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Published: Thursday, May 26 2011 6:00 p.m. MDT

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South Jordan, UT

Everyone believes BYU will end up with the big 12 one day soon. There will be conference realignment in a few years. It will happen.

South Jordan, UT

Anyone else ready for the season to start so we can stop w/ these types of articles -

Frisco, TX

Very good article, with a lot of valid points.

Provo, Ut

There are three things I want everyone to know about Cougar fans. We are not holier than thou. We are not delusional. We are not obsessed with the Utes!

Farmington, UT

Right now I don't think they "need" a conference. In a few more years they might, but then they might not, too. What do you suppose happens to the MWC if Air Force decides to follow the examples of the other service acadamies because they want more competion than BSU? TCU was right in that after BYU and Utah left the MWC is wan't any longer the same conference. Now maybe San Diego State can will a football title or Wyoming can find some success. I don't think New Mexico will do anything in Football; maybe basketball. The point is, MWC schools do ok every so often in one sport, but none have dominated the conference in as many sports year-in-and-year-out as BYU. That's why the entire conference took private delight in seeing them leave and failed to be gracious in the least, including the mighty MWC Commissioner's Office, when it happened. BYU saw that they weren't appreciated for the great strength they provided all those years and decided independence was the better option for right now. I applaud them for their action in that regard.

Ann Arbor, MI

This is all fine and dandy...but here is the vexing issue.

No BCS conference has or ever will invite BYU.

BYU fans seem to brush this little "issue" under the carpet but without any interest...there are no option.

Orem, Utah

Part ONE

The people who say BYU needs to be in a conference to have a legitimate chance at a BCS bowl aren't paying attention.

VERY FEW BCS teams make to to BCS bowls with any regularity. AND, they share their winnings with their whole conference.

BCS conferences have plenty of eternal cellar-dwellers who don't get to BCS bowls.

So, let's do the math:

1. Say a BCS bowl pays out $18 million (for sake of easy figuring).

2. Say a BCS conference has 12 teams (most currently do).

3. Say each BCS conference averages 1.5 teams per year in a BCS bowl. (There are 6 conferences with about 8 slots for BCS teams, assuming non-AQs get 2 of the 10 [includes ND, since they don't have to share revenue].)

4. Say BYU gets a BCS bowl once every 6 years (likely more often, playing the way they are).

Orem, Utah

Part TWO

Therefore (assuming splits here for participators vs conference buddies, as I don't know the actuals),

a. BCS membership, IF you're NEVER good enough to get a BCS bowl, means you'll average about $1.75 million per year from shared revenue.

b. BCS membership, IF you ARE good enough to make a BCS bowl every 6 years, means you'll average about $2.75 million per year from your participation take and shared revenue.

c. BYU, getting a BCS bowl only once every 6 years, will average $3 million per year--NO sharing!

So, how is being in a conference any help? I don't see it.

If BYU gets a BCS bowl every 4 years, it's way ahead of the game NOT being in a conference ($4.5 million/yr unshared).

Even though I don't know the actual values and splits, I'm betting I'm not far off on this BCS vs non-BCS conference affiliation comparison for BYU.

I hope they NEVER join a BCS conference. They'll make more headlines and waves being independent.

Their success might even make Texas and a few others seriously consider independence.

Iowa City, IA

BYU is doing exactly what they need to do. Conferences are desperate and confused. Look at the BIG 12, look at the PaC 12 and the failed coup they experienced. The only real steady conf. is the SEC. Stay tuned...I say BYU in the BIG 12 in the near future

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

hedgehog | 8:26 p.m.
Ann Arbor, MI
"This is all fine and dandy...but here is the vexing issue.

No BCS conference has or ever will invite BYU.

BYU fans seem to brush this little "issue" under the carpet but without any interest...there are no option."

The reality is that if the PAC will invite Utah with their less than stellar "athletic prowess", there is probably a fit for BYU somewhere. Will anyone argue that Utah has more "cachet", or tradition than BYU?

Reality is, that BYU does not need a conference. BYU alum in Wisconsin do not need BYU in the PAC-12.

They need and want BYU able to play Wisconsin, the same way alums in Texas want BYU playing in Texas, and all alums want them on national TV.

