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Published: Saturday, June 11 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

The article excluded the most egregious example of intimidation by homosexual activists: the intimidation of Mormons in California. They were individually targeted, and the LDS temples descecrated. Falsehoods were perpetrated - that out of state funding by the Church was responsible, when, in fact the Anti-Proposition 8 forces had a greater percentage of out-of-state funding than the Pro-8 advocates, and the Church provided no direct monetary help.

Allen, TX

This is all about a vocal minority imposing their will, and an apathetic majority rolling over for lack of a spine. Everyone is entitled to their position, opinion, and the expression of such. But that does not mean I need to embrace an opinion I do not agree with out of fear, intimidation, or to seem PC.

To tolerate is to withstand. Look it up. In electronics, tolerance is like a filter, to hold things to a higher standard. Judge righteous judgement.

Allen, TX

Another thing, this title is ludicrous. To say it is a "role reversal" is to say that those who hold an anti-LGBT position have been up to this point "intolerant". Nice inflammatory headline, DN.

I Choose Freedom
Atlanta, GA

God will have the final say on this issue. And no one will bully Him!

El caballero
Tremonton, UT

I agree with this article. Pro-gay parties won't allow the "agree to disagree". How many people were bullied for supporting prop 9?

Tooele, UT

Gay Rights advocates are, indeed, leading an ugly campaign. I believe one of the first victims many years ago was Anita Bryant regarding their threats and intimidation policy. She was hounded and intimidated for years. These people have a right to their skewed way of life, however their policy of bullying those who disagree with this lifestyle many of us find reprehensible, is not an asset to their cause. It's quite interesting to note what straight society really thinks about gay rights when out of earshot of gayitivists.

Lyman, WY

This is dead on. Don't disagree with the gay & lesbian activists, or you will be persecuted for standing by what you believe in. It has happened to me before more than once.

Evanston, WY

Gomorrah. The fate of this city was regarded as a warning against sensual wickedness. Sensual meaning those, physical in nature, attitudes and acts which are not natural. Yes, I said it..."not natural". Those who say otherwise are confused. Period. There were 5 cities in total that experienced the same fate. So, those of you who disagree, that's OK. I respect your opinion. Now reciprocate and respect mine. There will be a day where some cities of the world will experience the same fate, either through natural destructions (earthquakes, floods, etc.) or self destructions. It has and will continue to happen. Like you who advocate this "alternative" lifestyle, it is my responsibility to support (in word or $$) those efforts to keep this "lifestyle" away from my backdoor and my family. But only by nonviolent efforts. Not through bullying or intimidation. When those who act in such a way, to me it just means that they are losing their battle and are resorting to whatever means they can to see their efforts succeed....which will not in the end.

Mesa, AZ

If I was to discuss the intimacies of life in the work place I would be hauled into the HR office and summarily reprimanded, disciplined, or let go. Yet if the same behavior was demonstrated by a person who espouses an "alternative lifestyle" did the same thing, and the infraction was handled in the same manner, this person would most likely scream at the highest level that they were being oppressed, that their rights were being infringed upon because of thier chosen lifestyle. I don't despise gay's for who they are, I despise them for the hypocracy that is so clearly outlined in this article. Keep your private life private... I don't discuss my private life in public... Please respect my rights and feelings and don't discuss yours.

Eureka, UT

You don't need a constitution for the majority to take away the rights of a minority. It's obvious from the spin on this article and the previous comments that when the minority complains about its treatment, they get labeled with the very terms the majority are trying to shed by its behavior and rhetoric.

It seems to me that slaves didn't get their freedom, women the right to vote, or blacks get some civil rights by the good will of the majority. The injustices had to be shown first then change had to be advocated. I'm sure at the beginning of this process the majority felt the minority was being intolerant and that they just needed to stay in their place where they belong.

Logan, UT

"God will have the final say on this issue. And no one will bully Him!"

If God does exist, he (or she) will not hold it against me for loving my fellow man regardless of who they love and decide to share their lives with. God will not condemn me for allowing other human beings the same dignities and protections in housing, employment, and family protections that everyone else enjoys. God will not be upset with my for standing up in public when hateful hearted people think it is their place to verbally or physically attack and scorn a gay or lesbian person or couple.

And if God does hold those things against me, then he certainly isn't a being worthy of my worship, love, and following.

Logan, UT

" Keep your private life private... I don't discuss my private life in public... Please respect my rights and feelings and don't discuss yours."

