

I read a report that said Kemba had an off shooting day, and had trouble keeping Jimmer from scoring. That said, either of these guys at 12 would be a great pickup. I'm not sure I'm sold on Knight at #3, especially if Williams is available (and the Kanter guy = total mytery, which usually does not bode well...you use late picks for those types).

Houston, TX

Jimmer held his own with Kemba. That does put pressure on the Jazz to trade down if they can get 5, 6, or 7 to cooperate and then use the extra resources to move the 12 pick up.

Taking Kanter @ 3 and using him in a trade is risky. MN might take Kanter if they do not trade, then Williams is available at 3. CLE might pass on Irving and take Williams and the best PG at 4 if they do not trade up.

There is a lot going on.

Jimmer and Kemba are different styles of PG. Teams who liked Kemba are still going to like him but Jimmer may have helped himself with later lotto teams. Both are undersized but both have enough experience an ability to contribute next year (probably not as starters).

Jimmer is better than the doubters claim but he will still take 2 years to develop as a PG AND his ability to run a team better than Harris remains to be seen.

Omaha, NE

I'm so glad I don't have a job as one of those reporters. How annoying would it be to have to stick a microphone in someone's face all day, while reaching and competing with dozens of others? Do people really like doing that?

Anyway, I'm glad I don't have to sit around and guess where these guys will go. Just sit back and enjoy it people. It will be fun to turn on the TV and watch where he goes. Any team that takes him will be VERY fortunate. Based on how he's doing, he'll probably end up in the top 5.

Proud to be a fan of a team who has a player who was chosen to be the best player in the country!

Layton, ut

Haters will always hate. Just kidding, I've always wanted to say that overused phrase even though it does not pertain to this article. Jazz just might pick him at 3. Me thinks all the talk about a BIG MAN is deception, smoke and mirrors, and strategy. Wait, just a sec. I'm on the phone "what's that Greg.......uh huh....I see.....Ty wants him at 3 too" Done deal.

Gold Canyon, az

Once again, the Jazz need to take him at 3 instead of hoping he is still around at 12. He won't be around at 12. The ones who are against Jimmer don't look at what he can do, and what he does, is better than any other player in the draft, including many in the NBA. The guy can score. He would be a good investment. If the Jazz get a top player we know what usually happens after the initial contract expires, they are gone. As far as how he did at the workout in front of Jazz brass, that doesn't matter. We already know what he can do. He has proved it. The other draftees aren't as proven. The majority just happen to be taller than him. The Jazz will have opportunities to get height, but will not get any more opportunities to get a special player like Jimmer. It is a weak draft as is and Jimmer is the most proven of the group. If the Jazz get him some day he will actually compete to be the most popular Jazz player, competing with Stockton and Malone. Mark my words. Hey Jazz, don't get jimmered!

Houston, TX

Rubio has had a change of course today (for the moment) on coming over this year. He is talking to his Spanish team about playing this year in Spain. So MN may be taking Knight at 2. That changes everything.

Williams may be available at 3. But the whole guard scene moves up. With Knight gone at 2 Walker and Jimmer move up the board for teams who want PGs.

This thing is fluid and will get more turbulent. Others beside Jimmer are moving up the board. Klay Thompson, Burks and Singleton are also moving up.

Nobody knows if the Euros are dropping. Vesley could drop to 12.

I doubt if KOC knows who he is going to draft. I also suspect there is not a lot of difference in the ratings of several players.

The Jazz are reported as actively seeking trades down. A combo of Jimmer and Vesley could be interesting.

The big question is why would TOR or SAC trade if they need a PG and Knight goes at 2? Or why would the WIZ trade if they are confident Kanter falls to them at 6?

This draft is a zoo.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

david james said that jimmer dominated kemba

Heber City, UT

Besides his lights-out shooting ability, Jimmer has developed a very unique skill set. With his better than average quickness and what he has done in work-outs, I think he will be off the board by the 12th pick.
If the Jazz want him, they will have to make a move.

1984 for life
Salt Lake City, UT

ute alumni | 1:57 p.m. June 15, 2011
Tengoku, UT

"david james said that jimmer dominated kemba". But doesn't/hasn't/won't Jimmer dominate everyone?

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

Not to Jazz . . . spare us the drama. Politely note Jimmer's abilities and send him on his way.

Los Angeles, CA

The more I see and read about Knight, the more I am convinced that his ceiling is- guess who?- Devin Harris. They are almost identical in size (DHarris weighs about 10 lbs more) and neither is a true PG. Instead, they are quick and athletic and mainly played SG/off guard or as a scoring point prior to the NBA. Over and over again I read how Knight is going to have to learn to see the court and become a better passer. Aren't those the traits that you want in a PG? If they are fast, can score and defend those are secondary traits that are nice to have in your PG. Notwithstanding all of the rhetoric, Knight is a bit of a gamble as a PG at #3, and you have to wonder if he will be that much better than Walker or Jimmer, if better at all.

