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Published: Wednesday, June 8 2011 2:00 p.m. MDT

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Fallon, NV

Chris B., How did your last Ute football prediction turn out, and what channel did we watch the ewe wet itself on national TV.

Utes 34
Boise 24

One of the most laughable predictions ever, a classic from Crissy.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

ESPN? So what? We're in the PAC-12!

There's always room for Jello
Salt Lake City, UT

ESPN? So what? We're in the PAC-12 where we get to compete with Colorado and watch our games on Versus. We're definitely not jealous of BYU. YOu can tell by our many, many posts on these articles that we are NOT jealous.

Nobody will probably watch your ol' games anyhow!

Alpine, UT

Howard S. | 11:59 p.m. June 8, 2011
Taylorsville, UT

"BYU could easily be part of a BCS conference..."

"Funny... If you could you would.

But no power conference wants you... sorry..."

Wow, that response wasn't predictable. Let me elucidate. By the criteria that should have, and historically have been used to make decisions about conference invitations, BYU could easily be part of a BCS conference.
Let's compare BYU and Utah:

Conference championships in all sports - Winner BYU
National rankings in all sports - Winner BYU
National championships in all sports - Winner BYU
National individual awards - Winner BYU
Ticket sales (home and away) - Winner BYU
Fan base - Winner BYU
Athletic Facilities - Winner BYU

Were those the criteria used in deciding who to extend PAC 12 invitations to?
Clearly not. These were the criteria used:

Willing to play on Sunday - Winner Utah
Didn't support Prop.8 - Winner Utah
Not owned by a conservative religious organization - Winner Utah

So congratulations Utah, you fit the mold and BYU didn't. However from a competitive stand point and every other athletic point of view, BYU far outpaces Utah and therefore "could easily be part of a BCS conference."


RE: There's always room for jello.

If your posting many times on here, then you are jealous. Nobody watches a channel about hunting deer or hockey. It's pretty much the mtn 2.0 on VERSUS LOL. Enjoy it!

Alpine, UT


Go ahead and tell us all about how Utah's two amazing BCS bowl wins are far superior to all of BYU's athletic accomplishments over many decades. Yes they were great accomplishments but not even in the ballpark with BYU's and more importantly not a factor in the PAC 12 invitation. If you don't believe that, tell me how many BCS bowl games Colorado has won or even played in - yet, they also got the PAC 12 invitation.

The criteria used to make those invitations actually shouldn't be surprising given the obvious level of hypocrisy in NCAA athletics in general and the BCS in particular. They are a group that has predetermined who is allowed to compete for the national championship in football and who isn't. Any organization that automatically eliminates almost half of it's members from having a fair opportunity to compete is clearly hypocritical and self-serving.
The lack of integrity and fairness in college football is truly appalling - just look at USC, Ohio State and the Fiesta Bowl as exhibits 1,2, & 3. They will all get a slap on the wrist and will continue business as usual.

Frisco, TX

BYU has beat 2 ranked teams since 1996 (#22 TCU 2006 and #18 Utah 2009)... notice no BCS team.

Check your facts before you type. Oregon State was ranked when we creamed them in the Las Vegas Bowl. They were one win away from going to the Rose Bowl. I think the Beavers are in a BCS Conference, aren't they? Oklahoma was ranked #3 when we beat them in Cowboy stadium. Are they a BCS team?

I only hope that the Utes somehow get a win against USC this year, so we can have a win over a ranked BCS team on September 17. But I'm guessing USC will be the victor, taking the Utes out of the rankings, giving BYU just another win against an unranked BCS team - i.e. Washington (2x), UCLA(2x) and Arizona.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA


It's already been said, bur what the heck! Schools out, it's a nice night.

Winning is the only thing it's about. Lose and we're out of the running, acknowledged.

But you don't think 5 national televised games in a row, if they win them, won't jack BYU's stock through the stratosphere? Remember that in November people seek out the top ten each week if only hoping to see that they lost so their team can gain ground.

And as the weeks wind down, there is still that Hawaii game to look forward to. Yes, not many east coasters will stay up, but if BYU is undefeated to that point (I know, big if) then that game becomes pretty big.