Do you have photos of your family on your desk? Do your coworkers talk about the joys and successes of their children in school, sports, music etc? Have you ever taken your wife to a work Christmas party or other function?

If so, you have NOT kept your private life private and YOU are being the hypocrite. Gay and Lesbian persons have families, and demanding that they pretend that they don't exist IS a discriminatory attitude, regardless of how much you say otherwise.

Private sexual behavior has no place being discussed in the workplace for ANYONE, and every LGBT person I know agrees with that. Just because a person is LGBT doesn't mean they somehow lack professional standards of conduct. But acknowledging a person's family and loved ones is NOT the same as talking about sexual activity.

Sorry Charlie!

So because the gay community is reacting to the decades of being bulled by these groups active attempts to discriminate against them they are now bullies? You cannot take the effect and make it the cause. you cannot be upset after decades of bulling someone if they finally stand up and kick you in the shin.

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

I agree with this article. There is no place in a progressive, tolerant society to persecute individuals for exercising their freedom of conscience. People who do this in the name of diversity have given diversity a bad name.

Kevin J. Kirkham
Salt Lake City, UT

The anti-gay rights crowd is simply shedding crocodile tears. The injustices they have suffered pale in consideration of what the majority has imposed upon gays.

We LDS did the same thing. Brigham Young told the Saints to not to do business with the Gentiles that came to or through Utah. "Kauf Nicht Beim Gentiles".

The anti-gay rights groups forgets that actions and choices have consequences. Peter Vidmar chose to support Prop.8 and those who didn't like 8 couldn't respect him and so oppossed him being their leader. He had to accept the consequences of his actions. LDS who oppossed Prop.8 (and Prop.22 before that) likewise faced consequences. Some had their temple recommends taken and many were released from callings. Under both propositions, the Saints were directed to send in campaign contributions with a donation slip listing the members' ward and stake. The Church wanted to know who donated what. Does anyone really think that there were no consequences for some with means who donated nothing?

Sure, the destruction of property protesting the denial of rights is wrong whether it be graffiti on a temple or dumping tea in Boston Harbor.

Embarrassed in Seattle
Redmond, WA

Beware of tolerance. It is a very unstable virtue...often demanded but seldom returned.

Magna, UT

Once again another Deseret News article about lumped-together gay issues that has both sides talking past each other, instead of with each other.

Yes there are individuals on any issues polar extremes, whose financial and political livelihoods comes from hyperbolic rhetoric, and the riled up outrage of their constituency. But these professional provocateurs don't represent the vast majority of people in the middle whose interactions and beliefs are more pragmatic and nuanced, and whose views rarely get coverage.

It's in the daily life of "the middle" where real change, tolerance, and accommodation is occurring everyday, and to me, that's where the real stories are.

Colorado Springs, CO

@I choose Freedom: Can't agree with you more, although I'm not a believer. But if there is such a deity, I'm sure "He" will have plenty to say about the intolerance of not only gays, but many other less fortunate in our society! Let "His" judgment begin! Better hope your stance is correct, because I'm sure there's no way a 2,000-year-old bible could get misinterpreted.

Eugene, OR

And the DN takes yet another opportunity to play the victim. Yes, the extreme examples of vandalism and the like (which I can count on my fingers) have deservedly been condemned, but the vast majority of the "intolerance" out there has merely been citizens exercising their freedom of speech. You don't get to enter the political arena and then hide behind religion when you don't like the results. Prop. 8 has clearly been a PR disaster for the Church, but instead of trying to learn something, you play the poor-little-us card. Maybe this will change someday, but I'm not holding my breath...

Mukilteo, WA

Women have had the vote in this country for 90 years. Anybody who advocated publicly to repeal the 19th Amendment now would be labeled a bigot, and rightfully ostracized. Ditto for anybody who tried to repeal the Civil Rights laws of 50 years ago, or to reinstate slavery. Nobody would be defending them, or advocating to give their positions equal time in the public square in the name of supporting diversity.

Universal support of civil rights, and women's suffrage, are completely uncontroversial now, but every one of them at point was opposed by a majority of the citizenry. Supporters of all those forms of institutionalized bigotry claimed God was on their side back then, too.

So it is now with gay rights. Already a majority of voters across the US supports the right of gay people to civil marriage. Fifty years from now, our descendants will probably look back at us and shake their heads at our collective bigotry and ignorance, just like we do now for our forbears who supported slavery and segregation, and opposed women's rights.

The arc of the universe bends toward justice, and justice will ultimately prevail here too.

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