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Published: Wednesday, June 8 2011 2:00 p.m. MDT

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Fort Worth, Texas

@Veritas Aequitas
Please, tell your players to be on their best behavior. The Vegas Bowl was not a shining moment for Utah.

Let's keep it classy when representing the state.


How many time are you going to say the same thing? I agree but you call out Cougar Nation first...

A) BYU apologizes to USU for ill-advised Jumbotron message
B) BYU football: Max Hall reprimanded [for his tirade] by MWC
D) BYU football: Lamb, Jorgensen reprimanded for comments in Daily by MWC

Were you embarrassed by the actions by your players and fans? If so did you call them out before like you the Utes?

Bothell, WA

RE: "We're picked to win our PAC 12 division and play in the BCS conference championship game our very first year out of the MWC."

Just plain LOL.... Never Ever going to happen. Not ever. Ever.

Bothell, WA

Two points...

1. I'd happily turn down Pac-nn conference invitation and stay Independent indefinitely. The Pac-nn conference is the most overrated and overhyped conference across the board vs. any other conference in America. I respect the programs at Oregon and Stanford, and somewhat at UW, but the rest of the teams are doormats. The U and Colorado just add more doormats.

2. RE: "look at how much money we're getting...wheee" - Who cares! It's about the scoreboard. I'll take the wins and you can have your humiliating losses and some cash. BYU is not hurting for cash.

Bothell, WA

@Howard - "how much?"

Who cares how much!? BYU doesn't care about the cash return on this. It's a pittance compared to the real value which is increased exposure for the program.

Howard - seriously. Read the articles. Put 2 and 2 together. BYU has been entirely transparent about this new non-MWC approach. It's isn't about the money. Over and over again. It's about more exposure and that's exactly what ESPN and BYU are doing together.

AK Cougar
Palmer, AK

Glad to see the Cougars will be on TV. It makes the BB season much better that trying to listen on the radio.

For my Utah friends. If Utah was on TV, I would not watch. They are not my team.

Go Cougars.

Seattle, WA

Chris B | 2:15 p.m. June 8, 2011
Salt Lake City, UT
Nothing like fighting to be atop the 10th best conference in the nation.

And there's nothing like fighting to keep from having 5 losing seasons in 7 years. Or to keep enough players to field a team. Or to get an alum to help coach. etc

Orem, Utah

@ Willary, 5:23 p.m. June 8,

Glad to see you admit that BYU's 1984 National Championship is RELEVANT!

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA


How ever many times it takes.

A) Apologized for bad behavior.
B) Apologized for bad behavior. Granted, you say only because a coach grabbed him by the ear and made him apologize, but that is the point.
C) Somehow I missed this whole story, can't comment.

Did I miss Coach Whit apologizing collectively for the team's boorish behavior? Did anyone officially even say they were sorry? Unofficially? It was allowed to happen twice.

Anybody who watched the game knows how Boise coaches handled their kids who wanted to stand up to the Utah behavior.

Frisco, TX

At this point, I'm actually happy that "all other sports" ended up in the WCC. As we know, the first plan was to move all other sports to the WAC. When that idea imploded, I initially thought WCC was a desperation move and football was really just that much more important than all other sports.

But I've come to realize that the WCC will be a superior basketabll conference to the MWC or old WAC. They new WCC will consistently send two teams to the big dance, frequently three teams, and occasionally four teams.

We all know BYU, Zags and St Mary's will be contenders year in and year out. But several other teams are returning most of their players and look to be strong contenders in the year(s) ahead.

ESPN recognizes this and rewarded them with this sweet extension.

Bottom Line
Draper, UT

The bottom line is that this is absolutely terrific news. To spin it otherwise is foolish. I am sure the game time starts will mirror those of the Pac 10.2 except I'll be able to watch unlike some other teams in the local area.

Saint George, UT

Moderate, u gets dollars from the others games whether the u is on tv or not.

When I was growing up, my oldest brother was part of group that thought they were the "cool" kids. Myabe they were, maybe they weren't but they had convinced others they were. Kids wanted to be part of the group. Each of the group, six of them, rode their bikes everywhere accompanied by their dogs.

