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Published: Wednesday, June 8 2011 2:00 p.m. MDT

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ESPN and BYU...like dark chocolate and cashews...try some......um um good!

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

@In Stitches 
As a Conference of private schools, the WCC doesn't have to reveal their financial details (just like they don't reveal their caoaches salaries).

The best part is that it is obviously driving at least one troll crazy because he can't know the details. That right there makes it just plain FUN!
There are media reports from California that the deal will pay about $200,000 per year/school.
Now thats fun.
ESPN probably pays more for womens bowling, or championship poker.
Oh, and another fun fact is that Utah gets more than $200,000 for a half a quarter of a football game.


In Stitches
Provo, Utah

And yet, here YOU are Howie S. all over this article sounding all jealous. That is what makes all of this so much FUN. Enjoy your Summer Break, Son.

Deep Thoughts
Salt Lake City, UT


Give it a rest already. You sound like a child.


To the Cougars:

Congratulations on your partnership (both in Football and with the WCC) with ESPN. I'm looking forward to seeing what you will do with it. Good luck.

Go Utes!

Farid @ Pocatello
Pocatello, ID


I seem to remember another missionary that Freddie knew but don't remember him specifically.

I didn't make the connection with his famous family for a couple of weeks. Freddie was really short (5'9"?) and looked like just another missionary. He came by my house on his P-day and I was playing basketball.

He asked if he could play. I am 6'4" and was pretty good in high school, so I said sure, but I figured I'd go easy on him, me being six or seven inches taller than him. His companion was just smiling and I didn't know why until he beat me 20-0 in the first game. I did better the second time, losing "just" 20-4.

He came in for some orange juice and saw my "1984 BYU National Championship" book (this was '85 or '86)on the table. He picked it up, flipped through it, grabbed a pen and scribbled in it. I was like, "What are you doing????" I looked at the page and he autographed the page with his picture on it.

Wow. Fond memories.

But sorry, don't remember your friend.

Orem, UT

"There are media reports from California that the deal will pay about $200,000 per year/school."

Guaranteed, it's more than $200,000 per year/school. BYU, on it's own, could demand that much per game.

Whatever the price tag, however, 10 to 15 nationally televised games per year on ESPN is a quantum leap over the one nationally televised conference game BYU had this past season during Jimmermania.

As a BYU fan, it's fun watching the almost weekly ESPN-BYU announcements driving the kids on the hill into fits of jealous hysteria.

Farid @ Pocatello
Pocatello, ID


Couldn't agree more. Why our friends-on-the-hill even care is beyond me.

They don't believe it, but The Church would gladly trade most of the money they are now making for even more exposure. My son is on his mission in Nashville, and he'll probably help bring The Church to a few hundred people during his time there (not baptisms, just people who learn more about what and who we are).

Each game will bring the church to say a million people per football game and a few hundred thousand for basketball. I have to pay for my son to bring the message forth but the school gets paid millions of dollars to let someone else do it for them. That's a pretty good deal.

I was an atheist growing up in D.C. in the mid 70's when I started hearing stories of BYU scoring 40+ points per game and guys named Nielsen and Wilson throwing four and five TD's a game. I was intrigued. So when the missionaries later found my door, I was more receptive, talking football for an hour before they talked religion.

Sports sells Religion.

Highland, UT


Freddy Whittingham moved to California after his sophomore year because his dad, Fred sr., got a job with the L.A. Rams. He was a great player at Provo High, just like his brothers were, before they moved. Eddie Rowe was a year younger and was a stud running back at Provo high rushing for over 2000 yds his jr. year and being named Street and smitths All American. Sr. year I think he ran for over 1800 yds. He was recruited by just about every major college football program in the country, USC, Nebraska, etc. before finally deciding on BYU.

We all thought it ironic he and Freddy were called to the same mission and were even companions for a little while I think.

Eddy blew his knee out badly in practice after he got back from his mission and never played again. Too bad because he was a great running back. Just wondering if maybe you remembered him as well.

Orem, Utah

Congratulations Cougars! We go Independent in football and get six games on ESPN with the possibility of more being picked up. BYUTV also will broadcast the games ESPN doesn't so Cougar fans will be able to see the football team. Then this news with the WCC contract with ESPN gets us more exposure. I am sure the success of our BB team had something to do with ESPN working out a deal with the WCC. Let's face it BYU has a brand that is marketable and when you are marketable networks like ESPN are willing to put you on TV if it puts money in their pockets.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Guaranteed, it's more than $200,000 per year/school. BYU, on it's own, could demand that much per game.
On the radio today after reminding the hosts that Everything does not always revolve around BYU.. Jon Wilner, who knows west coast collegiate sports as well as anyone, suggested that the deal would be worth a few hundred thousand per year for each WCC school.
Okay, so maybe a few hundred thousand may be more like $300,000 than $200,000 but the word paltry comes to mind

Orem, Utah

Interesting this article didn't mention (even in passing) that any games not live on ESPN's network WILL be live on BYUtv, in HD no less. And BYUtv has the right to rebroadcast later that night any live BYU-ESPN games.

