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Published: Tuesday, May 31 2011 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Orem, Utah

Is Bismack Biyombo a better 3rd pick than Enes Kanter? Guess the Jazz brass will discover that soon as they're evaluating both. I've seen posters praising him.

The Jazz probably figure Williams will go 2nd, so are looking hard at bigs in this draft.

It'll be interesting to see how Jimmer's workout with the Jazz affects who they'll pick at 3. Sounds like he held his own well enough at the Pacers evaluation. His workout might affect that 3rd pick. Jimmer is theirs to lose.

Glad to see Emery impressed Corbin with his shooting, which has been a minor question for some. Emery's defense goes without question.

Burley, ID

I'm one of the guys who has been praising Bismack Biyombo. Here's why.

While he's only 6'7 3/4" (without shoes, 6'9" with) he plays more like a 7 footer. With a 7'7" wingspan, no player has ever registered a wingspan that is nearly a foot longer than his actual height. Because of his wingspan, he's going to be able to play both Power Forward and Center.

Biyombo is extremely athletic and jumps like a kangaroo. Imagine Jeremy Evans with a 243 pound muscular body? That's pretty close to what Bismack is. As a matter of fact I'm certain that Evans will be the only player, currently on the Jazz, that will be able to out jump Biyombo.

Bismack is tough, vocal, explosive around the basket, plays with emotion, works hard for positioning, hates to lose, loves to defend the paint, doesn't back down from bigger heavier players, willingly helps other players, is constantly working to improve his game and will push himself to the point of exhaustion.

How often have the Jazz had a player with all those attributes?


Burley, ID

(continued from previous post)

So, if Bismack's so great why isn't he being drafted number 1?

Biyombo has only been playing organized basketball since the age of 14. Currently, he's 18 years old (turns 19 in August) and his game is still developing. That makes him younger than Derrick Favors.

I know, I can already hear the words murmuring from the mouths of many Jazz fans, "Oh no, not another soft Euro player."

Nope, not not in this case.

Bismack is from the Congo and after reading many articles and watching videos of him play. I'm convinced he's going to develop into an incredible player in the NBA. Whoever drafts him is getting a diamond in the rough, one that is going to pay dividends for years to come.

I hope it's the Jazz. I'd love to see Biyombo get the chance to play with Favors and Hayward. I believe it would only be a matter of time (six months) before they would start to crush most of their NBA competition.

There is only player I would draft ahead of Biyombo and that would be Derrick Williams. (If available.)

Lehi, UT

Lets find our big man next year. Why waste the pick on an under-sized big?

Nobody in this draft is better than PM,AJ,or DF. Once the Jazz fix the terrible perimeter play, back court and shooting it will allow the bigs to be much more efficient and put up better numbers on both sides of the floor.

The Jazz had one of the worst back courts in the NBA last season, so that has to be priority number one.

Centerville, UT

No way should the Jazz pick Biyombo at 3. He is too much of a risk--though he likely won't be there at 12. He is a boom/bust pick--I've read that he shows tons of promise on the defensive end and dominated the competition at the Nike Hoops Summit but by all accounts his offensive game was the rawest at the camp. Every highlight shows him dunking. He has nothing away from the hoop. Most reviews say he is several years away from being able to contribute to a NBA team since he will need to continue to develop his game--especially on offense. He will also need to learn to control his defensive game as well to avoid foul trouble. At 3 there will be other prospects available who can fill needs and are much less of a risk.

Houston, TX

Valanciunas buyout has raised to 3 mill. Williams (so far) refuses to schedule workouts with anyone other than CLE and MN unless MN trades.

Jimmer did well in IND but the NY workout will be different and against much better competition. Lets see how he does against Brooks. NY got players they felt would give Jimmer trouble.

The Knock on Biyombo is that he does not play nearly as well in regular games as he did in the one Nike tournament. The refs let him be very aggressive and get away with fouling most of the time in that tournament.

