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Published: Saturday, June 11 2011 8:00 p.m. MDT

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FL Cougar

I'm hoping for a great season in 2011. The possibilities are there for the Cougars to break out and have the kind of season that establishes them as a national, not just regional, football powerhouse. Tradition comes from success, and it looks like the Cougars are well-positioned in the coming years to build on their great tradition.

BYU Deek
Spanish Fork, UT

Every time conference expansion talk heats up we always hear about the possibility of Notre Dame joining a conference. They always remain an independent though, simply because of the rivalries they have built up with teams like Stanford, USC, Navy, Michigan. . . these are games that Notre Dame wants to play every year, and a conference would kill those rivalries. . . kind of like how the PAC 10+2 is trying to kill the Holy War. Well, if BYU comes out and has a great season, turns heads and kicks some tail: all we'll hear about is how great a move independence was and the team up on the hill will be forgotten. They will fall into the "In other news..." category of Sportscenter.

Frisco, TX

I hope the six games with Notre Dame leads to an annual rivalry afterward, played late in the season. If both schools have strong records, viewership will be off the charts. It can become the new Holy War.

With Army and Navy as independents, I'm wondering why Air Force doesn't pursue that course also. If it works for Army and Navy, it should work for Air Force. Of all the teams in the MWC, I'd like to see the game between BYU and Air Force become a regular event.

West Jordan, UT

Very few teams in the nation can make independence work. So far, so good for BYU.

Although the cougars don't have an auto-bid like Notre Dame, the criteria for the team to make it to a BCS bowl is basically the same as it was when BYU was in the MWC. With much better exposure and significantly more TV money, Independence is a no-brainer compared to the MWC. I also like the fact that BYU is in the position to accept an invite to a BCS conference more easily in the event such an invite comes in the future.

Either way the future is bright for the Cougs! I'm excited for the season to start!

Morgan, UT

Notre Dame didn't become Notre Dame overnight, it took many years and games...BYU will not take as long, but it won't be overnight growth as well...but be sure, they will become a house hold name and a larger national following.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

BYU's history might pale in comparison to Notre Dame, but so does just about EVERY program in the country. No one has the same history as Notre Dame. I'll admit even Army and Navy probably have more history than BYU. But right now is right now. BYU has a chance to do special things this year and add to their legacy and history that is still greater than most division 1 programs in the country.

Go Cougs!

Lehi, UT

When Hollywood starts making great movies about the BYU football team you'll know we're inching closer to ND. Until then we can Fredette about it. No harm in dreaming.

Buena Park, CA

OK, from now on, tbe (team back east) is "the BYU of the East."

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I love the headline for the story, "BYU , Norte Dame have similarities, differences"! Next we will be told that water is wet and Hamlet is the chief character in Shakespeare's play by that title.

Iowa City, IA

I'm excited for games with ND. Attending a game there is a true college football experience, the fans are great and the campus becomes the center of the game day experience. It is awesome. The future games are going to be awesome.

Atlanta, GA

I am very pleased with BYU's move to independence. While some may wish they were in the PAC-10.2, I do not. And I'm not even sure that I want them in the Big-12 should that become an option. I like independence. I like the idea of playing all over the country and playing different teams each year. Could BYU make more money in a BCS conference? Probably, but so what? That means nothing to me. Independence is bringing in enough money to run a very successful program and that is all that matters.

Some of BYU's critics make fun of this years schedule but I think Holmoe has done an outstanding job putting it together so quickly. Every reasonably intelligent person knew it would take a few years to get the schedules put together. Based on what has been revealed so far I am confident that future schedules will be very good.

Now the only thing that really matters is winning. If BYU wins then this move to independence will be seen as a brilliant move. If they don't win then It will become very ugly.

Go Cougars!

South Jordan, UT

Biggest difference is that most Catholics in U.S. see Notre Dame as their team. There are over 68 million catholic members in the U.S. compared to 5.1 million LDS members. If 40% of of membership cheer for their religion, Catholics have more than 24 million fans than BYU. That is why they are not equal.

Dietrich, ID

The movie airplane had something that rhymed. Were it said win one for the zip. That would be a good rivalry.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

BYU has similarities with Notre Dame the same way Pee-wee Herman has similarities with John Wayne.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I am a Catholic, I went to Catholic schools and I think it is inaccurate to say that most Catholics in the U.S. see Notre Dame as their team.

Catholics see the Catholic universities they went to and which are in their area as "their schools":: the Boston College's, Villanova's, Georgetown's, Marquette's, St. John's, Portland U's, Seattle U's, Marymounts, Santa Clara's.etc.

I can assure you that Catholics graduating from Michigan are NOT Norte Dame fans, nor will they ever be, even if they moved to South Bend!

Alpine, UT


13 people commented on here before you made it on to impress us with your wit and wisdom. What took you so long? As I said on a previous post a couple of days ago, apparently you find your comments to be amusing, the rest of us just find them juvenile.

I find it interesting that so many anti-BYU types are constantly saying that the 1984 N.C. was so long ago that it's irrelevant. Did any of you notice that Notre Dame only has 1 N.C after 1984 and that was just a few years later in 1988? Everyone knows that the program has been struggling in recent years yet they are still considered to be among the elite of college football. That's what history and a long legacy of success does for you. BYU's history and legacy certainly don't compare with Notre Dame but they do compare favorably with many prominent programs around the country and teams like Utah don't even hold a candle in comparison.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

Re: Howard S.

Funny, those are the same similarities that Utah has with most of the Pac-12.

Dillon, CO

Well Said - this is so very true..

Ldsfan | 8:37 a.m. June 12, 2011
South Jordan, UT
Biggest difference is that most Catholics in U.S. see Notre Dame as their team. There are over 68 million catholic members in the U.S. compared to 5.1 million LDS members. If 40% of of membership cheer for their religion, Catholics have more than 24 million fans than BYU. That is why they are not equal.

South Jordan, UT

To Mountain Man 56.

Nobody believes that notre dame is an elite team but they have more than elite money and sell out every game even in bad years. Their fan base, money and potential are far above 95% of all teams. They will win a nc before BYU. Their independence vs. BYU independence is like night and day.

If history is what you want, try 54-34 and 4 ties for the Utah Utes. When did history start in Provo? Was that in 1984?

Are you always looking to be offended? Loosen up.

Alpine, UT


I'm not always looking to be offended however there are numerous Ute fans constantly commenting on BYU articles who are always looking to be offensive.

I completely disagree about nobody believing that Notre Dame is an elite team. If they weren't, they wouldn't be the only program in the country with their own network TV contract. You're evaluation of who will win a N.C. first is simply your Ute bias. Obviously no one knows that but based on the current status of the two programs, I'd put my money on BYU.

You asked if history started in 1984 at BYU and the answer to that is no, it started in 1972 when Lavell Edwards became the head coach. Everyone who knows anything about BYU football, knows that prior to Lavell becoming head coach, very little emphasis was place on football at BYU and being nationally competitive was inconceivable. However, for almost 40 years now, BYU has been a nationally prominent football program. Congratulations to the Utes because you joined those ranks over the last decade. You only have 30 more years to go to equal BYU's current status.

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