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Published: Monday, May 30 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Holladay, UT

I'll pass on Romney-care and flip flopping. I'll take the canidate who defends the United States Constitution. I'm LDS and I support Ron Paul!

So. Cal Reader
Escondido, CA

I love it! Let's go, Mit! I, too, am concerned with Romney's flip-flopping on issues; however, I also feel no candidate is perfect. I feel strongly that Mit Romney has the necessary skills to get this country & economy back in shape. Ron Paul has no chance of gaining the GOP nod. Either way, as much as I hate to admit it, Obama will be very difficult to beat.

Washington, UT

At least Romney will not have to fabricate a birth certificate to prove he is legally president.

Salt Lake City, UT

For now he is but he's polling very poorly for a frontrunner. This time 2007 Clinton and Giuliani were leading with bigger percentages.

Lehi, UT

I hope Romney wins the GOP nomination! He is the most qualified candidate for the job of President of the US.

Salt Lake City, UT

Anyone but... Obama!

brookings, SD

Mitt the glove has no chance to become the nominee, nor the president of this great land. But dreams die hard and for the next 12 months we will see more pie in the sky thinking. At least it keeps the newspapers in Utah and Idaho filled with articles. Makes journalists smile.

No One Of Consequence
West Jordan, UT

How about a conservative candidate? One with a conservative record. As long as we vote for the best liars we can never hope to have honest government.

Dog Fur
Prather, CA

I like Mitt. I hope he doesn't drop the ball.

San Francisco, CA

When will the American people have a turn at winning an election?

Orem, UT

I am sick of Ron Paul, he would leave Israel high and dry.

MITT 2012

liberal larry
salt lake City, utah

A May 27, Gallup Poll among rank and file Republicans, has Romney at 17%, Palin at 15%, and none/no opinion. at 22%. Enthusiasm for Mitt is tepid, at best.

Morgan, UT

liberal larry

A May 27, Gallup Poll among rank and file Republicans, has Romney at 17%, Palin at 15%, and none/no opinion. at 22%. Enthusiasm for Mitt is tepid, at best.

Please do tell Liberal Larry, who does have this overwhelming support you feel is necessary at this point in the game? Obama didn't have much support at this time a year and half before the election. So who is the man with all the support you so desire?

Salt Lake City, UT

Republicans played their hand too early. Now that they've revealed themselves as union busters and social manipulators, 2012 won't be their year. Wisconsin Republicans are facing recall elections. Perhaps Ohio too. How can Mitt Romney or any Republican candidate going to win in those states? Oh, yeah. The rigged electronic voting machines. Of course.

Montesano, WA

Well I will vote for any one who does not have the initials B.O.

Cardston, Alberta

We all know that right now the whole nomination process is very "early" with candidates coming in and others leaving. However by fall things will begin to take serious shape. As conservatives we must all be united against the hard left machine. Candidates like Newt must remember we should never "eat" our own..The Ryan fiasco will die but should never have happened. Let's keep it clean and may the best man/woman win. With the huge damage this President has done we still need a stronger candidate than in 2008. The left will fight dirty and they will fight to the death. We the people must prevail!


Let's listen to the debates in about 4 months. We won't make the same mistakes as in 2008. Let's have some intelligent debates this time. Go Mitt!

Draper, utah

The polls are almost completely meaningless at this point.
If the economy continues to improve, President Obama will be very difficult to defeat.
I'm good with that. I would love to see the economy improve and I would like to see President Obama govern without having to be worried about another election. I would then like to see his wife elected for two terms. She is a very capable person and a great representative of the nation.

I could vote of Jon Huntsman.
I could have voted for the old Mitt Romney--before he started kow towing to the religious right, I hope Sarah "Self-Goal" Palin gets the GOP nomination.
She is good for the comedy shows and she would ensure President Obama four more years.

Sugar City, ID

I expressed an observation earlier that Senator Reid was the only Mormon politician to publicly claim to be influenced by the Book of Mormon. Ive been corrected. Ive been told that Senator Bennett has written a book on how the Book of Mormon has influenced him. I want to read it. But isnt it strange that Senators Bennett and Reid are so denounced as liberals in Utah?

Roosevelt, UT

Mitt should have stuck to his guns on the healthcare he got installed in MA. It was better than what was there before. Instead he showed doubt and the people from all parties pounced and he has been running ever since.

Mitt would never be able to help the country with the healthcare issue as he is now too fearful of his past. The healthcare issue, much like the illegal immigration issue is far from water under the bridge and this country needs somebody to sort out the confusion.

Mitt may be the current front runner but he has been spending millions going back and forth across this country deriding the current administration while Huntsman was actually doing this country some good. The election is still distant and there may be time for other good people to till catch up.

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