Biyombo is undersized but his max vert reach is good. He will take a few years to be NBA ready. I would rather have him than one of the Morris twins.

The Jazz are going Knight or Kanter with the 3 unless they trade down for Vesley. The 12 pick is a big question. If Jimmer continues to test well they could take him but the Bobcats and Bucks could also.

Orem, Utah

@ rvalens2,

If Biyombo is all that, and if Williams is gone before the 3rd pick, why not draft Jimmer at 3 and Biyombo at 12? I bet he'd still be there at 12.

It's unlikely the Jazz can get two lottery picks that will contribute sooner than Williams and Jimmer, so getting at least one of them at 3rd is key. The 12th pick could then be used for a future development-type player that has a big upside, like Biyombo.

Biyombo could be taught to shoot, IF he has any touch. That'd be key to his future. Unknown, so why he's a risk.

Tremonton, UT

NBA has already said tnere will be no summer league. Bobcats tried to do one on their own and the league shut them down. So like here nothing can be done with ESA or Jazz workout place. Players on their own can unite and do what they want. They need to get a little creative rent a college gym, cahrge a small admission fee to pay for it and have a workout. This lockout will get ugly..

Houston, TX

The GS pick next year will probably be late enough that the really good bigs are gone. It is either Kanter or Vesley this year or some trade which is much harder to pull off.

Kanter is better than Greg Monroe and Jazz fans would have killed to get Monroe last year. Now they have Favors the fans are very picky. That is a good situation to be in.

Having given up DWill to get Favors, the big question about both Knight and Jimmer is thier ability to run an NBA team. Knight lacks experience. Jimmer has experience but the BYU offense was very unorthodox. It was a spread offense and then became a spread offense with the PG being the primary shooter/spreader.

Walker has the experience but I do not like this years style of game. He had a somewhat different style the 2 years before.

I like both Knight and Jimmer but I am expecting efficiency and a distributive style that makes the other players better. Both can shoot when necessary and both can open up the inside.

The Jazz have to go to a 2 PG offense in my opinion. Knight AND Jimmer is possible.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Drafting Jimmer @ 3 would be absolutely horrendous and recklessly stupid.
Biyombo, nor Jimmer, will be wearing Jazz uniforms in a near or distant future.

Burley, ID

What are the two biggest complaints Jazz fans have about the team?

1. Inconsistent outside shooting.

2. Not much defense in the paint.

Bismack will help solve one of those problems, defense in the paint. It isn't going to matter much that his outside shot is suspect. Favors, Hayward, Millsap, and Jefferson can handle the shooting. Besides, with Bismack's work ethic, the shooting touch will come. Or have we all forgotten how awful Karl Malone was at shooting free throws when he first came in to the league?

I'm not saying that Bismack is going to become Karl Malone but he does exhibit a work ethic we haven't seen in anyone since Karl.

The first time Jazz fans see Biyombo take off from the foul line and absolutely crush the rim with a monster dunk will be a real eye opener. His off the charts athleticism is going to seem other worldly.

The Jazz are always saying, "We want to draft the best athlete." Well, if Derrick Williams isn't available then Bismack is, in my opinion, the next best athlete.

Roosevelt, UT

Sorry mr Burley but the Jazz have had experience at having people who are 6'7" tall guarding Gasol, Odom, Durrant, etc. It is not fun as they hold the ball above their heads while the 6' 7" people jump and jump. Nto exactly like JJ Berea but you get the idea.

Kanter is years ahead of this guy and in great physical shape. Out of all the people at the tryouts he stayed on the treadmill 4th longest that includes the guards. He is 6' 11" and he is 255 and has a somewhat developed shot and can swat the ball.

The Jazz backcourt is plenty good. Hard to get an assist when you throw theball to people who can't shoot like CJ, Bell, Price, Elson Fes and AK to name a few. That many bad shooters makes me wonder who the worthless shooting coach is and why don't they replace him.