Los Angeles, CA

I was warming up to Kanter after viewing his Nike Summit highlights from 2 yrs ago and hearing how athletic he is in workouts and at the combine.

He still might be a good player, but what concerned me is watching the dxexpress breakdown of his HS games (no defense, lack of effort) and watching some old Kosta Kufos videos. Kufos had highlights playing overseas where he was dominating on both ends of the floor, and he had a good year at Ohio St. I can only find offensive highlights of Kanter- concerning. He could be another Al Jefferson who can score, but there is little to no defense, and why would we draft the same type of player for the same position?

Vesely is tall, very active and athletic, but has a horrible shot and can't defend fast wing players or strong forwards- so where does he fit in?

Jonas V. is a 2-4 yr project who has to get bulkier to have an impact in the NBA. He could be a shorter Tomic, who will probably never play for the JAzz.

So, unless Williams or Irving unexpectedly fall, is the #3 pick really worth it?

Two Cents
Springville, Utah

Thank goodness the draft is next week and we only have to endure seven more days of conjecture, guesswork, probability and whatnot.

I will be a Jimmer fan no matter which team chooses him. (As long as it's not the Lakers)

oh ye confederacy of dunces
Flushing, NY

I didn't think it was possible, but the Jazz MIGHT, and that is a big might, take Freddete at # 3. It is looking more and more like he will not be available at 12.
The thing about Jimmer is that he always rises to the occasion. He always steps up when the pressure is on. His fire is what makes him such a special player.
Those who have watched him play on a consistent basis pretty much have the same opinion about him--he will be effective at the next level. There is no doubt in my mind--I've seen one too many crossovers, pop and shoots in the blink of an eye, from well beyond the three point line to doubt it. His skill set is so unique, that despite what the prognosticators want to say I am positie that he WILL be successful in the pros. How fast it will happen all depends on which team he is a part of.
So do the Jazz take Fredette at 3 when they can get him...or do they follow the currents of popular opinion and take some other player that is supposedly more fit for an NBA career?

South Jordan, UT

I wasn't sold on Jimmer after the season was over. Now that every work out he has done he has dominated in, I think I am SOLD. I think the Jazz should trade down the 3rd pick a few spots and get him. This draft is weak and if we can get him at 6-7,, let's do it! He will be a huge get for the Jazz. I'm completly sold now. I guess I can say I got Jimmered!

Orem, Utah

In the "Does anyone know how to score?" NCAA final, where it was NOT great defense that kept players from scoring, Kemba shot 5-19 from 2 and 0-4 from 3. He even got a shot blocked because of his lack of height.

But he did compete, and his team won. I'll give him that. He's a winner.

However, it's not surprising he had a bad shooting day against Jimmer, and that he couldn't stop Jimmer from scoring, as reported in this DNews article.

The gist of this workout from DNews is that Kemba got Jimmered.

Even Coach Corbin was surprised at how much quicker Jimmer was than he expected.

Kemba even gave Jimmer props about being a PG in the NBA, including ability to make great passes. Kemba's a good kid, but he's no Jimmer.

I'll remain on Jimmer's bandwagon, even if the Jazz don't get him. The kid's a stud!

But, I hope the Jazz do get him. They need a scoring PG that can also break down defenses in mulitple ways, which should get him a lot of assists.

I see a future backcourt duo of Jimmer and Hayward as dominating.

In My Humble Opinion
South Jordan, UT

Bugoff | 1:17 p.m. June 15, 2011
Houston, TX

Jimmer and Kemba ... are undersized.

Compared to whom?

Rajon Rondo, 6'1"
Derek Fisher, 6'1"
Steve Nash, 6'3" (I call baloney on that one)
JJ Barea, 6'0" (ROFL! That there was funny!)
Jason Kidd, 6'4"
Derek Rose 6'3"
Mike Conley, 6'1"
C3PO, 6'0"
Tony Parker, 6'2"
Raymond Felton, 6'1"
Ty Lawson, 5'11"
Russell Westbrook, 6'3"
Andre Miller, 6'2" (tough, rebounder and Jimmer size)
Chauncey Billups, 6'3"
Mario Chalmers, Mike Bibby 6'2"
Jameer Nelson 6'0"
Devin Harris, 6'3"

If you believe the numbers, then 6 of the 17 PG above are taller than Jimmer. I don't believe the numbers. I'm guessing it is half that.

Only 2 titles owned by the 2 PG on the list taller than Jimmer has a title.

There are 12 titles owned by the PG Jimmer's height or smaller.

The two 6'3" MVPs don't have titles.

According to measurements, Jimmer has "wide shoulders and long arms," and great strength. I think he is plenty big enough. And plenty skilled and competitive enough.

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