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Published: Monday, June 6 2011 9:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

"What exactly is a morman? Is that kind of like a merman? "

Yes, I believe they're most frequently spotted waving at high school buses passing by in the morning.

Weber State Graduate
Clearfield, UT

As the Irish poet Brendan Behan once said, "There is no such thing as bad publicity, except your own obituary."

Salt Lake City, ut

@ Johnson72
How are you getting religion of romney and making morman out of it? I am just curious?

Kamas, UT

The line between satire and bigotry often depends upon whether there's a smile on your face when you read, hear and observe.

Syracuse, UT

Maybe those who are Mormon that didn't want to discuss their religion did not want to mix church and state! It is one of those things that you are darned if you do and darned if you don't.

No matter what, people are going to find fault with you on things. It is just like where I work. If I disagree with policy's of Obama, I am a racist. But people in the office can blast Mormons all they want and it is somehow okay.

Maricopa, AZ

@counter intelligence, as always, I appreciate your clear and unbiased thinking.

I'd vote for you if you were in politics.

Good to hear from you again buddy!

#1 Champ
Salt Lake City, UT

Mormons have the formula for success, and a formula for weirdness. But I'm still voting for genius Mitt

Provo, UT

Some dude on that Newsweek article is really letting the Church have it in the comments.

Denton, TX

I've never seen a missionary wearing white socks.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Mitt Romney as a Missionary?
Glenn Beck sticking out his tongue?!

What a sell out.
Anything for a buck, or a vote.

They don't represent me, or my religion.

Whatever happened to the dignified poses of LDS Prophets & Apostles - the "real" representatives of the LDS - gracing the cover of Time Magazine?

Henderson, NV

It really doesn't bother me if Newsweek or even most Americans think I'm weird for believing what I believe. I feel the same way about a lot of things that they believe. Stealing a line from Dave Ramsey, I want to live like no one else now, so that I can live like no one else later. Let them go ahead and laugh all they want.

Henderson, NV

Oh my gosh! Glenn Beck stuck his tongue out! Oh the humanity!

Sugar City, ID

What we need is inspired leadership. What we want or get is another matter.

Petaluma, CA

AZrods sez: your criticism of Mitt perfectly describes every politician in America...

not really. predator capitalist is reserved for the few who are or were corporate raiders, who made their mark firing Americans, and shipping their work to China and then selling off the pieces. While many capitalists do indeed share the Romney experience of firing Americans and shipping their work to China, the corporate-raider-as-politician-package is more rare.
Feel free to give examples among the Democratic candidate for Congress. If you can.
Megan, the GOP candidate for Gov of Ca was such a one. See what you can share with us. no generalizations.
no, vague statements that "they are all the same". no. they are not.

American Fork, UT

The photo looks a little like the photo on the 'book of mormon' broadway musical promotional material.

sandy, ut

Thriller - no, LDS teachings are far from perfect. What teachings do you think are perfect? If they were perfect there would be no need for a current prophet and apostles. There would be no change in doctrine as there has been from the organization of the church. So let's not be shallow and say that our teachings are perfect.

Los Angeles, CA

@So. Cal Reader -
Before we get too carried away about the humanitarian aid contributions made by the Church, let's put it in perspective. The $1.3 billion total aid donated over 26 years (according to the latest numbers published by the Church) is about 1/25th the amount one individual, Bill Gates, has given away so far in his life, and is dwarfed by many others' contributions as well. It sounds like a big deal, but if you consider the number of members, the net worth of the Church, and the annual income earned by Church-owned businesses, it is not.

Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

Like most politicians, those 11 that said they were politicians first and Mormons second, lack any courage of their conviction. Their fear of man (voters) apparently overpowers their fear of and love for God.

Independent Woman
West Jordan, UT

I tried to see if anyone had made a comment on working class's comment, but no one has, so I must add my 2 cents worth. The idea that Mormon's have to agree on every issue is absolutely ridiculous. If it were true all Mormons would belong to the same political party which certainly isn't how it is. Were you trying to be funny, or do you really believe what you said?

Glendora, CA

In spite of all this favorable publicity, (of which I am grateful), it's still the individual LDS who makes a more profound difference in people's lives, with personal face time.
I was initially interested in investigating the church, from the great individuals who I personally knew, thereby leading to my eventual conversion from Protestantism, back in 1975.
One-to-one contact with good examples spoke volumes more to me than one famous individual, with whom I would never get to meet.

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