There was a kid in the neighborhood (Marvin not really his name) who wanted to be part. He did not have a dog or a bike. He was so anxious to belong that he chose to run with the dogs. The boys did not encourage him but his appeals were such that they agreed with the association. My brother and friends shared their food and water whenever they stopped. Marvin was content to take of their acceptance no matter how humilating just to be part and get something to eat and drink.

He was content to just say he was part of the group. Sound familar.

Ann Arbor, MI

Fun little sidenote.

Do you bYu fans know where the WCC tournement is played? Didn't think so...let me clue you in.

It's called the Orleans casino/ arena. LOL!! It was designed for D list "entertainers" to keep there fadeing careeries on life support. The "arena" holds less than 6,000.

Seattle, WA


Do you find it "arduouse" that your ability to make cogent comments if "fadeing"?

Fun little sidenote: Even if the arena is half full, there will still be more people there than at the HC to watch the Utes.

Farid @ Pocatello
Pocatello, ID

I'll never understand why Utah fans meander over to our message boards and try to give us grief.

It's kind of like rooting for your team in the opponent's home stadium. You don't jump-and-down and do an in-your-face dance at the other guy's place. You show some respect and remain low-key.

I acknowledge that after almost thirty years, Utah football has caught up to BYU. They are now both excellent programs. But as a whole, the BYU Athletic Department runs circles around most every school in the west.

I worked with Kyle Whittingham when he was an assistant at Idaho State. He is a great guy. His brother was a missionary in our ward when we lived in West Palm Beach Florida 25 years ago (Freddy). He's a great guy too.

Why do some Utah fans have to try to tear down BYU? Because they really believe we're the superior program and the only way to make them look better is to make us look worse.

In Stitches
Provo, Utah

As a Conference of private schools, the WCC doesn't have to reveal their financial details (just like they don't reveal their caoaches salaries).

The best part is that it is obviously driving at least one troll crazy because he can't know the details. That right there makes it just plain FUN!

Highland, UT


Actually yes I do know what and where the Orleans arean is. I, like many other BYU fans, attended a tournament there are few years ago that BYU played in and watched them beat Louisville and then lose a very close game to North Carolina. It is a very nice arena actually and it seats 9500 people, not the 6000 you lied about, I actually thought it was a very nice mid sized arena and of course being in Vegas it is a great place to go to attend a tournament. I thought the MWC should have held their tournament there the last few years rather than give unlv home games.

But thanks again for not knowing what you are talking about while many of the BYU fans on here have actually been there. LOL

Highland, UT


You lived in West Palm beach while Freddy was there huh? Another one of my buddies, and a former Provo High/BYU guy like Freddy was in that mission at the same time, Eddie Rowe. Did you know him as well?



A, B, D? Did you get your college education at the U?

A) I'm fine with the jumbo Tron message. It was true!
B) I loved max hall's statements. Couldn't have said it any better myself.
C or D) I'm fine with Jan's and Paul's comments. Support them 100%

Go Cougars!

Salt Lake City, Utah

For all you WCC haters lets look at Sweet 16 appearances in the last three years for the 2012 WCC and the PAC 12 teams.

2011 WCC BYU PAC 12 Arizona
2010 WCC St Mary's PAC 12 Washington
2009 WCC Gonzaga PAC 12 Arizona

So really is the mighty PAC 12 that much better than the WCC? The WCC schools have three different schools representing in the three years. The PAC only has two. The PAC 12 may have more recognizable names, but not sure you can argue that they are a superior conference.

The number of schools invited to the dance is more about politics (supposed power conferences) Sweet 16 appearances are about superior basketball teams.

Orem, UT


"Do you BYU fans know where the WCC tournement[sic] is played?"

Yes. Thousands of BYU fans watched the Cougars crush Nebraska in the Las Vegas Classic in the Orleans Arena the same day BYU destroyed Oregon State in the 2009 Las Vegas Bowl.

It's a nice arena, with comfortable padded chairs and a seating capacity of 7,500 for basketball. The WAC and WCC basketball tournaments were both held in the Orleans Arena this year.

A word of advice: Spell check is your friend; try it some time.

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