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Published: Tuesday, June 7 2011 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Decatur Staleys
Lehi, UT

Typical national media double-standard. They'll caricature the GOP and conservatives but not Democrats to say nothing of liberals.It's a cheap shot, and they know it, but will never acknowledge it.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

I'd expect more of a publication like Newsweek than a photoshopped image taken from a satirical Broadway production. All this does is lessen Newsweek's credibility.

Pa. Reader
Harrisburg, PA

Hey Hal, "love it" precedes "leave it" in the phrase "love it or leave it."
Your implication is the poll was constructed to be biased, but that's a nit that's not worth picking, and it's more than a little paranoid.
For those who take the time to actually read the Newsweek piece, they will discover a balanced, thoughtful article. And while it's true the cover promotes a stereotype of LDS missionaries and Mormons in general, it's obviously cartoonish and in good fun. (Romney would do well to kick up his heals a little more in real life. His image is a bit too stiff.)
As Mormons we are happy to march into the public square to declare what we stand for, but when others take exception with our views we act horrified and offended.
The fact that Hunstman and Romney choose to downplay their membership in the LDS Church says more about them than it does about the Church or its antagonists. It is one of the reasons I would have to think long and hard before voting for either of them for president.

Salt Lake City, UT

Learn to laugh at yourself.

'Book of Mormon Musical', May 2011

Monty Python's 'Spamalot', Feb 2004

Monty Python and the Holy, Grail April 1975

A Guy With A Brain
Enid, OK

Typical left-wing strategy; acknowledge reality and facts only when you are absolutely forced to but do it in such a way as to make the facts and the person (or people) behind them look foolish.

All this just goes to show that liberals are scared spitless of Mitt Romney.

If they're not scared then why do they go to such lengths to belittle him?

Arm of Orion
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Dudes against the cover let it go. I thought it was funny and clever. Besides that is the image most people associate with members of the LDS faith. Trust me I know I served a mission in PA. Comeon guys let it go and laugh a little. No need to be so uptight.

Bronx, NY

I understand I am an outsider and maybe dont know all the ins and outs of your religion or culture but frankly I think the conservatives are making it worse not better. My honest first thought when I looked at the cover was oh look they are trying to make him look young and energetic looking, not hey look they are trying to make him look like a freak. Those that I have talked to that are not aware of your culture thought the same thing until the pundits all started crying foul. I can see why you would be offended but I also see that by drawing attention to those parts you are offended by it maybe making it worse.

Highland, Utah

I'm not losing any sleep over the cover, but I wonder: if a national magazine took Joseph Lieberman's face and transposed it over the body of Tevya from Fiddler on the Roof or put the long sideburn curls of a Chasidic Jew on his image, would there be any concerns expressed? I think so. In fact, I'll bet someone would lose their job over it.
I think the problem isn't that we are ashamed of the missionary program of the Church, the problem is that the image seemed to be done with the intent to belittle or mock Romney and his faith.

CHS 85
Sandy, UT

@Liberal Ted

If you don't want to buy it and read it, then don't. That'd be an open-market decision. You have your "fair and balanced" news with people "flirting" with running for office as paid correspondents, and partisan after partisan with "news" shows on all day long. I'll get my news where I choose, you can get your where you choose. Sounds pretty fair to me.

Beverly Hills, CA

This cover is nothing compared to the gross and ignorant words that will come out about Mitt and the LDS Church by Sarah Palin. I am really looking forward to this because I know many fellow Mormons who love both. It is going to get ugly, she doesn't hold back, even when confronted with the facts. She will take Mormon Bashing to new heights.

Danbury, CT

Clearly if I were Romney or Huntsman I would not be amused. But I'm more disturbed by the lack of sensitivity over the musical and how it makes us out to be complete dolts and drags our theology and faith through the mud. I cannot imagine New Yorkers (and the tourists) paying to poke fun at Jews in this way, and then giving accolades to the play. I find the double standard painful and appalling.

To George in the Bronx (my near neighbor), what would you think if the tables were turned? You've mentioned people not knowing the difference out of ignorance (an oft used excuse). What if it were done to another group that (eg. Blacks or Jews) where we're all more educated on "what not to do"??

Henderson, NV

I think we should organize a dress up like a missionary day. Everyone can wear a white shirt, a tie and their old missionary name tag and take to the streets.

