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Published: Monday, May 30 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

There can't be anyone alive who really believes Ohio State football has ever been clean. If they aren't cheating they aren't trying.

Fillmore, UT

apparently he had to cheat to win.

South Jordan, UT

All the biggies cheat. If Alabama offers a car, Auburn or Florida up the deal with parents. It's been happening for decades. It happens more than any of us know.

Saint George, UT

I don't like to pile-on.

But in this case, I will make an exception.

Officially, piling on.

Luke Fickell?

3 years probation?

3 years @ 15 scholarships/yr?

3 years no bowl games?

If it could happen to USC, why not OSU?

Salt Lake City, UT

compared to USC they are going to bury osu

Wally West

It could not happen to a "better" program.

Truth be told, I'd even root for byu if they played the poison nuts from Columbus.

Overton, NV

By walking away, Tressel is insuring that Ohio State will get no more than a hand slap, relatively speaking. Heard it said on the radio the other day: the only way the NCAA could be too harsh with Ohio State would be to give them the death penalty. Whatever sanctions are handed down, it will be WAY too light.

Lyman, WY

Now it is time to go get the SEC. You know those guys are cheating too.

Fort Worth, Texas

If the NCAA is serious then it needs to revamp the one year "death penalty" for teams like Bama, Ohio State, and USC who have cheated for years (not a one time thing).

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

Now isn't it time to dismiss Gee as well. The guy is a joke!

Houston, TX

What did the President of OSU say?

Corona, CA


Usc hasn't beeb cheating for years! Where's your sources? You have none! I love how people blame USC for not knowing what a few players did under cover without anyone finding out. SC is being made a example and the entire Trojan nation sees that as well as any College Football fan. You don't have to deal with agents and other persuasions, because your BYU not USC or Ohio St.

So. Cal Reader
Escondido, CA

No surprise, here. He "resigned" before the NCAA gave him the hatchet job! I can't remember when such a well-respected coach of a MAJOR college athletics teams went down in flames as quickly as Tressel did for trying to cover-up what he knew to be wrong. Amazing the principles of honesty that still come to play. Something to be said here about "Choice & Accountability"!!

Magna, UT

Crowntown1: I believe Uteology is a fan of Utah not BYU.

I agree that many programs get tossed under the bus because they reach and maintain a high plateau and it causes the low self esteem types to lump many of the very successful programs together as cheaters and liars.

You have to admit however, that the spot light is on USC. I think it's also fair to say that there is enough evidence, and if not evidence, very questionable antics by many programs big & small that there is a lot of skepticism out there in NCAA land.

Fort Worth, Texas


Cry me a river, I guess they didn't have enough money to enforce the rules with all that money from the BcS monopoly.

Sources? Try and Google and you'll find your sources.

Here's two that took me one minute to find:

"The NCAA has ruled that the University of Southern California athletic department exhibited a lack of institutional control from 2004 to 2009 for a wide array of rules violations committed in its football, mens basketball and womens tennis programs." -- Yahoo Sports

"USC football Coach Pete Carroll employed a former NFL tactician last season to help with the team's punting and kicking game, an arrangement that may have violated NCAA rules that prohibit consultants from coaching, The Times has learned." -- LA Times (July 30, 2009 - Paul Pringle)

Richfield, UT

Hey President Gee.... ya think Ohio State may just become one of the "little sisters of the poor"? It's about time this team gets what it deserves.

Surfers Paradise, AU

The problem IMO is that none of these infractions actually had any impact on what took place on the field...similar to USC. I think many BCS programs play the same "look the other way" games. It's still cheating, just in a different way I suppose. Just pay these players some $$. They're the ones making $$ for the university and conference anyway.

Corona, CA


Lack of Institutional control. This is why your comment doens't mean anything to me or SC fans. Where's the lack of control? I think you mean Oregon with their 14 arrests or off field police violations or h0ow about FLorida with all their arrests and problems. SC was held at a different standard and everyo0ne knows that. SC is not some thug school. If any of you actually been to the campus and been around the University you would a better clue as to what your talking about.

South Jordan, UT

Crowntow. Go to bleacher report and you will see pages of violations in football and basketball at USC. Steroids, improper benefits, cheating, improper benefits, theft, improper benefits, drug use, improper benefits, domestic abuse, improper benefits, etc. Somebody is getting paid! Great program but not as clean as you may believe.

Corona, CA

Bleacher Report is your source??? USC is rarely in the new for having athletes getting arrested or etc. Get your accusations straight! Oregon having dozens of players getting arrested, suspended etc. Florida same story, Ohio St. and I'm sure others. The thing is you cannot control what 85 players do in their spare time and being in a market in LA is tougher with tons more influences.If your a BYU in Provo Ut . .Not so much.

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