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Published: Tuesday, May 31 2011 8:00 a.m. MDT

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New Yorker
Pleasant Grove, UT

Isn't it a strange, strange world where a person can work to get health care to the people and others can make that into a bad thing. It is a great humanitarian accomplishment to get health care to the people, but there are those bought and paid for by the armaments war industries and corporate big money interests who scream it is bad. First we need to make sure everyone is getting health care, then we work out the details for organizing it. You all understand the drill, start the war now, get the details later. As a people we have no civil way to debate an issue and then move ahead. Instead we need to commit to what should happen and then work out the details. Health care is the right thing to have a available for all. We need to move forward with health care (including Medicare) and Social Security and not backwards as the right wingers would have us do. Yes it's expensive, but it's worth giving up pointless wars to have a social system that works--not welfare--but something that really works.

kaysville, ut

Socialized medicine will never be effective and affordable. Without the invisible hand of competition, our health care will be just like England's....a rationing of care and a "who you know" system. We can start by uncovering the prices that are charged by doctors and hospitals. Then, let the American people shop around for the best and most affordable care and coverage.

kaysville, ut

If Obamacare were to run McDonalds, here is what your bill would look like for a hamburger...

Lettuce.....5 cents
spray of water....2 cents
burger patty.....49 cents
burger flipped by certified burger practitioner......35 cents
splash of mayo.....13 cents
mayo splashed by condiment server in training......13 cents
mayo container recycling charge..........7 cents
tomato.......16 cents
bun.......17 cents
sesame seeds....7 cents
sesame seed sprinkler specialist....12 cents (with time and a half for weekend work)

And remember, healthcare will not be expensive because the democrates will weed out waste, fraud, and abuse..LOL

You get my drift....are am I being too obtuse!

City, Ut

Would like to ask what would be the problem with a sliding scale plan for paying for individual health care/insurance? If everybody paid SOMETHING, there would be less need to pay for those who now pay nothing.

For those on welfare, they would be required to pay a percentage of what they receive too. If they showed responsibly in using selected doctors/clinics/urgent care specified for them, instead of jamming hospital ERs, they would see considerable savings. And if they chose to use the ER for things other than a true emergency, then they'd get a great big chunk taken out of their entitlements.

20 years ago, we went to a doctor who used a sliding scale for his patients. He was compassionate, but EVERYBODY paid SOMETHING. Those who truly could not afford to pay at time of service paid something monthly, without interest.

Worked Great. Everybody was made responsible. The students with young families, many of which didn't have insurance, could have never made it without him.

Thanks Doctor Wells! :)

Salt Lake City, UT

'If Obamacare were to run McDonalds, here is what your bill would look like for a hamburger...' - seer | 9:34 a.m.

I disagree.

If Private Insurance ran healthcare like McDonalds, you would be DENIED your hamburger entirely...after paying for it due to 'Pre-existing conditions.'

*'Wellpoint Drops Coverage For Some Women With Breast Cancer' - By Mary Ellen Egan - Forbes Magazine - 04/23/10
'Yesterday, an investigation by Reuters revealed that Wellpoint routinely drops coverage of women with breast cancer. According to the report, Wellpoint used a computer algorithm that automatically targeted...'

But isn't the article about 'RomneyCare?'

Oh! Wait! That's right!

It's ok if a Republican does it!

Roosevelt, UT

Mitt needs to be proud of his accomplishment with health care in MA. Just need him to stay firm on that and quit bashing Obamacare that is patterned after it. Of course there are differences but when Mitt goes around bashing and promising to overturn Obamacare you have to wonder what little differences are making him so angry.

Mitt is too sensitive about healthcare because of MA and even if he won he would not be able to help this country with healthcare due to that over-sensititivty.

I am glad he is now decided to re-trench and stick to his guns about his healthcare choice. He has admitted it is not perfect and yet he would want people to overlook the imperfections. He is not willing to do the same for the current federal healthcare program even though it is based upon the one he instituted.

Were he to get elected we would have to watch closely to see if we were getting up on the forgiving side of the bed or not.

West Valley, UT

The problem with healthcare in America is that it's a for profit business. Disease = dollars & convalescents = customers. It should not be that way.

Insurance is what's driving up the cost of healthcare in the first place. It wouldn't cost a couple hundred bucks to go see the doc about a cough if it weren't for insurance.


Because insurance skews the market and throws the laws of economics out the window.

Traditionally, goods and services are priced at a level that the customer can afford. Which is why an oil change for your car costs $20. However you throw insurance into the mix and costs skyrocket.


Because when insurance is paying the doctors can charge the insurance company whatever they like. The insurance company just ups the rates to its customers and the trend continues.

Now I'm not saying get rid of insurance. It does serve a valuable purpose in protecting people from catastrophic circumstances. HOWEVER basic things like checkups or office visits for a cold should not be covered.

Health insurance should be like car insurance. It's there if you get in a wreck but does not cover basic maintenance.

Salt Lake City, UT

Luckily, Obamacare is not socialized medicine. It is insurance reform. Medical bills are paid through private insurance. Hospitals are not government owned. Doctors are not government employees. The entire model revolves around private industry and capitalism.

Republicans should love it. They should honor Republican Mitt Romney for getting the ball rolling. They should be glad a moderate Democrat implemented the Republican idea nationally.