The Jazz need to make the move to get Williams. All the above can be used for trade purposes to MN to get the 2nd pick. Williams is the pick of the draft.

Sun Valley, Idaho

Will it matter?

Trade everybody who is good...

To contending teams...

The Jazz...

Is the NBA feeder program....

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

Take Kantor at the 3. He is an athletic BIG and you can't hardly find them in the NBA let alone one with 5% body fat and 255lbs.

Bigs, Bigs, Bigs.

Always take a good one whenever you can get one.

You can't teach height/bulk. There are plenty of shorter guys you can get via other options.

We had to trade Deron Williams to get Favors. Bigs don't come cheap.

Los Angeles, CA

@Doug10- I agree that I would rather have Kanter at #3 due to his size and all around game. I don't see him being much of a defensive player, but he will score and rebound.

However, what you don't understand is that Biyombo has a standing reach that is actually greater than Kanter's. Standing reach (and vertical jump/athletism) combined with a solid body is huge in the paint and Biyombo has it. I agree with the guy from Idaho that Biyombo will be a defensive force in the future. If we still had the #6 pick, he would probably be my choice.

Houston, TX

Biyombo is years away from playing in the NBA. He does have the Max Vert and reach to play in the NBA in spite of being Millsap's height. The Jazz would trade down if they really want him.

I do not see the Jazz trading down. They will take Knight, Kanter or Vesley if they are really impressed after seeing Vesley in person.

It is possible that some team moves up and grabs Knight or Kanter at 2 and Williams falls to 3. I doubt if Williams is much better than Millsap at PF but he COULD play SF. That is the big question about Williams.

CAN he really play SF? Can he guard Durant and King James? Can he score against them? Kanter is just a quick a Williams and bigger.

Williams refuses to workout so there is no real way of knowing IF he can actually play SF. I suspect he is Ty Thomas maybe with a better attitude.

Try waving a good draft pick at CHA and I bet you could get Thomas.

Williams will only be able to play SF against 1/2 of the teams.

How useful it that to the Jazz?

Houston, TX

There is a reason why MN wants to trade the 2nd pick.

Williams is not better than Beasley.

Beside the fans hate Flynn and MN is not getting Rubio.

Do not be surprised if MN takes Knight or Kemba. They would like to trade down and get one of them but there is a risk of losing both. They have the option of taking Williams and then trading Williams and Flynn for a PG and something.

Jimmer could actually run the triangle (as it demand little of a PG) and should be of interest to MN.

There are a lot of options in this draft for getting what you need.

Captain L
Provo, UT

I love Biyombo, but I wouldn't take him at 3, Kanter is very talented, tough, can rebound very well, has very good offensive game. I really hope we get him. I don't agree that he is undersized, he's as big as half or more of the centers in the league. He's 6'11 with a 7'1 1/2" wingspan, not the longest but good enough.
The 12 spot is anybodies guess, I think Jimmer would be a pretty safe pick, we know he can shoot, he has good handles and can create. We need that.

Orem, Utah

If Williams doesn't want to play for the Jazz, but gets drafted by them and eventually signs a contract, will he stay? Or will he pull a D-Will and make the Jazz trade him before his first contract is up?

Could Williams, after being in Utah a year, decide it's not so bad after all? I doubt it. He's likely thinking big market.

Therefore, who's the next best player in the draft if Williams wouldn't be drafted? My money's still on Jimmer. He's a difference maker on a team that doesn't have one, let alone a PG that can actually lead a team (assists).

Large Tuna
Salt Lake City, UT

No one would draft Jimmer at 3. NO ONE. Jimmer at the 3 pick is nothing short of ridiculous. And that's coming from a non Jimmer hater. Come on, be realistic. He will be there at 12 when the Jazz choose to pass on him for a second time. Late lotto pick at best. Is he a good player? yes. Is he a 3 pick? Absolutely NOT. I guess I'll just have to wait until draft day to post the "told you so" comments when Jimmer gets picked in the late teens, see you then.

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