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Published: Tuesday, June 14 2011 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

I'm excited to see Jordan back on the field in the fall. It sounds like he's doing great and will be ready in plenty of time. This article also confirms that the injury last year was a factor in the second half of the season. I can't wait until fall!!

Orem, Utah

I hope Wynn is at full strength and doing well on September 17th. No need for Utah to lose to BYU because of an inefficient offense. Let's have a barn-burner of a game.

BYU will win this one, though. :-)

Gilbert, AZ

An overly, optimistic assessment of Wynn's real status. His arm strength may be 100% and his shoulder may be pain free, but until he demonstrates that he can step into a pass and deliver with precise timing and accuracy in the face of a blitzing linebacker the jury is still out.

QB's and receivers spend whole summers practicing and practicing together to get their timing down pat. From what the article said, Wynn still isn't throwing at full velocity. The article is spot on about the mental aspect of the injury. It remains to be seen whether Wynn will revert to his happy feet after he's been knocked down a few times.

Mcallen, TX

The utes had the Wynn knocked out of them.

Fort Worth, Texas

Good to see the kid getting healthy. Hopefully, he can go back to playing like he was before the injury.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Could be a very long year for Ute fans if Mr. Wynn can't get it together in time...good luck Mr. Wynn, we how we see you health on Sept. 17th...

Richmond, VA

Kudos to the coaches for a great job in preparing the young man. Sounds like he's coming along remarkably well and should be a 100% ready when the season starts. Looking forward to a great game on the 17th against the Cougs! It should be a dandy...an Independent novice against the new kid on the block from the mighty Pac-12. The future is definitely very exciting for both programs! Go Cougs!!! And Good luck to the Utes too, except when they play BYU!!! Hope they kick some behinds and continue to make their presence felt among those mighty BCS elites. Go show 'em Coach Whit!!!

Riverton, UT

What other direction can he move? After the BSU game, forward is good.

Springville, UT

That's it?

A QB with mental cobwebs, a non-existent bench, a rugby player that fizzled, a new offense, a stronger conference, etc. and that equates to a winning season and a bowl game? I don't think so.

And those losses from last year...

"Wynn, however, wasn't as sharp as he had been earlier in the season throwing eight interceptions over the seven-game stretch and failing to pass for 200 yards in four of the contests, including losses to TCU and Notre Dame."

Yep, had Wynn been a 100%, the Utes would have been the 2010 NC.

Rigby, Id

I find it interesting that Whit had to change his offense to suit Wynn.
He might be intelligent but he does not have a D1 body. I think Whit blew it when he signed Wynn.

Salt Lake City, ut

Do to fact he didnt even play in the BSU game? What are you even getting at there? I have always been an advocate for Wynn but he had trouble running the spread offense. With new offense they have gone with now I expect to see a much better season from Wynn. It will be fun to watch. Go Utes!

Chrissy Bee
Atlanta, GA

He should be 100% by the opener? That's great, but how does he work with his receivers in the mean time? How do they get their timing down if he is not 100% until then? Sounds like he will have a lot of catching up to do after the season begins. Could make for a rough start.

Kearns, UT


It's sure nice when you list your teams losses from last year to include 2 top 5 teams (TCU, Boise) and a team like Notre Dame.

It sure beats seeing a list that includes UTAH STATE.

31-16, pathetic.

But at least the game was on ESPN, right sammy! That's all BYU is concerned with, getting on TV. Better to be on ESPN and get slaughtered by UTAH STATE, than to not be on TV!

Utah has 14 seniors this year. That's even less than a young, rebuilding, BYU team had last year! You know, that BYU team who needed a questionable win at home over SDSU to get to 6-6 and the New Mexico Bowl.

Ragnar Danneskjold
Bountiful, UT

I hope he is at 100%. I have to echo what "phoenix" said, my biggest worry is that he won't be able to recover mentally. He has always seemed to lose composure for quite some time after he is hit (see BYU game in 2009). His durability is a big question for me. There is no depth if he doesn't work out either. He was able to mostly play through it and didn't completely fall apart with it, so I will hope for the best.
Let's hope he pulls through, gets a grip on the new schemes quickly, and has a great season.

govt rocks
Salt Lake City, UT

Wynn will be just fine. However, his success this upcoming season is in the hands of the running game. If Utah has no running game, the U's offense will suffer. You could get by in the MWC with a below average running game, but in the PAC 12, you need to be able to run the ball well.

I don't worry about wynn's recovery from the injury, I worry more about his decision making ability, which is really the key to being a successful quarterback at the college level. And you never know how that is impacted by injury until a player gets back into the game. Brian Johnson did not have a great arm and could not make all of the throws, but he turned into a great decision maker and that made him very successfully his senior year.

Chris Bryant

-Utah hired a new O-line coach this year. You should see improved technique this year.

-Tevita Stevens moves over to Center where he is just as good as Zane Taylor was. Tevita was too small to be a guard. Kemoeatu, Pa'o, Brenner, and Asiata will battle for the starting guard spots. Each is capable. I expect the line to be better than it was last year, which will be HUGE in keeping Wynn healthy.

-Wynn is a little bit bigger this year. Hopefully, the extra padding helps him in taking the hits from PAC-12 players.

-If he is not healthy, I am worried. But, I think Shreve can come around.

Can't wait for the season to start. I can see us doing well, and I can see us being mediocre, either way, we are on to bigger and better things. GO UTES!

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT


Nice try at stirring things up, but anybody really paying attention knows Wynn didn't play in the BSU game.


A team coming off a 7-6 season with A totally revamped coaching staff that includes one coach who has never coached a before and a brand new OC? People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks.


It's been my observation from the first season after Meyer left that Whitt was not going to stay with the spread. He has been making changes to his offensive coaching staff every year to get in place the kind of offense he wants and hiring Chow just completes the transition. Bringing Wynn on board was part of that transition.

South Jordan, UT

This is laughable! Coach Whit and the Ute fans are excited to have Wynnie back? This kid was and is the problem. I really hope they don't come up with more excuses come Sept. The Cougs are going to smash Utah! Phoenix said it exactly right, until he can step into his throws in the face of a blitz and not throw off his back foot running away, it will be the same Wynnie we already know. Good luck Utah if this is all you have for the Pac because you will need it!

Tooele, UT

Who cares! The Utes have aligned themselves with the salt water liberals of the Pacific Coast. Even as an Aggie fan,I always rooted for them when not playing USU and relished in their triumphs. The Utes have destroyed my loyalty for them in their quest of chasing dollar bills as a biproduct of the BCS. This is actually the first article which I've read regarding Ute football since they apostatized.

Salt Lake City, UT

Every BYU fan hopes Jordan Wynn is healthy and ready to go in September.

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