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Published: Wednesday, June 1 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Obama has had concrete proposals too:

Containing end of life care costs which Republicans demonized as "death panels".

Comparative effectiveness research which Republicans demonized as "rationing".

Both sides pay this game, its disingenuous to only blame Obama and the Democrats.

Mike in Texas
Allen, TX

Wasserman's comments may be "old" but they are real. The Republican plan will kill Medicare as we have known it in favor of private insurance. Private insurance will increase health care costs as health insurers profit.

Privativation also means profit centered corporate decisions as to who gets covered and at what cost. This alone ought to "scare" people, old and othewise, but especially older people as their cost will be higher due age and medical condition.

The truth is that Debbie and other Democrats are not trying to scare people, they are just trying to warn them. The Ryan plan just unfairly shifts costs and rewards corporate interests, the same corporate interests that fund the Republican Party. But, from the peoples grass root reaction to the Ryan plan, I doesn't look the people are as dumb as the Republicans think.

Cedar Hills, UT

The article starts off with a false assumption..."an attractive?" Then its point is well taken that the Dems can do nothing but demagog the Repubs. The playbook has worked for so long it should not be changed. Keep up the good work dems, and the pubs are helping you by spending like dems.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

If it were the 1950s and the repubs came up with the smallpox vaccine, Wassserman would run scare ads screaming that the repubs want to stick you in the arm, it would hurt, and leave a scar in an attempt to discredit them.

She would completely ignore the fact that the dems were doing NOTHING about the problem (except make it worse).

Deep Space 9, Ut

To "Mike in Texas | 6:26 a.m." what should scare people is to know that the government has a 30% overhead cost, while their insurance company runs at 15% to 20% for overhead plus profit.

Lets not forget that Medicare has a higher claims denial rate is higher than private health insurance.

Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

To Red Shirt: Absolute nonsense. Medicare pays out 97.5% of revenues for patient care. No private insurance comes within a mile of that standard.

Deep Space 9, Ut

To "Roland Kayser | 9:37 a.m." but where does its revenues come from? They come through the Federal Government. The Federal Government has a 30% overhead rate. That statistic is like saying that your accounts payable department pays out 98% of the money that they receive. That may be true for the one small group, but does not take into account the company as a whole, wich is what you have to do.

Tooele, UT

Re: "Medicare pays out 97.5% of revenues for patient care. No private insurance comes within a mile of that standard."

Close to true [actually should be about 98.4%], but also wildly misleading, since the primary administrative costs -- human resources -- are not even accounted for in that figure.

Figuring in all readily obtainable overhead [HHS budget, $79.9B; Medicare Operations, $2.3B; CMS Program Mgt, $3.6B; General Trust Fund, $54.4B] gets you to about 28% overhead.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Medicare currently has $24 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities.

What do the Democrats propose be done about that? They claim that the Republicans are trying to steal health-care from Medicare recipients, but they have already spent that money and they have no way to repay it.

$24 TRILLION means that every man, every woman, every child in America would have to pay $80,000 to pay that money back.

Add in the unfunded liability for Social Security and you have over $88 TRILLION. That means every man, every woman and every child would have to pay over $293,000 to balance that liability.

What do the Democrats propose about that $88 TRILLION liability? The DNC spokeswoman is very good at blaming others. When is she going to take responsibility for what the Democrats are avoiding?

Somewhere in Utah, UT

Earlier I posted that it was sad Thomasson was complaining because Representative Wasserman Schultz told the truth, and that he should open his mind. I don't know what was objectionable about that, given the tone and comment of the posts entered by some of the far-right posters here. So I'm trying again.

To repeat myself -- Representative Wasserman Schultz told the truth. It's sad that Thomasson isn't willing to see and recognize the truth.

Joe Moe
Logan, UT

Wasserman has somehow become a frequent guest on Face the Nation. I cannot stand to listen to her. I tried the first several times. But she is so grating, so antagonistic, so negative, so manipulative. I think that must be the requirement for DNC chair, because the last guy was almost as bad. Except he looked silly more often. Wasserman is simply manipulative, and it shows in the way she says everything. She's probably right on some things, everyone is right sometimes, but her personal style is so antagonizing I can't stand to listen to her. Poor choice for DNC chair. I am a Republican who is sympathetic to some planks on the D platform, but having someone like her for the face of the DNC is poor thinking. She will never reach the moderates or independents.

(And I wouldn't bring this up, but it was the first adjective the reporter used so I have to dispute it, "attractive"? I mean, it doesn't matter, why the writer felt the need to bring it up at all I don't know, but at least be right when you do).

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

I don't know, Joe Moe, she looks ok to me.

