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Published: Saturday, June 11 2011 8:00 p.m. MDT

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rock springs, wy

It's fairly obvious that all the Player of the Year awards went to the right guy. Sooner or later, Knight and Walker will have to guard Jimmer. Good luck on that.

Cedar Hills, UT

I am telling you if the Jazz get this kid he will be the answer to what this team really needs. The problem he won't be around at 12. Walker and Knight don't want any part of this kid why would they? They don't want to show people that he belongs way higher up in the draft. He should be ahead of them in the draft and they know it!

SJ Bobkins
Gilbert, AZ

BYU needs to connect with Lee Taft ASAP. If he can design a strength and speed set of routines for basketball players and maybe other athletes, BYU would benefit greatly. With the influx of 6'10"-200 lb. players coming in, the stickman type of kid, the program could certainly use a method for adding shoulders and upper body muscle mass. Jimmer has shoulders and strength, most defiantly.

Gold Canyon, az

The Jazz should take him at 3. If they don't, whoever they take at 3 will not be as good as Jimmer and the Jazz will regret it for the remainder of Jimmer's career.

Not So Fast
Salt Lake City, UT

Wow, pass the Kool Aid, readers here want to put this kid in the hall of fame today!

I have nothing against Jimmer but seriously, look at the sources. His uncle? He has every reason to talk Jimmer up and what a Provo native saw other people saying or not saying to a player isn't going to hold up in court. The Maloofs, barely able to keep a team in Sacramento, are not basketball experts at all, only rich.

They are nice stories, but its grain of salt time.

I hope the Jimmer has great success but lets not claim the kid can walk on water just yet.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, Utah

I thought I heard somewhere before from some people that Jimmer could not play defense. I guess they were wrong. Apparently the NBA thinks so, and if he is good at D then the Jazz should use their number 3 pick and draft Jimmer.

If Jimmer continues to impress with quickness and defense, he may not be around at 3.

Salt Lake City, Utah

I agree AZJazzFan... Jimmer is a special talent. You simply cannot find someone who is as committed to improving and getting better than Jimmer very often. The Jazz really don't need more size. With Jefferson, Favors, Millsap, future reception of Tomic, etc... we don't need another big. But we do need a better backup point guard. Jimmer is proving he can out-compete his competition and he can definitely out shoot them on a consistent basis. I think Jimmer will be off the board by 12. Bringing someone who brings star power AND a great skill that has nowhere to but up to go, why pass him up at 3?

Farmington, UT

I've appreciated watching Jimmer, but now I'm starting to think that even I haven't realized some of his greatness because he's been playing in my back yard so to speak. I'm realizing that the Jazz need to trade their No. 3 pick for a proven big guy and then trade up to No. 6 or maybe No. 5 to get Jimmer. I won't be a bit surprised if Jimmer ends up the steal of the draft. I'm not sure Jimmer has a weakness other than his height, but when I think of some of the greatest point guards in the past 30 years, he's probably right at average, which is 6'2" in shoes, and he's a bit heavier and stronger than the average starting point guard last year (2011 average was 6'2", 185#). If the Jazz don't get Jimmer, I might finally spring for the NBA package on sat TV.

Orem, UT

I don't want Jimmer to go the the Jazz, I want them to remember, THEY PASSED HIM UP! every time he drops 20+ on them in ESA and the crowd chants YOU GOT JIMMERED!

South Jordan, UT

Jimmer's workout with the Jazz will be BIG! If He wows the Jazz clowns, they will take him at #3, guaranteed! There is no way they pass on him with all the hype He has been getting so far. If anyone ever fit what the Jazz stand for and believe in, it's Jimmer! Hard working, loves Utah, and Gangsta game without the gangsta look and attitude.

If Jimmer impresses in his Jazz workout, Jazz shocks the NBA world and takes Jimmer number three! Kind of like when they took a kid out of Gonzaga over 20 years ago.

Personally, I would love to see Jimmer play for the Lakers. I hope they make some moves to get him.