The ONLY reason for BYU to join an AQ conference at this point is to get AQ status.

Does BYU need that?

Hedge, there are "options". Does BYU really need AQ status as much as Utah? How many year of PAC money will it take Utah to even catch up with BYU?

I like where both schools are. Let's see how it rolls from here.

Highland, UT

With the prejudice many people have, BYU joining any conference would be tough. I'd love to see them in Big 12 someday. I love seeing Texas, Oklahoma, OSU, Missouri, Kansas State, TTU.

Salt Lake City, UT

I recently watched an OSU-Baylor baseball game... on Sunday. BYU won't be joining the Big 12. Why would a major conference go to special scheduling for one team? And there is no advantage to have BYU join the Big 12 "football only". The league often has four or more teams ranked in the top 25.

BYU would add value to the Big East, which is shy on football talent.

Saint George, UT

"...So how is being in a conference any help..."?


Heber City, UT

All you prognosticator and arm chair QB's and know it alls just make me sit back and laugh. You are absolutely hysterical.

flynn is the coolest
Salt Lake City, UT

Berry Tramel (Oklahoma sports columnist) blogged about getting BYU last fall- before its too late. The vast majority of the posters were in favor of adding BYU. Several big 12 boards have discussed adding BYU, and most everyone is in favor. Nebraska just got kicked out of the AAU- possibly from joining the Big 10, and some speculate that they will return to the big 12. It has been speculated that the big 12 is planning on waiting for its current TV contracts to expire, then re-negotiate with BYU and someone else as members.

I kind of like that BYU can tell its recruit that they will play all over the country, from Hawaii to DC. They'll get to play in NFL stadiums on primetime tv. It would be much more difficult for BYU to play all over, and with whomever, with a conference affiliation, but with a conference they'll get much better opponents at home. Pick which is most important.

Hank Pym

re: KamUte | 7:30 p.m. May 26, 2011

Simple Geography dictates otherwise. If Texas & lackeys kicked out the Huskers & Buffs then why would they invite a school FURTHER AWAY?

sandy, UT

Thanks Brad,
finally someone puts into words what most of us have been thinking. Just look at the pull that the Y has. I know that Tom H. is simply waiting until the right offer comes to the table. Until then, simply use the backing of a University supported by alumni all over the world. It is still better than the MWC. Let the cute new freshmen get asked to the dance first. It won't be until the dance starts that the guy who asked her realizes that all he got was fluff with no substance. Then, I guarantee that he will ask a person with a proven track record to the next dance and forget all about the freshman who bring nothing to the table, except the thought of a free meal.

Salt Lake City, UT

RE: flynn
"been speculated that the big 12 is planning on waiting for its current TV contracts to expire"

That would be in the year 2025.

About 6 weeks ago "The Big 12 Conference and Fox Sports Media Group have reached a 13-year agreement for exclusive cable rights to 40 football games per season". The new contract takes effect in 2012.

Salt Lake City, UT

Only Utah homers like hedgie come on here to try to pretend BYU won't get the invite. Brad Rock is spot on. Sorry hedgie. BYU brings more fans, money, and clout than Utah to a conference. Congratulations on the PAC 10 invite. Politics and obviously religion came into play for BYU not to be invited.

The Big 12 will be inviting BYU when they expand back to 12. BYU will then be in a better football conference than Utah. Not that that matters, but that's what'll happen. Just a matter of when the Big 12 goes back to 12. Many have assumed 2-3 years when the TV contract is redone.

In the meantime, BYU is doing EXACTLY what it should. Playing the big boys on the big stage and making a ton of money doing it. And they're still winning the recruiting battle in-state. ..world keeps on turnin'...

Murray, UT

Brad Rock is spot on with this article, actually it makes too much sense. BYU has a long standing tradition in Football, a nationwide fanbase and with the capabilities they now have with their new TV network, it makes them a very attractive option for BCS conferences looking to expand. I suspect that within 3 to 5 years, The Big East and Big 12 will both look BYU's way and BYU will opted for the Big 12 as it seems like a more natural fit. As for now the right move was to go independent to allow more national exposure, the freedom to schedule more bcs conference schools and of course to make more money.

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