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Published: Saturday, June 11 2011 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, ut

As always Vai your articles are well written and well thought out. I am Ute fan all the way but when it comes down to it sports is just sports. I like the fact that these young men are being responsible and doing there best to live the gospel while working hard in school. I also have a deep respect for those who arent members of the church on these sports teams and how they live there lives repectively. Doesnt matter what university you play for, all that matters is who you are as a person. This is more important than how many points they can score anyday.

Farmington, UT

Great perspective from one who can really see things as they are and ought to be.

Kamas, UT

What's up with Vai? So adult in his split loyalties. He sees the blue and red world exactly the way I do.

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

Great article. Thanks Vai. You are an awesome example of true sportsmanship. I hope people on both sides of the Utah - BYU rivalry will follow your example.

Keep up the great work.

1984 for life
Salt Lake City, UT

Great guy and a great example of how all BYU/Utah fans should behave.

Herriman, UT

These comment boards are often the worst representation of the rivalry. My friends, coworkers and neighbors are a mixed bag of BYU and Utah fans, and we have fun following the teams and talking sports. In our family and many others, the kids split up and attend the different schools - some even attend both (one for undergrad and one for grad work).

We "regular" folks enjoy a good rivalry game as much as anyone. Since we vastly outnumber the crazies who scream hatred and profanities, let's do more to set the example for the next generation of Y an U fans.


Good article with some great points about friendship and sportsmanship despite cheering or playing for separate teams. I agree with Vai that we should respect the neighboring rival; however, I cant get myself to submit to wearing a rivals tee shirt or hat, even for a friend. You are a better man than me Vai!

Eagle Mountain, UT

Your a great example to all Vai. Happy to read another of your blogs.

In My Humble Opinion
South Jordan, UT

One of the great myths, nay, lies, is that competitors must hate each other. In my life I have never competed against anyone more passionately than against my brothers, nephews, and cousins, whom I love.

Perhaps that "hate" lie filters into sports because historically sports, fitness, manhood, and unfortunately war, have been oft times interconnected. Soldiers returned from war and drill sergeants became coaches, or coaches emulated their drill sergeant and both the good and bad of war preparations permeated sports, particularly the physical, demanding sport of football.

Whatever the reason, hate between rivals gets in the way of fun, friendly, but still-intense rivalry that could build comaraderie and closeness, but instead increases distance.

Ironically, the hate and distance more often occurs between immature fans than between actual participants who learn to respect each other through the competition because the understand the mutual commitment, sacrifice and effort it takes to strive for excellence and to produce great competition.

In My Humble Opinion
South Jordan, UT

All that said, Vai, you could have still embraced the Utes while wearing Cougar gear, even at Rice Eccles! It would've been a great example that friendship with your rival is not disloyal to your alma mater!

Provo, UT

Great Article. Dick Harmon could take a lesson from Vai!

Salt Lake City, UT

Keep breaking the walls down Vai.

I think President Uchtdorf made it plenty clear that we are all on the same team and anyone who is not following his words might as well start smoking, drinking, and looking at Pornography. It's either all true or none of it and you can't pick and choose.

There is no room for the silly hate and insults that the fans with fragile ego's display. Thanks for continuing to lead the way by putting your actions in front of your mouth.

I love the rivalry. It is fun to play each other when we share the same media market and get information on both schools from the local papers. Both teams really are doing great and fun to watch. Let's enjoy this season and have watching our local athletes compete no matter what school they play for.

The fans that can't see past their own team color are limiting themselves to their own

Herriman, UT

I'm a Utah fan that used to always cheer for BYU and Utah, except when they played each other. Sports radio and the internet have ruined that. I'm hoping that no longer being in the same conference will eventually allow me to cheer for both schools again.

Fresno, CA

Great article, Vai. I bet those young men had a blast!

Missoula, MT

Great article Vai. Enjoyed it immensely. Keep up the good work and go Utes!

  • 12:02 p.m. June 10, 2011
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Sugar City, ID

Just keep those Poly players coming to BYU.

Denver, Colorado

Do what you want, Vai, you don't have to answer to us for your personal feelings.

One question, though, which you are well-situated to answer: It appears that there is a vocal minority of ex-BYU players who are poly, who have decided that BYU did them wrong and they were offended. Their response, seemingly, is to decide that they hate BYU now, and that they are going to be Utah supporters from now on.

The most recent example, via the rumor mill, is Tevita Ofahengaue.

How does this happen, and what do you think about it?

When I try to imagine it out of a sports context, it seems ludicrous. For example, I applied for a position with Kellogg's, but was rejected. Should I now declare my undying hatred of Kellogg and my new-found love for General Mills? "My family only eats "Lucky Charms" from now on!

Should I decide that I hate the US because they audited me, and declare my undying for for Iran?

Seems ridiculous, but yet every couple of years, it seems, there are rumors of another BYU player who has gone over to the "dark side".

AZ Blue & Red
Gilbert, AZ

Great article Vai. Was there with you in the stands at BYU.

As a young man in the 70's I sort of lived at the U going to many U games, participating in all the kids summer camps on campus. Sneaking into the "new" under construction underground sports complex as well as riding my bike to the U on the mountain and playing many rounds of golf with my late father on the golf course. I worked at the U hospital for several years and went to East High School just down the street. I even got my mission call after attending the BYU Utah game in SLC Nov of 76. Yet I wanted to go to BYU.

I am true Blue but Red at heart for all but a few games during the year. I do not like to see the hate I see on posts. I refuse to read them. Vai, thanks for your comments. Hope many take this attitude to heart.

As for my Ute buddies, I am still waiting for all the Pizza's you owe me from the Football games during our tenure in college. Including 1976. It's about time.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

You helped recruit Sitaki to byu? Sounds like a recruiting violation....I kid, I kid.

West Jordan, Utah

I am a Ute all the way, but have enjoyed Vai and his writings for quite some time. I usually understand where Vai is coming from rather I agree with him or not. Some of this is his balanced perspective within his personal views. Much of it, is his polished writing ability that covers all bases for interpretation.

If I could give Vai a constructive criticism (my POV), it would be to leave out his resume much of the time. That said, it is often justified by what Vai is writing about. Plus, even as a Ute, I do find his life accomplishments impressive. Maybe some need to be impressed in order for Vai to be the missionary he desires to be.

Also @ In My Humble Opinion, I think I am aware of your reference point. Still what are you sweating over.

All but two posts were refreshing today!

@ Jonas, I don't know anything concerning Tevita Ofahengaue, but you should leave his name out of your postings relative to some "rumor mill" you dwell in. I am not saying that you shouldn't wonder about these issues at BYU, but please leave my Lucky Charms out of it.

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