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Published: Monday, May 30 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Port Alice, B.C.

Quite a few years ago a good friend of mine got and died from Lou Gehrig's disease. His wife stuck by to the bitter end. A year or so later she remarried, to a man who physically and emotionally abused her.

I and several other friends of hers and her first husband visited the abuser. We had a talk with him. He moved out, the next day, started and paid for his own divorce, and made monthly installements on what he had taken from her.

Nobody has to take that kind of abuse.

That said, there is NO excuse for adultery. It is the ultimate betrayal.

Waltham, MA

Infidelity now days, comes in alot of different packages,,, pronography, for one...Some one would ague , "Well that doesn't hurt any one" There is one thing I know for sure,,, You CANNOT LEGISLATE INTEGRITY.. you cannot pass a law and make people follow it, cheating is cheating,,, and people get hurt. when a cheater justifies his or her cheating and blames his or her cheating on some one else, more people suffer, my husband cheated, it destroyed our marriage, and he justified it to friends and our children, to make himself not look so bad,, our son grew up and did the same thing to his wife, thinking , my dad was justified, so am I... NO YOUR NOT!!!!! cheating has to do with integrity and charachter, I am always surprised by how stupid some women are, when they are dating a Married man, and he leaves his family to be with her, and then they are so surprised when he cheats on her!!! HELLO!!! Teach your children integrity and character . Teach them that there are consequences, teach them that there are just things you DON"T DO!!!

Herriman, UT

Betcha....you hit it on the head. Infidelity comes in different packages.

Sometimes Religion is the cause. Ever wonder why Utah is one of the leaders in the USA for the amount of poronogrophy per person used? Ever wonder why LDS divorce rates are equil to the rest of the nation while the perdominace of the poplulation are LDS?

Sometimes the very stifling of religions various rules and expectations are the underlying cause of both physical and emotional infidelity.

Something to think about....

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

How is this news? Of course it causes trauma, probably more on the children than on the spouse.

Beaverton, OR

Trust is out the window when it comes to a parent/child relationship after promises or vows were broken. It's a very simple thing, yet so hard for those who have that decision before them to understand.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: dalep2u | 12:59 p.m. June 1, 2011

Blaming religious organizations for infidelity is a cop out for people trying to avoid personal responsibility for their actions. Religious organizations teach moral cleanliness and people with integrity make personal choices that bring them happiness.

Southbury, CT

Actually, I think that is a bunch of bunk. I have a relative who tried and tried to make things work with his ex-wife, including suggesting counseling, paying all sorts of money to help her feel good about herself, i.e. loose weight with expensive equipment, personal training and more. But she was cold as ice and dead as a fish. He just wanted to hug her and hold her and get it in return, and sex would have been nice, as this is only natural for a man. When this no longer was happening and after years of crap from her, he did cheat on her, and I totally agree with his reasonings. And it had NOTHING to do with not putting the needs of his kids first. In fact, he spent whatever time he could with them, when he was not making money to support his ex's expensive habits and his children's excessively expensive private school and the million dollar home she had to have. So bunk on that research!!!!


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