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Published: Wednesday, June 8 2011 2:00 p.m. MDT

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Riverton, UT

How many Utah games will there be on the ESPN family of networks this year? Just the Las Vegas Bowl? I'm trying to plan.

Doctor J
Manti, UT

ESPN loves BYU....over half of BYU's football games will be on ESPN!


These are the good old days....BYU, ESPN, Sweet 16, Jimmer, Dave Rose, Jake Heaps!

Riverton, UT

Dang, I forgot to mention that Utah will be on ESPN when they play BYU. Oh good.

Omaha, NE

This is such a fun rivalry! I used to live in Hawai'i and they do see it as a rivalry. It will be fun to renew this rivalry over the next few years and the ENTIRE nation can watch it!

West Jordan, UT

Great news. Now made official what, I think, most of us already suspected. 7 of 12 games on ESPN or ESPN2 is just outstaning exposure. There is still a chance the BYU/Oregon State will be picked up later in the year if the teams are both performing well. Regardless of that game, the move to Independence is proving to be a very profitable move.

Mesa, AZ

BYU on T.V. Every game!

Sure glad I don't have any desire to watch Utah play. I don't get verses.

Olympus Cove, Utah

BYU and ESPN are becoming synonymous!

San Diego, CA

BYU football on national TV in high definition at least 7 times in its first year of independence. Not bad. So long, MWC.


Grea day to be a Cougar! Once again, BYU has another ESPN game, bringing the total to 7!

While Utah has one ESPN game thanks to BYU! Utah has yet to schedule home a game on ESPN.

Go Cougars!

Draper, UT


After some thought, I've composed the reply from Ute fans - Pac 12.

Enjoy the meaningless schedule of the team down south. Ute fans will enjoy competing in the Pac 12.

Providence, UT

I'm an Aggie fan first but I love to root for BYU/Utah as well. Pretty exciting to see BYU getting this much love from ESPN. Looking forward to watching the games, especially when they take on USU and Utah.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Your post smacks of jealousy, obsession and is just plain lame.

7 games on ESPN and counting. I am thinking one more before all is said and done.

The first season as an independent, with 4 or 5 weak teams on their schedule(reminds me of the 04 and 08 TUN teams) and they have 7 games on ESPN. I don't think the TUN has has 7 games on ESPN in the past 5 years.

I can't blame you at all for being jealous.


Utah falls on its face again!! Go Cougars

Saint George, UT

What about San Jose State, Idaho State, Idaho, and New Mexico State?

On second thought, I hope "they" don't put those games on TV, because I wouldn't want anyone to know BYU was playing four games, in one season, against that kind of competition.

Doctor J
Manti, UT


Not much different than Wyoming, UNLV and New Mexico!

Utah plays Montana St, Colorado, Washington State and UCLA...they are pretty weak

Florida plays Furman & Florida Atlantic...

Alabama plays Kent State and North Texas...

Everyone plays a couple of practice games...

This is one of the best schedules BYU has had...enjoy it!

Orem, UT


"What about San Jose State, Idaho State, Idaho, and New Mexico State?"

Check the home cupcakes SEC and other power conference teams are playing before you get too worked up over BYU playing home cupcakes.

Florida, for example, plays Florida Atlantic, UAB, Vanderbilt and Furman in four of the Gator's seven home games.

With Ole Miss, Texas, TCU, Utah, and Oregon State on BYU's schedule, the Cougars are playing enough quality teams to silence any doubters if the Cougars have a great season.

More importantly, BYU will be playing all but one of those quality teams (a PAC 12 team, ironically) on ESPN.

Arlington, VA

One of BYU's main goals in leaving the MWC and the MTN was better exposure and television coverage:

BYU football - 7 games and counting on ESPN

BYU basketball - minimum 12 games on ESPN

Well done Tom! Mission accomplished!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

What channel was BYU on for their BCS games?

What channel will their next BCS game be on?


Park City, UT

BYU Football Schedule 2011

Sat, Sept 3 at Ole Miss - ESPN
Sat, Sept 10 at Texas - ESPN2
Sat, Sept 17 vs Utah - ESPN2
Fri, Sept 23 vs UCF - ESPN
Fri, Sept 30 vs Utah State - ESPN
Sat, Oct 15 at Oregon State - TBD
Fri, Oct 28 at TCU - ESPN
Sat, Dec 3 at Hawaii - ESPN

For their first year as an independent, the Cougars are doing great!

Let the jealous whining begin!

Park City, UT

Chris B

What channel was Utah on when the won their national championship?

What channel was Utah on when their QB beat the #1-ranked, defending national champions to launch his Heisman Trophy winning season?

As much as you like to pretend, your dreams can't keep up with BYU's realities.

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