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Published: Wednesday, June 1 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Provo, UT


Sound like the MTN. Utah is the last card in the Pac 12 deck.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT



No kidding?

Just when you thought it was safe to say "it's great to be a Ute"...

Cougars - Wise Older Brothers
Anaheim, CA

Congratulations Utah!

Playing USC on Versus - make us proud!

Orange County, CA

Versus? You've got to kidding! Is this the MTN-12?

Salt Lake City, UT

hedgehog will be giddy with excitement :)

South Jordan, UT

Excuse me.....I'm just giggling too much to comment further!

Fruit Heights, UT

Can someone help me out and let me know what channel VS. is on so I can watch the game?

Is it part of the basic package, or do I have to pay extra?

Is Craig Thompson teaching Larry Scott how to get "exposure"?

Is this the funniest sports story of the year, or what?

Provo, UT


hedgehog will be giddy with excitement :)

I was eating a sandwich and spit it half way across the room.

My wife was getting ready to do the "The Heinrich Maneuver"

Post of the decade. I can't stop laughing.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, Utah

I'm just glad BYU isn't playing on the Versus. Did anyone else notice that BYU loses almost every single game broadcast on the VS.? Does anybody know the last time BYU won a game on the Versus?

I was thinking that if Utah went independent (assuming they could), BYU and Utah could play each other 8 times every year. If they split the series 4-4, set up a bowl game for the tiebreaker. Then we'll see who is the better team every year. (I'm joking, by the way-- mostly)

P. Sylvan
Redlands, CA

This has got to be the "feel good" story of the year.

Gilbert, AZ

I had to double-check my calendar to make sure it was June 1st instead of April 1st

Anaheim, CA

um, like wow

Provo, UT

Insult to injury: USC vs. Utah on Versus will be competing for viewers against Notre Dame vs. Michigan on ESPN that same night. I wonder which broadcast will have more viewers... Sorry, Utes.

Tomahawk Red
North Salt Lake, UT

Wow. Every single comment so far from Y fans.

Such hypocrisy.

Salt Lake City, UT

It's a great day to be a...


sometimes life just isn't fair.

Provo, UT

@ Tomahawk Red

Yeah! Ute fans/BYU haters NEVER comment on BYU-related articles!

Bountiful, UT

And who is it that trolls articles? Certainly not BYU fans . . . see above.

Salt Lake City, UT

Tomahawk Red

BYU fans are just happy to share in the joy of Utah's national television schedule?

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Tomahawk Red | 9:32 p.m. June 1, 2011
North Salt Lake, UT
"Wow. Every single comment so far from Y fans.

Such hypocrisy."

Dude, have you ever see anyone strut, talk smack and then trip over the twenty-yard-line in front of their big brother.

Utah fans have earned this morsel of humble pie.

Maybe if Utah fans weren't over on BYU stories, still trying to put an astrisk next to 1984, the PAC would have a reason to find a better channel for the U.

Simple econmics, supply and demand.

What surprises me is the demand in So Cal for USC to play the Utah team with the "cachet" is sooooo small that USC is only playing on Versus.

What does that tell you about the Ute brand of football?

Personally, I have no idea who Utah upset, but this press release is a huge slap-in-the-face to Utah from the PAC.

Bountiful, UT

"Fox Sports Net and ESPN/ABC have another 23 Pac-12 games remaining in their inventory-18 for FSN and five for ESPN. In-season selections will be made either six or 12 days prior to the games."

One of the benefits of playing in a bigger conference I guess - if the Utes end up playing well, they'll get more national games awarded -- 6 to 12 days prior to the games. Or if one of the teams they play is doing well, same deal. It will likely bag the Utes another game or two on national TV. Much better than where we were last year on the Mountain.

This is also another example that things in the PAC-12 won't be handed to the Utes, the fellas are going to have to earn every inch of respect. The road will be bumpy, but the Utes under coach Whit are up to the challenge. It may take a few years of recruiting (especially for depth) to get up the week in week out high level of achievement.

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