Iowa City, IA

Nice work outs for Jimmer. Glad to see he's wowing the teams he's playing for. He's an automatic first rounder, that is awesome enough. The team that takes him is going to get an individual who had to be guarded by opponents with help from over half their team, in the NBA he won't have to deal with that as much. He's is going to have a great career.

re: not so fast. His uncle isn't the source of the article. C'mon, lighten up, no reason not to get excited for one of the best players ever to have played in Utah. Enjoy life a little.

Cedar Hills, UT

@Not so fast.

"Wow, pass the Kool Aid, readers here want to put this kid in the hall of fame today!"

No, I like to listen to those who know this kid and I am not talking about the so called experts either. I like to hear from those who played with and against him, both in college and the pros, and they all say the same thing that he is the real deal and that he is a nightmare to defend this type of stuff goes on and on about him. When you really want to know listen to the real experts, those who play the game!

Captain L
Provo, UT

As I watch and read about all the workouts, here in the US and over in Europe, non of the prospects are killing it like Jimmer is. Even those of us who are Jimmer fans are probably underestimating him. Offensively his is pretty unstopable and athletically he is showing he can do what it takes to play D. Jimmer plays the game smart, he uses stop and go, hesitation, change of direction, crossover or double crossover and he's in control the whole time. I hope the Jazz find some way of getting Jimmer, he'll be worth it. To me he is better than Knight and I'd take Jimmer over Knight. Think of Stockton, he wasn't the most athletic, he was athletic enough though and Jimmer is the same, Stock played smart, Jimmer can do the same and has the attitude to be great.

Richfield, UT

I think the Kings at pick #7 are the first team you have to worry about so instead of using #3 on him, maybe try to swap the #3 pick and maybe CJ for #6 and #18 with Wizzards who would love to move down to get Kanter, then use the #6 on Fredette and then you still get someone good, possible Brooks or Singleton #12 and you could go after a player with hugh down the road upside like Lucas Nogueira with the #18.

Orem, UT

Taft isn't just an uncle, he is a world renowned speed and conditioning coach who has trained the best. I think those in the know will take his remarks very seriously.

Saint George, UT

Agree with shaybo.. Try to trade down a little and get an extra pick for a young, athletic wing (Ronnie Brewer-type) and use the 6th or whatever to get Jimmer.
But if not, Jimmer will be the 3rd best player, at least, in this draft, so take him 3rd.

Tremonton, UT

All of you should be aware that Darius Morris 6-6 pure point guard beat Jimmer bad in the workout with the Knicks.. So says the media. The workout on the 15th should be quite interesting.. For the next eleven days we will hear truth and talk with the media. Everyone is trying to sell their man. Jazz will make the right choice..

Captain L
Provo, UT

If the Jazz aren't going to use the #3 pick on a big, I think Shaybo's idea would be a good one, if Wash. would make that trade, I'm not convinced Knight is any better than Jimmer, I'd rather the Jazz give Wash. #3 & Bell for the 6th & 18th then take Jimmer at 6, then, Burk,or Singleton or BB at 12 and Brooks or Harris at 18. Nogueira isn't showing very well over in Europe from what I've read, his attitude is questionable. L Nugueira measured out at 6'9 barefoot, not as tall as thought.
None of the incoming guards have Jimmers skill set, I like Burks handles and athleticism but he can't shoot, (yet), Jimmer has much more of a complete package. Knight and Walker are both good athletes and have good skills but not as polished as Jimmer.
I have no idea what the Jazz brass are thinking and how players over in Europe are impressing or not impressing them , from what I've read no one is shinning over there. If we can't get Kanter or Williams with #3 then trade and get Jimmer.

Salt Lake City, UT

I watched most of his games this past season--I didn't see quickness then--why should I believe this propaganda that he's suddenly become a speed demon? The true point guard on BYU, Jackson Emery, was quicker than Fredette. Fredette is slow, he displayed it game after game against MWC opponents. He's a great shooter, of course, but quick he is not.

AZ Dave
Chandler, AZ


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