Dreamin? Yes! Dream big or go home! Not bad for little ole BYU that nobody wants.

Lone Star Cougar
Plano, TX

Thank you BYU and ESPN. I cannot wait to see the games televised now. The MTN is gone thank goodness.

In it's first year of Independence, BYU has put together quite a good, no, great season full of very worthy opponents and it will get better.

Wow, blessed to be a BYU fan!

There's always room for Jello
Salt Lake City, UT


That was the point....

Saint George, UT


What network is the utah pitt game on?

Corona, CA

Re: Mountain man56

Either did your boy Steve Young. YOung is a no on numero ocho.

Corona, CA


Doewn't matter what channel you play on, only mormon/ BYU fans care about BYU football. YOu play a few good teams and then WAC. Your gonna be out of any BCS conversation by October.ENJOY!

Salt Lake City, UT


Hmmm ... let's review, shall we?

BYU goes Independent. Ute trolls respond that the program will die in tv oblivion and that both Bronco and Tom Holmoe will be fired soon.

BYU picks up a fantastic partnership with ESPN for Football. Ute trolls respond all year that the games will only be shown mid-week and on obscure "cooking show" channels.

BYU begins to schedule games (despite the predictions of said trolls). Ute trolls respond that the Cougars will never play in another bowl game and that no good team will ever schedule them unless it is a 2-for-1.

BYU sets up bowl opportunities for themselves (including an agreement with the BCS for eligibility into BCS bowls) AND good teams begin to schedule them for home and homes. Ute trolls ignore future schedules and focus on this one that Tom was able to make happen despite a very short timeline to do so and other teams having this year scheduled years ago.

Now, through the WCC, BYU has a wonderful 8 year contract with ESPN for basketball. Ute trolls try to compare it with the PAC's deal for football.

You're always wrong. ENJOY!

In Stitches
Provo, Utah


Nice ute response. Now let's tell the WHOLE story. Steve Young's wife who is a convert and has a homosexual brother was opposed to Prop. 8. Steve said that he needed to support his then pregnant WIFE and he would not discuss Prop. 8.

Abstaining to keep the pregnant wife happy is NOT the same as opposing said Proposition.

Not that your response has ANYTHING to do with either the article nor Mountainman's comment.... But what else is new?

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, Utah


Do we have to spoon-feed you the facts, or can you discover the truth on your own? If only BYU fans cared about BYU football and NOBODY else did, then WHY on earth did ESPN choose to sign this contract with BYU?

ESPN clearly stated that they signed the contract with BYU because it is good business for them (in other words, BYU is RELEVENT!).

From the article announcing the deal:

" "We're anxious to rekindle that partnership and be able to come back to BYU with every game here over the next eight years," said ESPN's Brown. "That's something we're really looking forward to. We have had a great relationship with BYU over the years thanks in part to LaVell Edwards, who gave us so many signature games in the past that really put ESPN on the map in terms of being a college football destination network."

Brown noted that BYU's upset of Oklahoma last season was ESPN's ninth highest-rated game of the 2009 regular season. "

Frisco, TX

crowntown1 | 10:51 a.m. June 10, 2011
"Doewn't matter what channel you play on, only mormon/ BYU fans care about BYU football. YOu play a few good teams and then WAC. Your gonna be out of any BCS conversation by October."

For starters, can you start using a spell checker? You and hh have so many spelling errors it's hard to understand what you're saying.

Second, BYU on ESPN have been among the most watched games. Check the ratings for BYU vs Oklahoma in 2009. More viewers than the Texas vs Oklahoma game.

Third, definition of a few is "a relatively small number, usually three". I know Texas, TCU and Ole Miss are good teams. I believe Oregon State, UCF and Hawaii will be good teams this year. Are you inferring that Utah is not a good team? Because if they are a good team, that would be seven which is more than "a few".

Fourth, if BYU is in BCS conversations through October, that will be four months longer than U. Nobody believes U will go to a BCS bowl this year. Oregon or Stanford or possibly both (if two) will go from PAC.

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