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Published: Friday, May 27 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Mount Beauty, VIC

with these 6 guys working out - smells like the jazz are working on a trade - for picks in the late first round

Captain L
Provo, UT

You never know what will happen on draft day, teams make trades and swap picks and maybe some of these players will end up being players the Jazz would consider taking if they make trades etc that cause them to have late 1st round picks or early 2nd round picks.
Tyler weighs 250 or more now and and Johnson is an interesting possibility, long athletic, and shoots pretty good. Mack could sneak into the 1st round.

Murray, UT

These players are late first round to second round material...beyond the Jazz's two current draft picks so I'm sure a trade is coming up or they are taking account of all possibilities.

Temecula, CA

Mack is someone Hayward knows well. He does have PG experience with the pick-and-roll and he has played a lot of 2-guard at Butler. He has good size, maybe a little bigger than D-Will, but he is probably looking at a career as a back-up NBA point, although he needs to work on developing his point guard skills. Apparently a good all-around player who we might see at sometime next year on a trial contract. Would love to see him try and score against Gordon.

Peoria, AZ

According to Jonathan Givony (Draft Express), the Jazz are looking to trade up or trade down. He said they are looking at a lot of different scenarios. So my bet is that we are not going to have the 3rd and 12th picks on draft day.

If we are focused on getting Knight, which most act like we are, he will still be available at the 5th or 6th spot so we could probably trade down and still get him.

Temecula, CA

Better to trade up from 12 for someone and keep the #3 pick. I think Knight will be gone by pick #4, anyway.

Orem, Utah

Trading down draft spots gains nothing, unless a great current NBA player is picked up via such a trade. Too weak of a draft to get anything lasting from it with lower picks.

Trading up very well could get the Jazz the two players they covet the most, whoever they turn out to be. But, if they really don't covet two, or even one, then trading down for a current NBA top player would make sense.

Getting Williams 3rd and Jimmer 12th would be ideal for what's available in this weak draft (and where they're drafting), but that is unlikely to happen.

I suspect Jazz fans are going to be both elated and disappointed, but not at the same time--different fans will have those two reactions. Kind of like with drafting Hayward last year.

Guess how HE turned out!

West Jordan, UT

Selby and Tyler are highly underrated players...we should pick both of them up. Why do we want Knight when we have Harris? I don't get why teams don't like Harris, the man was an All-Star.

Murray, UT

Cleveland's 2nd round pick is where most of these players are gathered around.
Maybe they're trading pick 3 plus something for Irving and that 2nd round pick?


Perhaps the 3rd to the Wizards for their 6th and 18th? Jazz could pick up Knight, Leonard, or Vassely with the 6th, Jimmer with the 12th, and one of today's work out bunch with the 18th. Many teams are high on Kanter and are looking to trade up to get him. Utah can pick up a solid player in the 4 to 7 range with a small trade down a couple of spots.

bobby d
Beaver, UT

Why dont we trade the #3 and maybe a guy like Fes to Dallas for Tyson Chandler. Jason Kidd is getting up there in the years and I am sure they would like a Brandon Knight. The Jazz are very young and need a little more experienceWe need Tyson Chandler

Salt Lake City, UT

What??... The jazz don't wor on Sunday!

Salt Lake City, UT

The trade with the Wizards is an option. Kanter wants to go there and Washington needs a pf to play alongside Mcgee.

We trade down from 3 get the 6th and the 18th plus our 12th. Draft Jimmer with the 6th. Singleton with the 12th. And Marshon Brooks with the 18th. We get our pg, our defensive SF (very raw offensively) and another 2 guard who has the skills to come in and challenge right away for a starting spot.

We win the daft in this scenario. And we would be loaded with weapons at every position

Salt Lake City, UT

@Johnson72, they don't have home games on Sunday because they can't sell out stadiums. Its a financial decision.

Orem, Utah

Outside of Watson, whom I hope the Jazz re-sign, the Jazz currently don't have a "pure" PG--one that can run the team effectively and distribute (get assists). However, Watson isn't a starting PG season-long. Excellent backup PG, though. Which is why the Jazz should retain him.

In Harris, and similarly for some of the highly-touted PGs in this year's draft, you basically have Iverson-types. Not good for running a team.

In the draft, it's debatable which PGs are future "pure" NBA PGs. Like Stockton, Nash, Kidd, etc.

My money is on Jimmer, because he's shown he CAN make great passes and involve his teammates (if you watched enough of his games over his BYU career, you'd have seen that).

It just didn't appear that way in Jimmer's senior year because of a lack of scoring options with his teammates. With the Jazz, Jimmer's PG skills would flourish. Especially with pick-an-rolls with Big Al and penetrate-and-pass-outs with Hayward.

One of the main keys that all NBA superstars have is their ability to put constant pressure on defenses. Jimmer does that!

Orem, Utah

JFFR & Johnson72,

It's funny how the "no-Sunday" policy can exist outside of BYU's sports.

Interesting because so much is made of AQ conferences maybe not wanting BYU because of that, yet here we have the Utah Jazz in the NBA abiding by it.

Money's the reason for the Jazz, of course, but still, interesting.

Makes me wonder how thin a Ute's crowd will be for home games in basketball (football, too?) on Sundays in Pac-12 play.

Bet they haven't thought about THAT very much as yet!

"Oh, we're not BYU, but please don't schedule any league home games for us on Sundays."

Iowa City, IA

In a draft that is expected to be not very deep, you draft the best players available---you don't trade your top pick to get two lower picks. That's bad business. The Jazz need top talent, not mediocrity.

If the Jazz can pull this off: Derrick Williams at the 3, Jimmer at the 12, and a soild big in the second round, they will get an "A" for sure.

Here's hoping that will happen.

Captain L
Provo, UT

MiP: I don't think we have a second round pick this year.
I agree we need to keep the #3 pick, I'm hopeing it will be Kanter or Williams but it may end up being Knight. KOC and the FO are doing their homework, so I'll trust they will figure out who would be the best. If it's Knight it will be because they think he has the most upside, right now I haven't heard enough to make me think he's the guy but we'll see.
Somehow I wish we could get Biyombo, he plays with such energy and passion and controls the paint, we could use that.

Lehi, UT

If the Jazz are going to make some moves and end up with a player after the 15th pick, we need Marshon Brooks!

Brooks was the nations 2nd leading scorer behind Jimmer. No joke, his game looks just like Koby Bryant's game. When I watch his high lights, I cant beleive he is not getting more national attention. Many experts feel like he will be the steal of the 2011 draft. Every year there are players that fall, Landry fields last year is a good example.

This kid Brooks has a 7'1 wing span, he has great range,athleticism and he would help fill the need at shooting guard.

The fact that the Jazz are looking at these players make me think that KOC has something big planned. Maybe trade Harris?

Rumor has it that Russel Westbrook might get moved?? I would send both first round picks and Harris for Westbrook.

Lehi, UT

The T-Wolves don't need Williams because they have the 3 and 4 covered with Kevin Love and Michael Beasley. The Wolves desperately need a center. I hope I smell a trade here involving the Jazz's #3 and #12 for the Timberwolves' #2 and #20. That would allow the Jazz to grab Williams, who they could plug right in at SF and who would be their starter at that position for the next decade. The T-Wolves would then take Kanter at #3.

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