Syracuse, UT

George | 1:12 p.m. June 7, 2011
Bronx, NY
Conservatives don't the do Newsweek, it is liberal and they are taking there shots as usual at republicans and the LDS church.

Bronx, NY

As I stated before I understand why people are offended and I think they have every right to be my thought was simply I did not make the connection until I saw this article it simply looked like they where trying to make him look young and appealing. Being my neighbor you should know better then anyone that all the groups you mentioned have and still at times take their unfair lumps on stage and screen. I agree that does not make it right but it does happen. Also I do not know the last time you where here but I can tell you this play (which I have no interest in seeing) is so small fry that it is not much if any bleb on the New York scene and I can tell you this small fry play gets a lot more air time in Utah then New York. New Yorkers are curious and do not always have accruate information (no thanks to big love)about the Mormon religion for sure but are not nearly as hostile as you might think.

Salt Lake City, UT

'Conservatives don't the do Newsweek, it is liberal and they are taking there shots as usual at republicans and the LDS church.' - bigsoccer | 2:33 p.m. June 7, 2011

But it is acceptable to portray Obama as a Witch doctor, nazi, socialist, Kenyan, Chimpanzee, Monkey, Muslim....

Think I'm joking?

Here are some examples:

*'Trump on Obama's Birth Certificate: 'Maybe It Says He's a Muslim' - Fox Nation - 03/30/11

*'GOP official apologizes for Obama chimp email' - By GILLIAN FLACCUS - AP - 04/19/11
'Calif. woman sends 'birther' message with photo of president's face on chimpanzee's body'

I'm not saying it's right. It is wrong to poke fun at someone's expense. I DO also think it's funny that Newsweek saw the connection to 'Book of Mormon' the musical and our Mormon canidates. As my example of 'Spamalot' shows, poking fun at yourself is acceptable.

But the double standard when it comes to Obama, should be evident. There's no 'satire' in claiming Obama is 'Witch Doctor' when he was trying to pass healthcare reform.

Based, on Romney's healthcare reform for MA.

Salt Lake City, UT

I remember when Newsweek had an article about the LDS Church. There was a picture of Joseph F. Smith with the caption "Founder Smith." Just a little homework prevents embarrassing errors.

Eagle Mountain, UT

I would be interested in a poll about what people in other parts of the country think about the LDS church and their LDS neighbors. I have lived outside Utah for many years and found that the only opposition was usually a few extremely bigoted "pastors" who were trying to convince their congregation how bad we were and a few of the "sheep" in those congregations. Funny part was that when you get in a cordial religious conversation with one of the "flock", not only did they usually not know what the LDS church believed but they usually weren't sure what their church believed either. I got a real kick out of one friend that agreed with several points of doctorine taught by the LDS church. When I told her that these contradicted what her church taught her reply was "are you sure" and "I don't agree with that". Truth is that the majority of people in the US don't have much of an opinion of the LDS church. That is why the Liberals push so hard against LDS candidates. Anti-LDS feelings are strongest in Utah.

Bronx, NY

I know you are joking but you know independent that would actually not be a bad suggestion for those that live here or in the area. They could all go down to time square or grand central and stage some kind of tasteful public display (in the style of improve everywhere but with a tasteful LDS spin) then take sometime talking to people that pass by that are interested in learning some facts about the LDS church. I think if you avoided preaching you would actually get some people interested as I say New Yorkers are curious about your church, not to join but to make sense of all the contradictory information because here you are still small enough in numbers that people do not have regular contact with LDS people and do not get to know them and their customs. This poorly chosen cover could actually be a good chance for LDS people to educate others about their religion.

Cedar Hills, UT

George in Bronx NY makes some great points IMO.
I wasn't particularly offended by the cover and I'm a "dyed-in-the-wool" conservative and active member of the LDS Church. I agree with George...many times we conservatives bring more negative attention upon ourselves by being so quick to react to this kind of media.
Just live by the tenets of our faith and the example we set will bring the attention we want.

Murray, UT

It is unfortunate that we often take life (and ourselves) too seriously. Don't be offended and don't strike back. It does no good and makes us look bad. I know that people often criticize others to make themselves feel better but I for one don't believe that it works. Love them that despitefully use you and you will feel better.

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