South Jordan, UT

JOe Moe:; Are you saying Mitch Mcconnell, John Boehner, Paul Ryan and the rest of the clowns leading the republican party, are positive? That they are trying to work with this administration? The democraticly controlled house passed hundreds of bills, some creating jobs, to help the economy. All were shot down by fillabuster's in the senate. Republicans do nothing. Their partry is a joke. Their agenda is obvious, to make the poor and middle class pay for everything and give More tax breaks to the wealthy. Their message is a old tired one, that didnt work with Reagan, or Bush's. Nancy Pelosi was one of the best speakers we ever had. And she will be again, after the 2012 election. Kinda warms your heart dont it?Speking of poor choices, Mitch mcConnell fits that bill. Along with the entire GOP feild for president.

West Jordan, UT

It is sad that when we are on a sinking ship, the only thing our politicos do is wrestle for the helm.

Saint George, UT

Re-Publicans/Conservatives/Tea Party types just said NO from 11/08.

In fact, they said "H" No!

It too, got to be "decidely old".

"Decidely old" yet very effective.

The Democratic Party is just using the same tactic used by R/C/T's.

The fact that a right-wing newspaper would complain about it proves it is working.

"...grating, antagonistic, negative, manipulative..."

If she was not spot-on target, the article would have never been written.


Where do you get your statistics?
For the private insurance market, a 2008 study by the Congressional Budget Office, the nonpartisan number-crunching arm of Congress. CBO cited data, compiled by the McKinsey Global Institute, that estimated administrative costs for private insurers at 12 percent. However, data cited by CBO found that administrative costs for private insurance were about 7 percent for employers with at least 1,000 employees, but 26 percent for firms with 25 or fewer employees. Meanwhile, in the individual insurance market -- that is, plans secured by individuals on their own, rather than through an employer -- the rate was nearly 30 percent, CBO said.

A 2011 Annual Report of the Boards of Trustees of the Federal Hospital Insurance and Federal Supplementary Medical Insurance Trust Funds -- the document prepared by Medicares fiscal overseers prorated administrative costs of 1.3 percent. Other estimates, using different calculations peg the cost between 3 and 5 percent.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

One of the biggest fallacies that republicans promote is that "For profit" health insurance companies can save health care costs. Just the opposite is true. Very few countries are still in that business. Almost all of the other westernized countries have government sponsored programs or highly regulated nonprofit insurance companies involved and their medical costs are less.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Why do the Democrats focus on health-care, insurance, and all the other unconstitutional things that the government has decided is somehow Constitutional?

Do they know that if the government stayed within the Constitution that every Democrat and 95% of the Republicans would be voted out of office? Is that why they're arguing over health insurance instead of asking what is legal and what is not legal for the FEDERAL Government to do?

Who cares who the Democrats have chosen as their pointman (woman) when all of their points are wrong? Finding someone who can talk over everyone else is not much of a feat. It takes no talent to find someone who cares so little about truth that she would tell us having a $100 TRILLION unfunded liability in Social Security and Medicare is not such a bad thing - but that anything the Republicans offer is to be mistrusted.

The real question is why anyone, man, woman or child would try to tell us that what the Democrats are offering has any merit. Why would anyone agree to accuse the Republicans of 'shady practices' when the Democrats have offered nothing but empty promises in decades?

salt lake city, utah

Here's your answer Mike. First of all democrats and most of America realize that we don't live in the 1800's anymore and that life and society are decidedly different. One major difference is the power of a capitalist economy. Capitalism has the power to produce enormous wealth. It however does not have a wealth distribution system that naturally benefits society. In fact left unaltered it produces enormous wealth for a few and poverty and enslavement for the many. Unaltered capitalism also uses up and destroys any environment it functions in.

Most Americans find this unacceptable and long ago realized that only a unified society can alter these natural outcomes. Government is how a society is unified. Thus Democrats when in charge of government concentrate on those outcomes of markets that they find unacceptable.

Seocndly your opinion of what is legal is just your opinion. It may be supported by others, but the courts, the legal entitiy for such decisions have decided against you many times.

The tug of war between the natural functions of markets and the good they produce and the harm natural markets do to society will continue. In America it's called politics

Deep Space 9, Ut

To "Truthseeker | 7:42 p.m." ok, here is your proof.

See "Obama cuts pay raises for federal workers" at the Hill to find "a 2.4 percent increase would cost $19.9 billion more than the 2 percent increase" From here you have to do some math to see that about 30% of the federal budget is salaries.

Read "Medicares Refusal of Medical Claims Continues to Outpace Private Rate" at the Independant Institute. They quote the 2009 National Health Insurer Report Card produced by the AMA where the AMA found that "Medicare denied only 4% of claimsa big improvement, but outpaced better still by the private insurers. The prior years high private denier, Aetna, reduced denials to 1.81%an astounding 75% improvementwith similar declines by all other private insurers, to average only 2.79%".

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