You may not like the solution. You may think it doesn't address rising health care costs. But one thing Obamacare is NOT, is socialism.

cottonwood heights, Ut

Seer...the itemization you show is exactly how healthcare bills look you get from any hospital today. This did not nor will it start from the health care bill passed a year or so ago. Waste and fraud plague our healthcare system now and have for many years, not just since the Healthcare Reform Act was past. We do indeed need to "fix" our healthcare system. No one has presented a good program to do it as yet but the Healthcare Reform Act was a start. Our country at present is not getting the level of healthcare the rest of the industrialized world enjoys and we pay more than they do for what we do get. Look at the studies and statistics. Just pointing fingers and spouting platitudes will not improve our healthcare situation in America. Healthy ideas and debating them, exploring them will. Let's move in that direction.

Herriman, UT

Half of my problem with Obamacare is the way it was passed. No one really knew what was in the bill and it was pushed through in such an underhanded, rushed way that it makes everyone wonder even more what was in the bill. I have never heard anything about Romney's bill being shoved down the throats of the people of Mass that way.
I'm glad that Mitt is sticking to his guns about this. It takes courage to do that, the kind of courage we need in the White House for someone to make the hard decisions about our budget we need to make.

kaysville, ut

To all who replied:

Churchhill once said, Capitalism is the unequal distribution of wealth; Socialism is the equal distribution of misery!

I agree that the current health care system needs to be tightened with cross state coverage and pre-existing condition broadening, but a government take over with a 2,700 page "how to" manuals is always a bad idea. Does anyone honestly think that the living organism of goverment healthcare will not grow into a monstrosity of inefficiency? Post office, Amtrak, Fannie/Freddie, even Congress.

C'mon Pagan, look at England for heavens sake! There teeth are bad and there wait for average health-care is miserable. If you dictate the rules of healthcare, you own it! And by the way....they do have rationing in the U.K. Do each of you think that you can rid the system of inequalities...does the queen of England and her family have a better health-care provider than the average dole recipient...hhhhmmmm. Does Congress have a better provider than you...of course so. Inequalities will always exist....so will the grab for power!

New Yorker
Pleasant Grove, UT

Tami, I disagree with you. Harry Reid is to be honored as the hero of the decade for getting anything through and forcing the country to deal with the problem. Of course it needs fixing, but at least everyone is forced to deal with the question of what is really needed for health care in the country. The debate now is great! Generations of Bushes and both Carters couldn't pull this off. Now Obama and Reid have gotten it on the table to really talk about. America really wants great health care. Socialization doesn't work. The private health insurers are behaving like the bankers did. Can we shame them into behaving better or will they have to be clawed down so that America can have quality and good value health care delivery. Folks, we have to deal with this and not try to make it go away. Thank heavens it is now on the table, and I have great confidence in our politicians to deal with it when they are forced to. Otherwise they behave as badly as the bankers and worry only about their next election during their whole term. Way to be, Harry Reid!

Cedar Hills, UT

Obama details own birth two years later...

kaysville, ut

I repeat..

If you write the rules for something, dictate how funds are spent, and control the hiring/firing, and organizational structure of said industry, you have socialized it!

Salt Lake City, UT

'C'mon Pagan, look at England for heavens sake! There teeth are bad...' - seer | 11:18 a.m.

How, exactly, did we go from a debate about socialisim...to racism as justification for a evident double standard in regards to 'RomneyCare' vs. 'Obamacare?'

Regardless, healthCARE reform, was needed.

*'Wellpoint Drops Coverage For Some Women With Breast Cancer' - By Mary Ellen Egan - Forbes Magazine - 04/23/10

*'Utahns with HIV, AIDS upset with Legislative committee's indecision on federal grant program' - By James Thalman - Deseret News - 04/14/10

*'Only in America: Bankruptcy Due to Health Care Costs' - James E. Dalen, MD, MPH - 08/04/09
'...the The American Journal of Medicine documents that health care expenses were the most common cause of bankruptcy in the United States in 2007, accounting for 62% of US bankruptcies compared with 8% in 1981.'

*'Uninsured ER patients twice as likely to die' - AP - 11/16/09

* 'Heavy infant in Grand Junction denied health insurance' - By Nancy Lofholm - Denver Post - 10/12/09

Salt Lake City, UT

seer: "If you write the rules for something, dictate how funds are spent, and control the hiring/firing, and organizational structure of said industry, you have socialized it!"

That's not the Webster's definition of socialism. What you described is called "regulation". We have regulation in many industries, so why should health care be any exception? Yes, There can be "too much regulation", but in general those are in place to protect public safety and prevent price fixing.

Clearfield, UT

The biggist issue with Obamacare vs. Romneycare is the concept of Federalism.

Romney's correctness in touting his plan and condemning Obamas hangs one one simple question: Did Obamacare expand federal power outside of the bounds set by the consitution.

We will see how the courts rule in 2012.

Beverly Hills, CA

Requiring people to have health insurance...Thanks Romney! Completely Constitutional!

Got to love how many ways Romney lovers will try to explain away and parse tiny details of how different the plans are but they are essentially arguing the trim level of a car, still the same car.

West Valley, UT

It's all a grab by the insurance companies anyways. Require everyone to have insurance and they suddenly got a huge influx of new customers.

Socialized medicine is the ONLY WAY to make sure that everyone is treated fairly. Thus why every other modern nation in the world has it.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: Pagan | 10:05 a.m. May 31, 2011

When Obamacare hits the US Supreme Court it appears that it will be a 5/4 victory for those opposed to socialized medicine. And no, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas isn't going to recuse himself from hearing the case as the Democrats are demanding.

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