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Published: Wednesday, June 8 2011 2:00 p.m. MDT

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Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


Okay, back from MLM. I'll tell ya, MLM in Utah County is like taking candy from a baby.


"...it just won't get you on national TV nearly as often as BYU and that is fact..."

Here is the deal with exposure Mr. Mountainman, my friend...

The relevant issue is winning, not pre-season scheduled ESPN games.

A winning PAC 12 team will certainly not lack for exposure. If Utah wins in the PAC 12, there will be plenty of exposure.

ESPN won't put a losing (that's loosing for my Cougar friends) BYU team on TV for long. If BYU loses (looses) those pre-scheduled ESPN games will disappear quicker than a sack of french fries on a BYU first date.

In either case, winning gets you exposure... and losing (loosing) doesn't.

Alpine, UT


You do remember that this is an article about basketball right? Are you really trying to say that Utah is going to be winning a lot of basketball games in the PAC 12 and "there will be plenty of exposure" for your Utes? C'mon, you don't even believe that and you know it.

Meanwhile, I have no worries about BYU continuing to win 20-30 games per year and continuing to get annual NCAA tournament invites. Furthermore, I guess you didn't read the article or even the headline "WCC, ESPN sign 8-year extension". Like it or not, BYU WILL be on national TV much more frequently than Utah and just like in football, the contract is for 8 years. You're defending in indefensible position but hey, at least nobody can say you give up easily. After all, you're up to 10 comments out of 122 on this BYU article.
You're obsession is getting the best of you.

By the way, what are the references to MLM's, "loosing" and french fries on dates all about? I guess you must find it amusing. Everyone else just finds it juvenile.


@ Howard S

"ESPN won't put a losing (that's loosing for my Cougar friends) BYU team on TV for long.

In either case, winning gets you exposure... and losing (loosing) doesn't."

So that's why we haven't seen Utah's basketball team on tv for the last 5 years! That explains it!

BYU = 5 straight NCAA tournament berths over last 5 years
Utah = 5 total wins last season. Has been to one tournament game (and lost that game btw) in the last 5 years.
BYU Basketball > Utah Basketball

Go Cougars!

Salt Lake City, UT

Howard S.

"Here is the deal with exposure Mr. Mountainman, my friend...

The relevant issue is winning, not pre-season scheduled ESPN games."

A fan of a team that's had LOSING seasons 4 of the last 6 years lecturing BYU fans about winning being the relevant issue???

You're too funny for words, my friend...

Dave Rose era
BYU 159-44(77.9%) MWC 78-18(81.3%), 4 MWC championships, 5 NCAAs
Utah 95-94(50.3%) MWC 44-52(45.8%), 1 MWC championship, 1 NCAA

2005-06 20-9 - 14-15
2006-07 25-9 - 11-19
2007-08 27-8 - 18-15
2008-09 25-8 - 25-10
2009-10 30-6 - 14-17
2010-11 32-5 - 13-18

BYU 10 (including 9 of the last 10)
Utah 3

Get back to us when Utah basketball develops a pulse and stops losing to teams like SW Baptist and San Diego (you know, the cellar dweller of the WCC). Until then, you can dispense with the false bravado about Utah being a winning team in the PAC 12. Utah basketball died when Majerus left.

In Stitches
Provo, Utah

Well, I guess there is some experience with Multi-level marketing at BYU (as well as the U):

The missionary reports to the District Leader who reports to the Zone Leader who reports to the Mission President who reports to the Area Presidency who reports.... That must be what he means, right?

Cougars - Wise Older Brothers
Anaheim, CA


"like an athletic program must feel humbled when it's superlatives must be qualified with terms like..."

I was going to play the game, but I couldn't find any superlatives to apply to that train wreck on the hill.

I did find this:

BYU 72 Utah 59
BYU 104 Utah 79
BYU 71 Utah 51
BYU 82 Utah 69
BYU 63 Utah 50
Utah 94 BYU 88 (OT)
BYU 67 Utah 59
BYU 55 Utah 52
BYU 85 Utah 62
BYU 76 Utah 66

The results of the last 10 BYU-Utah games.

Maybe U could find some superlatives there, but I certainly couldn't.

U should be grateful that Utah basketball will be virtually non-existent on ESPN. It'll save U the embarrassment of being humiliated on national television.

Gilbert, AZ


Your "superlatives" are nothing but spin.

Utah's football team was completely ignored by ESPN. What makes you think that Utah's stinker of a basketball program will fare any better?

So why are spending sooooo much time trying to convince everybody that Utah NOT playing on ESPN is superior to BYU playing on ESPN?

Are you really expecting recruits to be impressed with Utah's bank account?

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Okay my Cougar friends... back from MLM meetings.

You would seriously not believe how easy it is get Utah County college students to fork over their tuition money for registration and product advance fees...

Sellin' the dream... Sellin' the dream...


Here's the deal that you don't understand...

I didn't qualify the superlatives over the WCC/ESPN deal with terms like...

"by a non-football conference..." or "by ANY non-BCS league"

And I didn't say on the radio that each school would probably get "a few hundred thousand a year" from the WCC/ESPN deal.

Jon Wilner did...

So if you have problems with it take it up with him... Google is your friend.

And here is some additional reality...

BYU has chosen to affiliate with a "non-BCS", "non-football" conference, so any superlative that BYU achieves within that conference will always be qualified by those terms.

It's what you chose.

As for Utah BB, if they lose in the PAC 12 so be it... They'll have 30 million reasons to be comforted.

But if they win, their superlatives will NOT be qualified by "non-BCS" or "non-football conference".

Springville, UT

Big Whoop howie. Sound familiar?

BYU has always been able to accomplish more with its 'little' resources than the Utes.

Oh, my bad, I forgot we have our 'own' bank, it's called charitable contributions. I'm sure the ESPN and other deals just add to the pot.

I'm glad the money bothers you because you will never know the details, yet in your heart you know that BYU is making out like a bandit as well. Maddening isn't it?

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


"...making out like a bandit..."

And thus we see the birth of yet another Cougar myth.

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