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Published: Friday, May 27 2011 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

Let's hope other schools show some class and leave Josh alone to live up to his committment. If not for this loophole, there would be no question where Josh would be playing this coming season. Let's hope integrity isn't totally gone from college sports and other schools will honor the intent of the NLI that was signed.

Surfers Paradise, AU

It's only a loophole if he chooses to use it. If he really wants to play at the U, then he'll be there. Otherwise, it sounds like he's got an escape clause to play somewhere else since Boylen is no longer there.

1984 for life
Salt Lake City, UT

Lone Peak graduate = BYU player.

South Jordan, UT

I thought after you've left a school for 18 months that you're free to go anywhere.

The issue of whether other schools can contact a missionary while he's out has been handled elsewhere.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Regardless of the paperwork loophole, if he was recruited by Boylen and Boylen regardless of why, leaves the program as he has and Josh who redshirted his freshman year hasn't played but only practiced then he's free to go whereever he wants... almost just as if he was a new recruit who would automatically be allowed to change his mind if the person who recruited him should, without warning, leave or be removed. He's a free agent...his two years away from the program pretty much ensures that by covering the sit out a year rule... and sorry coach... but it's open season when it comes to this kid. Besides...It's more in Josh's hands than anyone else's anyway...regardless of who may come calling. There is no guaranteed or unwritten hands off rule in this case.

Logan, UT

He signed a letter of intent in 2007. I just looked at the calendar and it says it's now 2011. As far as it being a "loophole", Krystkowiak's definition of loophole must be any rule that doesn't work for him. Look, Sharp doesn't want to play for Utah, and Krystkowiak can't force him.

Karchaj, A.V.

Looks like Elder Sharp is fully committed to his missionary work. Let him go. He does not want to be at Utah, let's cut the ties right now.

Salt Lake City, UT

LOL! What a hypocrite. He just tried to steal TWO commits to USU just a few weeks ago. Give me a break!

Karchaj, A.V.

The biggest difference that you fail to mention is that those recruits were fair game. They had NOT signed a letter of intent to play for Logan State. BIG difference there fella.

Clear Thinker
Draper, UT

Let him play where he wants to play. If it is Utah so be it. If it is elsewhere so be it. Utah's track record says even if he comes back it will only be for a year.

Murray, UT

He got his tuition paid for a year and worked out with the team. He should honor his commitment.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

Within a couple of days of Utah's admission to the PAC, I wrote to this paper that the impact would be a total change in their recruiting focus. I predicted that the number of players from Utah would drop drastically because the school would be recruiting from more "athletic" areas in big cities where only sports skills matter and classroom attendance is optional. I did not expect it to happen so quickly, but it is a pleasure to be proven right. There will be little room for the LDS player at Utah; leaving that field pretty much to BYU. It will be interesting to see how this plays out over time.

Chris Bryant

WheresStockton and doc are missing the point.

This kid signed an agreement with the university of utah. he received an entire year of education for free. He went on his mission. If he wanted one of those two years to count as his "sitting out" year, he would need to announce his decision more than a year ago.

Larry is smart. If the kid is going to leave, he needs to go somewhere where he will not come back to bite the utes. That is pretty standard across the country. You can't go to another in-state school (unless its SUU, UVU or one of the JC's ala Geoff Payne) or a conference rival.

He signed the agreement and he can't play elsewhere unless the university releases him. He will only be released on conditions that he does not sign with another in-state or conference rival.

Its a pretty simple concept......

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Baloney he's free to go where he wants. The person who recruited him is no longer there... he hasn't played a single game... he's been away from the program for over two years so he won't have to sit out a year...and his obligation has been terminated. Sharp is a free agent and Krystkowiak knows it but is crying over spilt milk despite the facts. And like I previously said before...regardless of who may come calling it's open season on this kid. But more importantly it's in sharp's hands and no one elses... not even your paltry cry for commitment. Sharp never created the more obvious situation despite the paperwork snafu.

Mcallen, TX

BYU's field of players have been pretty good over the past ten years. Here are some pac teams who have lost to the cougs:

1. Oregon
2. Oregon State
3. Washington
5. USC
6. Arizona State
7. Arizona
8. Utah
9. Colorado
10. Washington St (?)

Logan, UT

I'm not missing any point. The point is that under NCAA rules Sharp is free to be contacted by, and sign with, any other program, without penalty. Call it a loophole if you want, but as the man says.........thems the rules. If Krystkowiak and Utah fans don't like it, then go play somewhere else other than the NCAA.

Farmington, UT

Utah is too scared to play Utah State these days so why is Krystko so afraid to let this kid play in-state? 6 other players have left the Utes this year, is this K's way of sticking the finger in the floodgate?

Beverly Hills, CA

Show this kid the door. He obviously doesn't want to be a Ute.

Murray, UT

Where's Stockton ???

What is always not breaking a rule does not mean it is ethical. Would you also encourage someone to sign a rental agreement and get free rent for a year on the commitment that they would provide some service and then tell them it is alright to just walk away? Where's Stockton, I ask Where's your ethics?

govt rocks
Salt Lake City, UT

Who cares? Have any of Boylen's recruits worked out for the University? I would say Boylen's recruiting judgement should be questioned. I say let them all go, give Larry a reasonable expectation for the next two seasons and let him build the program over the next 6 years.

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