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Published: Friday, June 3 2011 11:00 a.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

Wow true national TV (meaning ESPN or ESPN2) for our FIRST FIVE GAMES already--this really bodes well for when we stop having to play a bunch of WAC teams!

Its a great time to be a BYU fan!

Iowa City, IA

Son of a Gun! ESPN has hoisted BYU up on it's shoulders...So long MWC, versus and the mountain network...Hello National Market! Go Cougars!

Lehi, UT


Taylorsville, Ut

Great for the first part of the season; but when do we get BYUtv HD on Directtv; Dish; etc.

We could be back like the beginning of the MWC. No HD football for all Conf. games until just this last year.

I sure hope we not back looking at BYUtv in SD; that would be a total disaster; but I sure see it coming.

Highland, UT


First 5 games plus one more. 3 on Saturday afternoon or evening, prime time, and 3 on Friday night prime time. 3 on the road and 3 at home. Pretty sweet deal.

Seattle, WA

As exited as I am for all this, it's going to be "ardouse" to listen to the trolls try and explain it away.

Iowa City, IA

At first I thought you were a petty BYU fan, then I realized you're a u fan trying to rain on our parade. Well, we brought umbrella's and big smiles!! The sky is always Cougar blue!

Grantsville, UT

Since when is suffering through an SD signal a disaster?! I would definitely prefer to watch in HD, but I've learned to be grateful to even have the games broadcast where I can see them!

Bluffdale, Utah


It's ok, we brought the U to the national stage for their only nationally televised game this year. Your Welcome!

Frisco, TX


I'd rather watch BYU on SD BYUtv than listen to them on a radio station like the Utes will have to do with many games. But even if DirecTV doesn't pick up the HD signal for BYUtv, I'll just connect my computer to the big screen and watch in in HD.

Great time to be a Coug!

ji bae
Saint George, UT

I actually called DirecTV and they said it takes a little while but never very long to start showing a channel in HD after the channel makes it available. He said as soon as BYUtv wants them to, it will be in HD.

Rexburg, ID

The BYU administration and ESPM have provided the first six games to a national audience. That is great. The coaches and the Cougs need to step up and perform.

All the games are important, but it is absolutely critical that the Cougs go to SEC country and beat Ole Miss right out of the gate. Ole Miss will be no push over.

Texas is loaded; forget about last year.

USF is a great team and could very well be in the hunt for the conference championship of the Big East this year.

Utah is a question mark right now and we'll have to see how Wynn and company perform.

Utah State will be a revenge match. And of course, even though TCU lost a bunch of players, their defense will be extremely tough; especially playing in Arlington. For all intents and purposes the TCU game is an away game.

Bluffdale, Utah


We are playing UCF not USF... different conference

Rexburg, ID


You're right....friday afternoon is my only excuse. UCF is in the C-USA and won their conference. They also beat Georgia in the Liberty bowl. They are projected to win C-USA again this year. Tough team. Once again, my apologies.

Taylorsville, Ut

for ji bae;

I have called Directtv several times since BYUtv went HD in February.

I have been told every single time that is is not even on their list of upcoming additions for

I will be happy to do anything I can to get this done.

I wil call them again today and see what they say. I will also, check their website for
HD additions; they post there often before Customer Service has any idea.

Stockton, CA

So right now half of our games are on an ESPN channel and I think the Hawaii game is supposed to be on ESPN and maybe Oregon State, with the rest on BYUtv. That also means all of them will be available online, wow that is way better than the mountain.

Salt Lake City, UT

"ESPN and the Big 12 Conference announced Friday that the BYU vs. Texas game in Austin on Sept. 10 will be broadcast nationally on ESPN2 at 5 p.m. MT."

Wait what? BYU is only playing @ 5? Everyone knows the prime time is 6 p.m.

You can go ahead and thank Texas University for the nationally televised ESPN2 game. Your home schedule will be on byutv at least.

Highland, UT


That didn't even make any sense. Try again so we know what you're talking about.

Orem, UT

The plate is set - 7 of 12 games on ESPN or ESPN2. The competition is set. The exposure is set. Now Jake and company just have to perform.

This could be a defining season for BYU football.

Can't wait for September!

Cedar Hills, UT


"your" welcome?

Once again, TV smack. Gotta love it.

PAC 12, 2 out of 3, Blocked! and Scoreboard.

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