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Published: Wednesday, May 25 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT


South Jordan, UT

Yes it can....but then who cares?

Cottonwood Heights, UT

If I didn't know better I would have thought that this question was posed in the Provo Daily Herald or the Daily Universe. The Utes have a proud tradition, the best in the state of Utah. They will be be back and soon!

South Jordan, UT

What happened to Neal Monson i thought he was on the roster

Lone Star Cougar
Plano, TX

Best of luck to the Utes!

Logan, UT

Josh Sharp won't be playing for Utah. He's been granted his release. Neal Monson is going on a mission and has been told by Utah there won't be a scholarship when he returns. The same with Josh Fuller, who's also going on a mission, and will be at Weber State when he comes back.

Park City, UT

Can the Utes stand tall again?


Not with the new recruiting philosophy. Unfortunately, Coach K is choking off the missionary pipeline to Utah - no more Britton Johnsons or Alex Jensens.

Salt Lake City, UT

The fact is outside of UCLA historically, the PAC-12 is about the same competitively as the MWC. Perhaps, a couple of the programs in the middle of the league that are slightly better and than the MWC middle, and there will not be a TCU in the PAC-12 with absolutely not basketball tradition. The Utah teams of the nineties could compete in the league for the conference title every year. Lets hope they can get back to that level again, but it will not be easy even with their fine tradition. Fortunately, the PAC-12 is not real stront this coming year.

Highland, UT

The question shouldn't be "can they?". Sure they "can". The question should be 'will they?' and that is very much in doubt. I've read utah fans on here compare their situation to the one BYU faced in the late 90's. BYU was able to bounce back pretty quickly from that so utah should be able to do the same. The problem with that is that BYU had some real advantages utah does not have.

While it is common on here for utah fans to pontificate on BYU's recruiting disadvantages, and in some cases they have a point as BYU does have a limited number of kids they can, or will, recruit, those supposed disadvantages are also advantages in other ways.

For one most LDS kids grow up wanting to play for BYU. Because of that BYU was able to quickly sign a good portion of the top LDS basketball talent and jump back into competitiveness quickly. utah does not have that. As I have said before no one, or very few, kids grow up dreaming about playing for utah. utah must sell itself. BYU does not have to do that with a big segment of kids.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

More than the specific players this year, I really like the new coaching staff at the U.

I think in 4-5 years, the Utes will be back as strong as ever.

If the Jazz make wise draft picks, we may have three options for local basketball entertainment in the Salt Lake - Provo area (sorry, not driving to Logan) for those long, cold winter nights.

Murray, UT

Veritas Aequitas,

Great comment. I agree with you 100%. And I believe that the kids who agreed to stay with the program will benefit greatly from this coaching staff.

Bottom Line
Draper, UT

Can they stand tall again? Define stand tall. My projection is no NCAA bids for next 3 years. Then count on 2 bids per 10 years on a going forward basis unless they expand the dance. This team will not return to the heights seen, but can still be competitive (which they are not currently).

Troll Hunter
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Stand Tall Again


Provo, UT

They will be able to stand tall again. Coach K is impressive and I am positive he will be able to bring the Utes back. No need to jump ship because of a few tough years.

West Jordan, UT

To those that think kids don't dream of playing basketball at Utah, try getting out of Utah valley and drive around Salt Lake. You might be surprised to see kids of all ages playing basketball in their front yards wearing their Utah basketball jerseys.
As for Coach Larry, he will be fine. He definetly has the attitude. He refuses to let anyones critism bother him. Perhaps as fans we can be like Larry.

Highland, UT


We're talking about kids that are actual college level athletes here. Not your average joe blow in his driveway.

I do agree with you about krystkowiak however. I think he has handled things as well as can be expected to this point. He has one heck of a challenge in front of him though. Between managing utah fans unrealistic expectations and competing with an odd assortment of leftover recruits he will need to be very, very good.

Murray, UT

"utah must sell itself"

Well said, Duckhunter, and that goes for every D-1 school including BYU. The thing is it is getting very easy for Utah to sell itself as a member of a premier conference with $21-30 million in annual revenue flowing in and the possibility of the PAC 12 schools offering full ride scholarships including living expenses. And once Utah AG Mark Shurtleff finishes killing off the BCS then things will go back to the way they were with still no college football playoff and the PAC 12 will again be in full control of the Rose Bowl. So it won't be too difficult to sell kids on Utah even if they are LDS and had "dreams" of BYU. By the way, half of the Utah football team is LDS and/or returned missionaries now.

Highland, UT


All D1 scholarships are the same. Tuiton, books, living expenses. The pac10 can't give any of their athletes any more than any other school can give theirs. It is mandated by the ncaa. Kids on full ride scholarships all get the exact same amount with the only difference being that some schools charge more for tuition than others. But that is of no consequence to the kid who gets the scholarship because his tuition is simply paid for and how much it amounts to is meaningless.

If the pac10 tried to give kids more money for "living expenses" than is allowed by the ncaa then they would all be in the exact same predicament as USC.

Murray, UT


This was written by Jon Wilner, Mercury News, on 5-23-2011:

"If, in fact, the conference (Big 10)decides a year or two (or three) from now to increase the value of a scholarship to include the full cost of attendance, it would force a massive change in the FBS landscape a greater change, perhaps, than the formation of superconferences.

Scholarships cover tuition, student fees, room and board but not day-to-day living expenses like transportation, laundry, clothing, etc.

The full cost of attendance is estimated to be $2,000 $5,000 more (per student per year) than the value of a scholarship."

If the Big 10 does this, according to Wilner the PAC 12 will follow suit or the PAC 12 may get this started on its own.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT


While it is true Utah needs to be competitive enough to get some of the LDS athletes, if you look at the history of the program seldom have the LDS athletes been the all stars of Utah basketball. The LDS athletes at Utah are usually role players and tough scrappy players who provide solid support for the all stars. I have no doubt Coach K will get enough of them to do that.

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