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Published: Saturday, May 28 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

"OK, since it's spring, I'll bite."

I don't think it has to be spring for Dick to bite or dispense the latest BYU spin.

Provo, Utah

Is anyone surprised that Howard S. is the first one to post on a BYU article?

NOPE. That speaks volumes about him, doesn't it?

flynn is the coolest
Salt Lake City, UT

My father used to say "Bench pressing is for picking yourself up off the ground- after someone who squats just knocked you down." In all seriousness, most people's ideas of a good workout are completely wrong- at least for those who are athletes. Most of these result in slow reaction times, when- especially in football- explosiveness is the key.

Bothell, WA

and.... once again, cue the trolls in 3... 2... 1....

I, for one, and glad they are taking a new approach to conditioning beyond strength. Injuries will ruin a season faster than anything else, especially at key positions. Even with all this depth this coming season, I like the attitude of doing it better and doing it smarter than in years past. Should breed success.

As for accounting for 2 more wins... we'll already win them all, so let's bank the two "more" wins for 2013 (raincheck them for when we play Nebraska and Notre Dame). Or maybe VATech or Penn State. Glorious to be independant!

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado

Hmmmmm I see Dick is still foaming!!!

South Jordan, UT

Independence, ESPN, Elite athletes, Top notch coaches, and now Nutritional and positional specializing. Can't wait for the results! Football cannot start soon enough.

Look for the team up north to start their own "Nutrition and Position" program.


Bane, when exactly do you think we'll be playing Nebraska? While I hope we get some good games (and it looks like we are, even if they are away/neutral), Nebraska isn't going to be one any time soon.

In My Humble Opinion
South Jordan, UT

"Breaking down the groups and focusing conditioning efforts is something BYU has needed for a long time and was underscored by a rash of hamstring pulls during two-days in August in recent years."

If they want to cut down on injuries they should cut out the eco challenge. That thing tears players down so that an injury is just down the road a few weeks.

SJ Bobkins
Gilbert, AZ

This should correct the "it's just a game," or "why is sports a big deal, I'd rather sit home with Oprah and read my BOM", mindsets. ITS WAR BABY, we versus them, with the entire Universities reputation on the line, and THE FUNDS TO FUEL THE ENTIRE SPORTS PROGRAM in reach. If the choice is 1-winning Nobel prizes or 2-National Championships there is no question.
DH-Happy you gave us an update, recall the day the entire department, all its Finns, and Omer, were decertified for improper injury care and lack of training. Thanks Bronco, you see a need, we'll fund it

Idaho Falls, ID

The Y is going to have to be stronger and faster to catch Turbin this year. He's going to use those defensive linemen as bowling pins. The Y is going to have to do a lot of squats and pushups to get up after Turbin puts them on the ground. Go Aggies

Syracuse, UT

I knew we would have an aggie chime in and try to turn things to how usu will beat BYU. Boy, give them their one win in a couple of decades and they go crazy. BYU will win this year and will do it so that usu fans will keep out of articles about BYU for another two decades.....oh except for Aggie84 who never seems to learn.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

With all the comments about playing Nebraska, Notre Dame, Penn State and Va Tech...why is no one mentioning San Jose State, Idaho, Nevada and LaTech?

South Jordan, UT

The Y's strength and conditioning program under Omer is about 10 years behind the times.. Sorry but implementing these changes THIS year makes that program (S+C) look pretty bad.

Hayden, ID

Re Aggie84.. With all due respect, there is no way BYU will lose to the Aggies again this year! Sorry, it just ain't going to happen!

South Jordan, UT

Bronco is a good coach and sees the need for more core strength. There are reasons why some of the smaller teams dominated larger teams. Boise is a great example. The worked on being quicker to the ball, lateral movement, balance, getting up, etc. The post about squats is true. Upper body strength is important in football but not as critical as legs and back. I saw over 20 of the Utes working out at Lifetime fitness two weeks ago and noticed that they spent most of their time on core strength and legs.

Highland, UT

Interesting column Dick. I enjoy reading about the things the program is doing to help increase their competitivness. This fall we will find out if it makes a difference. Keep letting us know so we can be aware and know what to watch for.

Frisco, TX

A 3 game series with Nebraska is already confirmed. Each team will get a home game and the third game will be half way between the two in Denver. The date has not been confirmed, but speculation is the first meeting will be in 2013.

Aggies are actually my second favorite team and I cheer for them in all games except one. You're going to see the 2011 Cougars will be unlike the team you met up with last year. Unfortunately for the Aggies, last year's results will not repeat. I hope Turbin has a good year, but the D Line and Linebackers will be one of our strengths and Turbin doesn't have a chance to "bowl them over."

Everything the Cougs are doing is setting them up for a great season (at least 10-2), but as young as they are 2012 is going to be even better. Go Cougs!

Rigby, Id

Could you please not refer to the New Mexico Bowl in an article about BYU. For crying out loud its like playing Idaho, Idaho State, New Mexico State, Utah State and San Jose State at home in a regular season game next year. So demeaning and not very National Championship like. I am running out to buy my season tickets right now so I don't miss one home game this year. One more thing I am really really ticked about Utah receiving an additional 10 million a year on top of the 21 million. That makes 31 million total. That's just not fair. I am so depressed right now. Why has everything gone so terribly wrong for us.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Good one Aggie84, I can't control my laughter. Yes, you caught BYU in a rebuilding year last year, and a Defensive Coordinator that finally got the boot after serving up a big fat zero last fall. Well now, prepare your aggies for the worst stomping they'll receive in years. Our Cougar LB's are licking their chops for Mr. Turbin. Consider it lucky for him, to break the 30 yard barrier. BYU starters will enjoy the 2nd half of the game from the bench, as the 2nd and 3rd stringers do their best not to run up the score too far.

Same thing for Utah on Sept. 17th...that game will be a laugher as well. Yes Hedgie, Howie, and Chris B, enjoy your picnic w/ Montana State to build up you egos, once USC and BYU are done with ya'll, it'll be curtains on reaching .500 or a bowl game on your maiden voyage into the PAC10.2...as for them Aggies, enyoy your future in the WAC playing Texas State, and the other weak leftovers stuck in the WAC. Pretty sad when you could'nt even get that MWC invitation...

Big Hapa
Kaysville, UT

Change is the only true constant. To be competitive in life you need to sift through what looks like it will work better and then be smart enough to apply its principles. The O Lineman with smaller bellies will mean quicker feet, that translates into fewer soft tissue injuries, blown out ACL's, torn cartilage etc. perhaps this slows the rate of injuries and the speeds up duration of recovery time from injuries.

We will see it is a long season and it will be a year of being seen as the " Up start interloper " or " The team that can kill our win loss record " all of which translates into a no holds bared attack.

If you do not see them in your conference every year well lets pull out all the stops. I am not saying that teams will hit late and often, but then again it is football.

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