That's for both football AND basketball, I believe.

I have the impression from what I've read so far about BYUtv's availability that it's supposed to not let much go unnoticed, including women's sports and other men's sports.

Some events might get tape-delayed broadcasting when two or more are being played at the same time when ESPN isn't involved, I'd assume.

I'm also interested in how much WCC coverage (when BYU is not playing) might be shown on BYUtv, like they did for the WCC basketball championship in March.

Does anyone know where information about the breadth of broadcasting sports for BYUtv has been written about?

Highland, UT


This is a basketball deal so almost any money from it is good money. As your demi god wilner told us a few months ago "it is doubtful that pac10 basketball is worth anything to anyone". The pac10 deal you keep bragging up is about football, basketball was a worthless aferthought thrown in for some winter night content.

Once again for BYU it isn't about the money anyway, they already have more money than they need with a backer with bottomless pockets. It is about being on tv, in prime time, nationally. Mission accomplished with some extra dollars to boot.

scenic view
Baltimore, MD

Howard S.

Congratulations on Utah being paid lots of $$$ NOT to play on ESPN!

There now, feeling better about yourself.

For BYU fans, having oodles of opportunities to watch the Cougars play nationally televised football and basketball games on ESPN is paramount. We'll let the beancounters worry about the money.

For Utah fans, money seems to be the only thing U care about these days - greed is everything in the BCS.

BYU - great exposure, enough money to make Craig Thompson green with envy

Utah - lots of money, limited exposure

Two programs with vastly different priorities.

Broom Hockey Champ
Alpine, UT

Does anyone know who will be the football commentators for the games that air on BYUtv? Todd Christensen or will BYU bring back someone like Detmer? Anyone know?

Will there be commercials during the broadcast similar to how the BYU channel works now?

Naked Truth
Salt Lake City, Utah

The main goal purported by the University in going independent in football and to the WCC in all other applicable sports was to get more exposure for BYU sports programs. Sounds like this deal achieves just that for bball. Amazing how BYU haters try to spin it in a million different directions.

Highland, UT

@Broom Hockey Champ

I've wondered that myself but don't really know. I remember back in the 80's when games were sometimes broadcast on KBYU. I can't remember the name of the guy that did the announcing, Jay something or another I think, but the telecasts were actually decent. Then the games they had on KSL were pretty high quality games with guys like Paul James, Jim Nance and Craig Bolerjack doing the announcing.

I would guess they will get some decent talent to do it but it will be interesting to find out who it will be.

Broom Hockey Champ
Alpine, UT

They've got to be trying to fill the broadcasting spot(s) now as the season is only 2 fast Sundays away and the person(s) will have to do research, begin scheduling travel, etc. I would like Todd C., but he is still probably locked into a MWC contract. A former player might be good, but I'm not sure who has the experience....

If Mr. Harmon reads this, please report on this. :)

Will the game have commercials like other programming on BYUtv or are games going to be condensed?

This stuff has got to be settled soon. Inquiring minds want to know.

Farid @ Pocatello
Pocatello, ID

The guy who did the play-by-play for those handful of basketball games the past two seasons for BYU-TV (I forget his name) will return (he used to be the play-by-play guy for the UNLV Rebels before coming to BYU-TV.

It will be interesting to see how they turn a public television station into a cash cow, but they'll figure it out. I doubt they can work commercials into the broadcast, but maybe charge a premium for those "this program is sponsored by ...." promo's at the beginning and end of the broadcast.

Broom Hockey Champ
Alpine, UT

I know this is a basketball article, but I am more interested in the football proceedings and thought that since we were talking about TV agreements I might be able to get some answers that have thus far eluded me.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Howard S. | 2:31 p.m.
Taylorsville, UT

Guaranteed, it's more than $200,000 per year/school. BYU, on it's own, could demand that much per game.

Okay, so maybe a few hundred thousand may be more like $300,000 than $200,000 but the word paltry comes to mind

"The West Coast Conference has signed a new television contract with ESPN that will provide unprecedented exposure for its men's basketball programs, including Saint Mary's, Santa Clara and USF.

The eight-year deal announced Wednesday allows for a minimum of 48 appearances per year on the ESPN family of networks -- 10 more than the WCC has averaged in past years -- and takes effect for the 2011-12 season.

The rights fee was not announced."

You KNOW the money?


So now the Utes are hanging their hats on money.

Good, they need the $$$.

Lose the envy.

All of a suddent UofU athletics is about the money, but not getting on TV? I thought the PAC-12 move was about quality exposure? Was I wrong?

How's that going to help recruiting?

Utah has been disrespected by the PAC. Makes you want to ask why?

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