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Published: Thursday, June 2 2011 2:00 p.m. MDT

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West Jordan, UT

aggieblue: I come on here and comment because of the 17 comments made on this article, 5 of them are aimed at Utah fans. Can you tell me what BYU and USU fans obsession with Utah fans is all about?

Finally...money talks. How much is USU's ESPN deal worth. How much is BYU's deal worth? How much is Utah's worth. No comparison. Cougar and Aggies ALL wish they could be where Utah is right now, and the only ammo they have to shoot holes in what Utah has is the number of times they appear on ESPN.

Take your # of appearances on ESPN and enjoy the Emerald Bowl (BYU) and no bowl (Aggies), Utah will take the Holiday Bowl (thanks BYU for building this one up so a real conference could take ties to it), Alamo Bowl, or the Rose Bowl and possible PAC12 championship games.

Roy, UT

wac or utah state tv rights have nothing at all to do with this game. Your byu/pawn theory doesn't make any sense. Every real college sports fan knows that the tv rights fall upon the tv contract which belongs to the home team unless it's a neutral site game. Therefore this game has been picked up by espn due to espn's affiliation and contract with the sec.

Roy, UT

Oh and I just noticed that of the first four posts of this article there was one thing mentioned about the utes and nothing concerning the cougars before you came on an aggies board to start ignorantly bashing the cougars amazing tv deal. That really doesn't warrant a need for you to come on an aggies board to start bashing the cougars tv deal.

Saint George, UT

Ute4ever: Hey you are on here posting, why?

So is all that "bcs money" going to buy u a top flight team or is it players. Look at the recruiting Anderson is doing with a measly litte wac team. You speak of Rose bowl, etc, seems like you are playing the u for a lower than first place in the lowly south pac.10.2. Remember USC can't win because of eligibility problems. You can hope by default you get there. Remember also you have to be winning 6 games. Lot of "ifs" out there.

Honestly, why doesn't u play the Aggies when Oklahoma, Auburn and others do?, got an anwer? Please take Montana State off and give the aggies a chance.

The aggies will do fine, could catch the auburn team off guard.

Go aggies

West Jordan, UT

Because the game is home to Auburn, it is not through the contract the WAC has with ESPN, it is through ESPN's contract with the SEC. Please stop saying that USU is a pawn to get Auburn on TV, it's just plain ig'nant

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

Looking forward to seeing the opener.

Go Big Blue!!!

Tomahawk Red
North Salt Lake, UT

Nice to see aggies are drinking the same kool aid as BYU. One ESPN game and already they're the second best team in the state because of it.

Aggies think ESPN wants them, not the national champions. Aggies think tv, not wins, is what gets you a game in January. Aggies joining forces with the mid major down south, when just months ago BYU they went behind USU's back and backed out of the WAC deal... which cost aggies a spot in the mwc.

There's a reason I didn't go to Utah State. Nice to see my decision has been validated. Their logic doesn't jive with reality at all.

BTW, love the reply from ute4life! Pawns... ha ha ha!!!

Idaho Falls, ID

I just wish that BYU would take the Dallas Maverik's blue trimmed in Aggie blue and get over themselves. Hope the U has a great year and realize in a year or two that they should continue with the series with the Aggies. Maybe they could get on ESPN that way.

Providence, UT

I love how every Utah fan on here brings up the Rose Bowl!

You have to win to get to the Rose Bowl. I'd just count my blessings that I didn't have to take another two losses to Stanford and Oregon this year if I was Utah.

Frisco, TX

KamUte | 7:20 a.m. June 3, 2011
South Jordan, UT
Really who cares about what channel? All Utah's ganes will be on television.

@kam, and they were all on television last year too. It's just that not too many people get The MTN, or whatever channels you're on this year. You can always listen to the game on the local radio station.

Congrats Aggies. Score a big one and take Auburn out.

Logan, UT

Why are we even talking about why USU gets to play on espn or how many nationally televised games Utah and BYU have? The point is that Aggie fans will get a chance to watch their teams first game in HD with decent announcers. I am tickled. It might be slaughter, but who knows. I for one wish I could have watched last years season opener against Oklahoma and we didn't win that game.

Taylorsville, UT

@aggieblue "Please take Montana State off and give the aggies a chance."

Sounds good to me. The Aggies can play the U on Sept 1 and then Auburn on Sept 3. I'm only assuming that your game with Auburn was scheduled before Iowa State dropped the U from their schedule and the U got Montana State instead. Possibly USU was contacted about a game. I am also assuming that you would prefer to play Auburn over the U and would have not been happy had that game been dropped to play the Utes.

I hope games with USU are scheduled in the future.

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