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Published: Sunday, May 29 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Draper, utah

Palin will make an excellent Presidential candidate!
Self goal in 2012!

Ivins, UT

Must have been a slow news day in USA TODAY.

one day...
South Jordan, UT

Palin???? are you kidding me? again??? please stop the circus...bad for Romney!

Sandy, UT

Palin has as much chance of winning the White House as a snowball does surviving on a hot Fourth of July celebration. Too much baggage, too many ineptitude comments and a failure to complete her term as governor. If she is the candidate for the Republicans, she will ensure that President Obama has four more years. The Republican candidates so far are not very promising.

Miami Area, Fl

Romney is a serious and viable candidate. You may disagree with him on some issues, but one cannot discount his abilities and capabilities to run this country.

Palin is the complete opposite. She spends her day beating down the other side. The base of the republican party loves to bash the democrats with petty issues and insults. Palin delivers on every occasion.

Unfortunately, that is all she does. She never takes a position on an issue. She only appears on Fox, where she is treated like a child.

Most of Moderate America are thinking people who will never vote for someone who deals only in emotion and petty snipping.

The party should be ashamed that she is at the top of the contender pack.

Ogden, UT

Prospects of President Palin?

Are you kidding me?

I'd 1000% rather vote for Dan Quail!

Roosevelt, UT

Romney and Palin 17% and 15% together aren't enough to win,

Palin is another Trump..all sizzle no steak

Alexandria, VA

Romney bets his campaign on the economy. Palin will bet her campaign on ignorance...and unfortunately it may work.

Tupelo, MS

Awesome headline!!! It reads like an epitaph for the GOP.

Romney and Palin lead GOP field.

Merritt Island, Fl

(Deseret. I made an error in my last submission. Palin made the comment yesterday, not last week. Please substitute this correction)

Sara Palin rode into DC yesterday, on the back of a motorcycle. Flush and all smiles, she repeatedly stated this is the day to thanked the veterans for their service. We should thank our veterans every day for their service, but Memorial Day is a day set aside to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.
Will someone please educate this person? Her ignorance is a disservice to all families who lost someone in a war.

Springville, UT

I've said it before, but voting for a candidate from one part as a vote "against" the other candidate is never enough to win an election. That was proven as recently as Se. Kerry's bid for the Presidency. As long as the GOP can't find a candidate to get everyone behind, it it will lose to the Dems. Further. if the GOP can't find a strong candidate this time around, win or lose, it may fracture the party beyond repair.

Jonathan Eddy
Payson, UT

Americans are basically uneducated and weak and almost always vote with their eyes, not their heads. Romney looks the most presidential. Romney will win the White House. I just hope he can be a true leader and not a corporate lackey.

Layton, UT

As a Republican, I can say yes to Romney but to Palin...no no no no no no. Please GOP, I am begging you. If we are stupid enough to nominate Palin, then we might as well give the election right back to the Worst President to ever sit in the Oval Office, Barack Obama. Please please please please, Palin will never win the general election. No to Palin, get it out of your system.

flagstaff, AZ

There is nothing wrong with Sarah Palin.

It's just that Mitt Romney is the right person to be running the country.

It's time to put the grownups back in charge for a while.

Santa Monica, CA

Romney and Palin Lead GOP Field
Boy, when Barry gets this news I sure hope he doesn't spend the day quaking with fear. Tee hee.
Seriously, GOP--ya did it to yourselves.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

How do you write a complete documentary on a job that was only half done. I present that as a statement and not as a question because it's a fact. The word "half" is quite significant...especially in Sarah Palin's case since she resigned as Gov of Alaska halfway through her term. She was also half of a losing ticket that was going nowhere to begin with in the Last Presidential Election. She's not only thought of publically... but has herself proven on occasion after repeated occasion to overwhelmingly be a loose cannon. She repeatedly has caused significant collteral damage to the Republican party...and how anyone can overlook that is amazing. Her powder is definitely half wet and and half dry because when she's loading up for a volley no one knows whether or not she's going to go off half cocked. Sarah Palin deserves a second look...but only from as far away as any sensible voter can get to escape from.

Fool me once...then shame on you...Fool me twice then shame on me.

Belgrade, Serbia

AZ Dad, I disagree 100%. There are many things wrong with the small-minded, short-sighted semi-ex Gov from Alaska. She is ignorant, dull and uninformed. She is linked to the Tea Partiers which is another death-knell for her. If the article is right that she will actually help Romney, then I welcome it. If not, I wish she would just stay out of adult conversations.

Sandy, UT

I find Sarah Palin, a very like able person, very smart, and I agree with he most of the time. She might do a good job as president but I am really not sure. However Mitt Romney, knows what he is doing, he made a few blunders but government is not an exact science, I do however feel confident he can do an excellent job in The White House, perhaps the greatest president since Ronald Reagan.

Arizona Reader
Gilbert, AZ

Far too early to tell. I think both will fall off within a year.

one old man
Ogden, UT

Man, Leonard, if you think Romney will be the greatest President since St. Ronald, we are in big big trubble.

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